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Surely more than once you have wondered if the government gives some kind of help or subsidy to families, especially those with low resources, for the education of their children. And if so, the answer is yes.

For some years now, the Republic of Argentina has been in charge of sending an annual financial aid to all those families that meet certain characteristics and requirements. These aids are requested through the ANSES School Form.

Are you wondering if you can opt for them? Then keep reading this article!

schooling form

Let’s start at the beginning: What is the annual school aid?

Is is a (monetary) benefit that workers are paid in relation to their dependency. In other words, it will depend on whether they are National Retirees (cataloged as SIPA), if they are unemployed people who collect the Unemployment Fund and all those holders of the Universal Assignment for Children.

At the beginning it only consisted of 700 pesos, but with the application of the mobility index this amount has been adjusted since 2016, barely a year after it appeared.

Once this is clarified, they will surely wonder if they can opt for it, for which it is important to clarify that currently only those people that they charge one Family allowance per child or those that charge the Universal Child Allowance It is the ones who have to request it.

The collection of this benefit is carried out automatically for all those people who have received or received family allowances in previous years, in any case it is it is necessary to present the Schooling Form to continue receiving this aid.

How to complete it

Now that it is known what it is, and if possible to be able to apply for it, surely many will have in mind the idea of ​​a complicated bureaucratic process that is extremely complicated and difficult to carry out. but it is much simpler than you think.

In fact, it uses quite simple language, in which you almost do not have to write anything beyond the name and personal data, but only check the corresponding option in the appropriate box.

Of course, it is important to know that the form has the character of an affidavitwhich must be completed with typeface font (don’t be scared, it’s nothing complicated, it’s just the handwriting that imitates that of a computer, that is, if you don’t have a pc where you can fill out the paperwork, just do it by hand in block letters), You should not, of course, falsify any data or make amendments. In case of an error, another must be printed and filled out completely.

There are also some requirements that must be met in order to request it, such as that the child of the person requesting it attend school by attending educational establishments incorporated into official education or, in the case of a child with disabilities, the applicant for the aid must have in force the authorization for the payment of allowances for children with disabilities issued by the same ANSES.

So far everything is quite simple, since we have only talked about the requirements to fill it. Now things get a little more complicated, but there is nothing to fear, because here we will leave you a small guide on how to fill out the form:

  1. The first paragraph that has this form is the one of the data of the owner who is requesting the school aid. Here you will have his box Tramit numberas well as the options to place at what time of the school period the child was enrolled, being able to be placed the months of March, July or November. Remember that you only have to mark one of them. In this same section is the WHICHwhich they must fill in, as well as the boxes to place their name and surname, as well as the signature of the applicant holder.
  2. In the second section will find everything related to school of the child you are enrolling. It is here where You must fill out if you enrolled and what year or stage you are studying. It is also extremely important to mark in which stage of education is the son, as well as the educational modality he is using.
  3. Therefore in the second paragraph You will find the options of primary, secondary, tertiary, university, special or purpose plan. Also in this section You must place if what you are doing is taking a course or workshopin which case the name of the course, its theme, the total hours per month, as well as the start and end time of the course must be recorded.
  4. The third paragraph It is very similar to the first one, making it one of the easiest to fill out, since the agent who is receiving the form is in charge of it, however, in it you only have to fill in the procedure number, the time of registration, CUIL again. , name and surname, the only thing added being the moment of receipt, the signature of the intervening agent and the receipt stamp. Pretty simple, right?
  5. In the fourth section everything related to the establishment in which the child who is applying for aid is attending school is found. Here you will find that you must fill in the spaces of the CUE, the REGICE, the date of issue, the name of the establishment and with which ministry it is registered, giving the two options of the Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Security or if it is the Ministry of Education .
  6. It is important to note that in section four All these boxes must be filled out by the director responsible for the establishment, who must also be the one who signs and stamps in the corresponding places at the end of this section, just in the last lines of the same, also placing the signature of the establishment.
  7. And in the fifth section everything related to the representative is found, its boxes being similar to those of the first and third sections, in which the CUIL, names and surnames, the type of document used and its respective number must be filled out, having at the end a space for the signature of the representative.

Quite a bit of reading, but once it’s done, you can see how simple it is. Even the data is easy to find.

Where and when to present it

And once all this process is finished, there will still be many who wonder where and when should it be submitted This formulary. From now on you have to anticipate that it is something quite simple, like the rest of what you have seen so far.

Again, you don’t have to worry, as delivery times are quite long. In fact, the only thing that is requested (and that is considered mandatory, in fact) is that it be delivered before December 31 of the year in progress, even if the payment is received in March of that period.

And the where is not very different either: It must be done in person at any ANSES office, for which it is necessary to make an appointment through number 130 or through the section of online turns of the page where you can also apply.

Process for school aid

With everything seen (and if you read the entire article) you will be fully capable of filling out the School Aid Form. And for your convenience you can do it completely online if you prefer, with the links that we will leave you below.

But to make life even easier, here is a brief summary of the steps you must take to complete the process of ANSES Schooling Form, with which you will have a small quick guide of how things are going to be done:

The first thing you should do is consult, since there are cases in which the forms are already loaded in the system and it is not necessary to do it again. You can check if you already have the schooling forms of the children you want to present loaded on the My ANSES portal. If you collect any family allowance per child, what you should do is enter Children, then School Certificate and that’s it. If instead you charge a Universal Allowance per Child, you must enter Children and then Universal Allowance Booklet.

Then, and if the form data is not loaded, the second step is to complete the School Accreditation Form online or in print.

The third step It is quite simple, since once you have downloaded, filled out and printed it, all you have to do is take it to the school where your child studies to have it signed and stamped in the corresponding section.

The last step is that once the form is completed, you must upload it online to the ANSES page or present it in person at one of the authorized offices.

Updated PS 2.77 Scholarship Form

And to conclude, as we promised, here we leave you the Education Form PS 2.77which is the most up-to-date version.

We hope the information is useful to you! We read soon.

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