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Automotive Police Verification Form: Procedure, Cost and MORE

The Automotive Police Verification Form it is used in different procedures. It is intended for people who need, for example, to carry out the transfer of ownership of a vehicle or simply to register a 0 kilometer. Also called Form 12, you will obtain it using all the information that we will be giving. In … Read More

Requirements for a Sale Report: how to do it, online and MORE

This article reflects the Requirements for Complaint of Sale . That is why I know will answer all the concerns, to this issue so important for citizens Take note! In Argentina, the sale complaint refers to the fact that it is a document that must be managed when a used vehicle is delivered. That is … Read More

Requirements for Concubinage: Minimum time, how is the Procedure and MORE

Concubinage allows two people, without the need for the marriage process, to live together and have access to the same rights as a married couple, although certain exceptions apply. However, to establish this union within the legal framework of Argentina, the couple must comply with the Requirements for Concubinage requested for all citizens of the … Read More