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All those lucky people who have had the opportunity to own their own car know first-hand that the enormous bureaucratic burden that exists behind simple daily circulation is as heavy as car maintenance itself.

We are not only talking about the driver’s license or the importance of the health card, but also insurance, liability procedures and, in short, a world of things that must be filled out in order not to have problems with the law.

Some provinces have their own regulations applicable in their territory, this being the case Santa Fe Province with his Form 1057. You do not know what it is? Here we tell you and we explain what are the steps to be able to remove it without any type of complication.

Form 1057

Form 1057 should be the first procedure that it be carried out as soon as a motor vehicle is purchased (a car, a motorcycle, a truck or any other).

Not only because of the importance that being model citizens should have for all, but also because it is what allows us to demonstrate that the vehicle is one’s own and also so that the government has updated data on all the vehicles in the park of the Province of Santa Fe.

What is it and what is it for?

He Form 1057 technical name is Single Form for Vehicle Patent Procedureswhich is a Sworn declaration by the taxpayers of the Province of Santa Fe.

They externalize or make publicly known a novelty about any vehicular domain. It is worth saying that it is the fact of expressing before the competent authorities the fact of having a new vehicle.

The objective that it seeks to achieve is simple: to keep the databases of the automotive fleet of the aforementioned province updated.

And what are the data they want to keep updated, you may ask? Well, mainly the data of the registered owner and his association with that particular domain.

Due to current regulations, agreements and others, as well as to download to the central government, all these updates to the databases are made by the Municipalities and Communes of the Province, in which the vehicles are registered, located or perhaps in the future will be.

It should be noted that its presentation is mandatory in the Province of Santa Fe, since it is needed in the Sectional Automotive Registries for all types of procedures: from transfers to patenting, going through Alta Cero Km, reporting theft, deregistration due to death… And practically anything you want to do with the vehicle, so don’t forget to get it out as soon as you can.

Download and print

Surely after having read all this (or perhaps they came here specifically looking for this) they will want to know how and where to find it, what to do to fill it out, if it should be downloaded or if, on the contrary, it is filled directly at a government headquarters.

But fear not, as it’s much easier than it seems, and of course, we’re here to help you through the entire process.

And the first thing to clarify is that it is a formality very easy to download and printsince it is free to print, so just by entering the link that we will leave you below, you will be just one click away from being able to download and fill it out.

Of course, all this is if you want to do it, why in fact, too can be filled online, which facilitates the process, meaning that a large part of it can be done even from the comfort of your home, without getting up from the computer and without the need to waste paper due to an error. If it is done in this way, it is only a matter of filling it out and printing it.

In either case, it is important they should be three copies, be signed and completed or printed in blue or black ink to be accepted in the competent body.

And, to make things even easier for you, at the end of this article you will find the link to download Form 1057.

How to fill out form 1057

While it’s certainly easy to fill out, it never hurts to help, so here are these steps to help you along the way:

  1. He first field to fill is the Communewhich must be completed with the Commune or City code that appears from the list that the Province of Santa Fe, through API, assigns to a locality.
  2. He second field It’s of Procedure numberwhich is not completed, since it is assigned by the organization where it is presented.
  3. In it third field they show up all processing options that has this form and the items that must be completed as the case may be.

If you have doubts about the item you need for your procedure, here they are detailed:

  • Item A – Vehicle Identification: here it is completed with the Domain (Patent Number), and followed by a hyphen, the Control Digit (two digits).
  • Item B – Vehicle Characteristics: all the characteristics such as the vehicle brand, model, year, brand code and use must be placed here, among other information requested.
  • Item C – Owner’s Information: in this section the name and surname of the owner, ID number, document number, number of owners and everything related to the owner or owners are placed.
  • Item D – Address: in this section, the data of the place of address to be declared must be entered, such as the name of the street, number of the address, floor (if it is a building, also the name of the building), apartment, town and the city code.
  • Item E – Change of Engine: here the brand, type of engine and number must be placed.
  • Item F – Total Withdrawal: only if applicable, the reason for the withdrawal is entered.
  • Item G – Information of the Previous Owner: in this section the name and surname of the previous owner will be placed, as well as the number and type of identification and address.
  • Item H – Change of Patent Number: it is only filled out in case a change in the patent is needed.
  • Item I – Payment or Perception Data: the payments made are placed in this field. Luckily for whoever makes the form, this item is not filled out by the user.

Cost of the procedure

At this point, everything related to the process of acquiring and filling out the form is surely completely clear to them, perhaps more than one already has it ready, but there is still a vitally important question to ask and that is: how much does the procedure cost?

The price varies depending on what you are looking to do and which of all the procedures is needed. It can go from just 1UF to the important amount of 60UF. And in order not to be disappointed, it is better to know what the stipulated prices are, since as they are popularly said, a cautious man (or woman) is worth two, here is a table with the prices:

Code 301 Cost: 7 UF When the valuation of the Vehicle does not exceed $50,000
Code 250 Cost: 15 UF When the valuation of the vehicle is from $50,001 to $170,000
Code 246 Cost: 30 UF When the valuation of the vehicle is from $170,001 to $340,000
Code 247 Cost: 45 UF When the valuation of the vehicle is from $340,000 to $800,000
Code 303 Cost: 60 UF When the valuation of the vehicle exceeds $800,000

Where and when to submit the form

And everything is almost ready: downloaded, printed and filled form, the money for the cost of the procedure… But, And the day when you will wonder? And where can it be presented?

The truth is that both questions are easily answered, since can be submitted any business day (Monday to Friday), during office working hours.

In the same way, it is also easy to know where to present it, since it must be presented to the Municipality or Commune where the vehicle will be located.

Remember that to the time to present it You must already have the Automotive Title in digital form, the original purchase invoice of the vehicle in question and the owner’s ID, as well as the three copies of the Form 1057.

New Form 1057 Web

As of June 2018, a new Form 1057, designed to be filled online. The same can be obtained if done click on this link.

So, if you reached the end of this article, you may have realized that the Form 1057 It is not complicated to obtain, nor to download, print or fill out, as long as you know what it must take (and how it must be placed) to be completed correctly, which will help more than one person not to have problems the next time they You have to do something that requires it.

Thanks for reading us!

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