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Form 3283: Authorization to a third party AFIP

Many of us can say that each of the forms is extremely important since, therefore, the form 3283which has to do with the Authorization to a third party AFIPin the same way it can be said that this is one of the most important documents, as long as the person needs it, for this part … Read More

Form 3.5 MetroGAS

Faced with a leak or problem that occurs with gas in our homes, no matter how small or silly it may look, it is important that we stay safe. As soon as you discover an irregularity with your gas supply, it is best to call a licensed installer or gas fitter to make the necessary … Read More

Form 155: Payment of difference in Monotax

Many of us can say that each of the forms is extremely important since, therefore, the form 155which has to do with the difference payment in monotributoin the same way it can be said that this is one of the most important documents, as long as the person needs it, for this part it can … Read More

Gross Income Tax: Form 1276 Web

The 1276 web form is a service that allows all those taxpayers and those responsible for the Gross Income Tax to make the affidavit for the withholding agents of said tax. This form constitutes the replacement of form 1276 by the web and as of 03.01.2018 established through RG 36/2017 This declaration constitutes the only … Read More

Form 12 – Police Vehicle Verification

No one can deny that owning a car is a state of ups and downs. You have the comfort of your privacy and autonomy (everyone knows how hateful it is to have to take the bus at least once in your life), but in big cities it is a real nuisance accompanied by traffic and … Read More

API Form 1057

All those lucky people who have had the opportunity to own their own car know first-hand that the enormous bureaucratic burden that exists behind simple daily circulation is as heavy as car maintenance itself. We are not only talking about the driver’s license or the importance of the health card, but also insurance, liability procedures … Read More

Form 08 – Transfer of motor vehicle

Contrary to the popular belief that selling a car is easy, the Argentine State created through its National Directorate of the National Registries of Automotive Property and Pledge Credits a way to deliver in an orderly manner and verified by the National Registry of Automotive Property all personal information regarding the process of acquiring a … Read More

Form 02 – Automotive ownership

In this article we will talk about the Automotive Domain Report and the Automotive Domain Certificate, we will tell you what each one is and their differences. Keep reading! Form 02 It is a Domain Status Report, this document is issued by the DNRPA (NATIONAL DIRECTORATE OF NATIONAL REGISTERS OF AUTOMOTIVE PROPERTY) containing information information … Read More

Brazil visa form

He Brazil Visa form It is a fundamental requirement to obtain your visa and be able to visit Brazil since it is a country with a large number of attractions. Documentation needed to travel to Brazil The documents that are required to travel to Brazil depend on the nationality of the traveler and the reason … Read More

Form 399: Reallocation of Payments

Throughout life, various circumstances can occur that make people change their minds based on life, however, as some of them will not know the form 399. It is one of the most important forms that has to do with the reimbursement of payments, It should be noted that anyone who needs it can go to … Read More

Steps and requirements to enter the Argentine army

The Argentine Army is a means of training, formation, discipline, both in character and in academic formation. This institution is in charge of exercising Defense and Military Attack of a Nation. This hierarchical organization by a group of military forces of the country, is in charge of protecting the territorial borders. The army is made … Read More

Procedures and Requirements for DNI Argentina

The DNI is a National Identification document that all people residing in a country other than their country of origin need. The DNI is a document assigned by the National Government to all foreigners and to all Argentine citizens within the country. This document must be obtained by every citizen residing in the country, in … Read More

Steps and Requirements for Divorce in Argentina

If you are looking for this topic, it is because you want to separate from your partner, whether by mutual agreement or not, the laws allow you to separate without fussing or wasting time, but before beginning this tedious process, we recommend that you thoroughly soak up the Divorce Requirements dictated by the new Civil … Read More

Procedures and Requirements for concubinage in Argentina

Today, a large number of couples who live in the same environment and share economic assets, they prefer to say no to marriage. However, this situation does not leave them “up in the air” before the law. Cohabitation, legally protected in most countries, allows two people to live together without the need to marry, maintaining … Read More

Steps and Requirements to buy dollars in 2018

Due to recent events in the Argentine economy, the country has set new requirements for buying and selling dollars based on a percentage of each Argentine’s monthly earnings. If you want to know these Requirements to buy dollars this information will fall like a glove. Requirements to buy dollars From a monthly income of 7,200 … Read More