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The ANSES notebook form It is one of the most requested forms to carry out procedures regarding collection of rights in Argentine families and because it is so important, here we will tell you what it is for, how to present the form, its benefits, among other things that you will discover if you continue reading.

ANSES notebook form

National Book of Social Security, Health and Education

It is a tool to guarantee the collection of Family Allowances to the father or mother who lives with the minors. Thus, she is free to collect at once without having the approval of the other parent and without having to request an embargo or judicial sentence.

What is the ANSES form used for?

The fulfillment of the requirements demanded in this form will help you to be able to collect the Universal Allowance for Child, it is carried out annually, by means of the presentation of the National Book of Social Security, Health and Education.

It is carried out thanks to health and education professionals who record compliance with medical check-ups, vaccination schedules, enrollment in Plan Sumar and school attendance. If you present the notebook regularly, it will be possible to track the history of each child related to the control of their Education and their health.

Complete the form

The back of the form will contain the following data:


Go to the hospital or health center closest to your residence so that the professionals in charge certify that they are complying with the health checks and vaccination plan filling in the necessary data in the item.

Children under 6 years of age must be enrolled in Plan Nacer.


Argentines or Foreigners with Permanent Residence in the Country DNI, LC or LE (original and copy). If the documents mentioned above are lost, look for a certificate that shows that you are processing the documents and documentation made by an official body that shows your name, surname, date of birth and document number (for example, identity card). identity, driver’s license, passport, etc)


  • Child Born in Argentina: Certificate, Certificate or Birth Certificate – Original and Copy.
  • Child Born Abroad: Translated and Legalized Birth Certificate, Certificate or Birth Certificate or Apostille – Original and Copy.

child custody

Original and copy: of Testimony or of the Judgment or of the Agreement of the Parties made before a Mediator registered by the Ministry of Justice of the Nation, before a Notary Public or before the competent Court, or of the Form PS.2.46 «Conformity of Possession», or of the Private Agreement with a signature certified by a Notary Public, Bank or competent Judicial Authority, or Judicial Summary Information.
The presentation of a report issued by the Ministry of Social Development.


Original and copy of the Testimony or of the Judgment or of the Guardianship Certificate issued by judicial authority.


Original and copy of the Testimony or of the Judgment or of the Guardianship Certificate issued by judicial authority.

Legal Guardianship

  • Corresponding to Parents who are under 18 years of age, when their children are under the Guardianship of their grandparents.
  • Original and copy of the Birth Certificate of each of the minor parents.
  • Original and copy of the Grandson’s Birth Certificate.
  • Original and copy of Summary Information on cohabitation with grandparents.


Original and copy of the Testimony or copy of the Adoption Judgment

In charge of Universal Assignment

Judicial Summary Information or Report issued by the Ministry of Social Development stating:

  • The consanguinity relationship between the two (uncle – grandfather – brother).
  • Coexistence with the disabled minor or major who is in their care and there is no court-appointed guardian, guardian or curator.
  • Start date of the relationship.

TO CONSIDER: In the event that it is not possible to present the required items, the presentation of the supplementary documentation established in Law No. 18,327 is also allowed.


  • use preferably black ink pens if you don’t have one, use blue ink pens.
  • The signatures must be clearly embodied.
  • Do not cross outerasures or amendments on the form.


The responsible adult or legal representative of the minor must sign this statement once a year to report their employment status.


It is necessary that they approach the educational center where the minor attends and thus they can complete the information regarding this item. It is mandatory for those over 5 years old, NOT disabled.

Presentation of the form

Step by Step

one. Make an appointment at and download the form PS 1.47 from the page entering the section «Family’s asignations“. You will see the menu on the left side and look for the option «Universal Allowance per Child».

IMPORTANT: For the presentation of the notebook, the date of the shift request will be taken as valid and not the date of the shift granted.

2. Complete it and have it signed by the authorities of the campus and in the medical unit where the minor is checked and vaccinated.

3. Take the completed form to the offices of the ANSES on the date and time indicated in the appointment.

What to do if the payment is suspended?
If the Social Security, Health and Education Book Form is not presented within the stipulated time, the payment of the wow. To activate it again, the mother must show the notebook with the complete data on the minor’s class attendance and the up-to-date vaccination schedule before the ANSES.
The Book Form (Form PS 1.47) can be obtained by entering the following links.

Way to pay

Payment is made in installments, 80% of the amount of the Monetary Benefit is paid on a monthly basis while 20% of the amount of the Monetary Benefit will be pay once a yearThis will be done when it is established that the schooling, health control and vaccination requirements of the minor have been met, in addition to the presentation of the DDJJ.

Presentation of Passbook/Form PS 1.47

The delegations of ANSES They will be in charge of receiving the school and health certification booklet, delivery is made only once a year in order to collect the 20% accumulated from the previous year regardless of whether they are currently receiving this benefit.

To confirm attendance for the entire year, the corresponding period is taken from December of the year to be certified to December of the following year (for example, 2019 has a deadline to certify until 12/31/2020).

Benefits offered by ANSES

  • Universal allowance per child

For informal workers, domestic service and the unemployed with children under 18 years of age. Go directly to the portal by clicking here.

  • Family allowance per child

For workers in a dependency relationship, monotributistas, retirees and pensioners who are in charge of children under 18 years of age or disabled. Go directly to the portal by clicking here.

  • Family allowance for birth and adoption

It is paid by employees only once if they adopt or have a child of their own Go directly to the portal by clicking here.

  • Universal Assignment Book

It is mandatory for citizens who collect the Universal Child Allowance to access the accumulated annual 20%. Go directly to the portal by clicking here

  • ANSES credit

Loans for retirees, pensioners and those who collect Child Allowances. Go directly to the portal by clicking here

  • social rate

It consists of a line of subsidies for access to water, electricity, gas and transportation services. Go directly to the portal by clicking here.

  • ID and passport

ANSES you can process your ID and Passport. Find out how to do it and the documents that are needed for each case. Go directly to the portal by clicking here.

  • Economic reparation regime for girls, boys and adolescents- Law 27,452

It consists of a monthly economic arrangement for the children of people who have been victims of domestic violence or gender violence. Go directly to the portal by clicking here.

  • Make your money work better

If you buy using the debit card associated with the account in which you collect your benefit, you can access ANSES benefits, is a discount program in supermarkets, household appliances, lighting, clothing, travel and tourism, construction materials, sports, and pharmacies throughout the country. Get to know the affiliated premises and what benefits they offer.

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