Apply for a Blue Card: What it is, Requirements, How to Apply, What it is for and MORE

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Initially, for Apply for Blue Card In Argentina, it is necessary that you comply with each of the essential indications. In this way, you can guarantee an optimal completion of this process. Also, you will be allowed the possibility of driving a vehicle of which you are not the main owner.

Therefore, if you are interested in carrying out this Blue Card procedure, you can rely on each of the indications that we will mention in this article. So, next, we will tell you what this card is, what are the requirements you need to obtain it, benefits and more.

What is the Blue Card?

Now, to begin with, it must be said that the Blue Card or Blue Card is a permit that authorizes anyone who possesses it to drive a vehicle that does not belong to them. In this case, the owner of the vehicle authorizes a third person or several persons (spouse, children, employees, etc.) to drive his vehicle.

Therefore, so that you can drive a vehicle that you do not own, no You require a green card, as a Blue Card is sufficient. In the same way, this card was implemented since 2006. Which, works as a help measure to improve the control of vehicles, mainly in case of accident, infractions, etc.

However, when the car is sold or the owner decides to transfer the car, the blue card or cédula is no longer valid. In other words, the Blue Card it will not expire. Therefore, it is essential that you take this restriction into account, so that you do not present problems later.

Finally, it should be noted that Blue Card It will also allow you to drive through neighboring countries or those that belong to Mercosur. Thus, you will not need to carry the green card as described above. As long as entry to other countries is temporary, you can.


The cost of obtaining a blue card is 160 pesos. Similarly, if you want to get more than one blue card, you don’t need to pay other fees. With which, an additional cost will not be included. As long as you verify the signature in the corresponding section, therefore, Form 02 is free.

Also, if the process is done by a third party, you should request Form 59 as long as the signature is certified in the car registration. Also, it is convenient to clarify that payments for this procedure are only paid in cash, no with credit or debit card, but in the car registration.

Prices for automobiles, motorcycles and machines (roads, agricultural and industrial):
  • Certificate: Tariff N ° 4 – $ 295.00
  • Signature Certification: Tariff N ° 1 – $ 465.00
  • Form 59: Free

Requirements for the Blue Card Application

In the first place, the owner of the vehicle must appear in the section of the National Directorate of the Registries of the Property of the Automotive and of pledge credits (DNRPA). In order to do so, take into account the vehicle’s registration and validate that it is linked to the person who desires the authorization.

Also, this process can take 2 days, since the first part is to provide documents and the second to collect blue cards. So, in this last step, you will be able to obtain the Blue Card that will allow you to drive a car that is not your property.

After completing all these steps, you must pay for the process. Finally, after presenting the payment receipt, you can go to the office where the procedures are carried out and take out the Green card. Anyone who presents a payment receipt can withdraw the card.

Thus, the requirements to Apply for a Blue Card are:
  • The owner of the car must show their identity document DNI
  • Submit the form or request 02
  • Which will be sent to the vehicle registration office
  • You must also fill in the details of the beneficiary of the blue card
  • Likewise, the owner can also use the data of the beneficiary to achieve this

How to Apply for the Blue Card?

Now, as for the process for Apply for the Blue Card It can be described in two ways. With which, you have the possibility to choose the alternative that suits you best for the moment. In the same way, it must be said that both present the same effectiveness and are simple to execute.

To carry out the application process in person, you must do the following:
  • Attend the Sectional Register in Argentina that corresponds to you
  • Bring each of the required documents, pay the fee, and complete the remaining documents on the registration form
  • Thus, after 48 business hours, you can withdraw the Blue Card to drive through the registry
  • Finally, anyone who presents a payment receipt and a simple authorization from the holder can do the same

However, if you have an expired Green Card but do not have one Blue Card, the vehicle will be stopped immediately. With which, this will be maintained until the owner does not present a document that proves that he is the owner of the vehicle.

Finally, the DNRPA advises that the blue card will not expire, and will lose its effect legal only when the vehicle is transferred and its owner changes. Also, it allows third parties to temporarily take vehicles to neighboring countries, as long as this is previously registered.

To carry out the application process via the internet, you must do the following:
  • Enter the official website of the DNRPA
  • Look for the option of Issuance of License for Authorized to Drive
  • Fill in the information in the form
  • Introduce yourself at the sectional register correspondent
  • Bring the required documents, pay the fee and complete the remaining documents on the registration form
  • Thus, after 48 business hours, you can withdraw the Blue Card to drive through the registry
  • Finally, anyone who presents a payment receipt and a simple authorization from the holder can do the same

What is the Blue Card for?

  • Improve road safety as a whole, especially the safety of car owners and drivers
  • Limit the use of the vehicle only to those authorized by the vehicle owner
  • Any person authorized to drive with the vehicle, be it the registered owner or a person authorized by him, has a certificate of identity
  • This identification no replaces a green card, but an authorized third party who drives a car that is not owned by them
  • The identity card will be used at the same time so that a third party can temporarily leave the neighboring country with the car
  • If the car is sold, the certificate required to drive the vehicle will be will cancel automatically

What is the Green Card?

The Green card It identifies the owner of the vehicle and you must carry it with you when you drive. Also, the validity period is one year from the launch date. But even if the identification expires, the owner can continue to use the vehicle. Because it is not necessary to update it.

Similarly, the unique vehicle identification card (previously called green card) is an identifier that contains the owner’s domain name, name and documents, make, model, chassis, and engine number.

Some of the requirements you need to apply for this card are:
  • Form 02 signed by the holder and certified by a notary public or the head of the registry
  • The identification of the vehicle in use will be kept in the partition record
  • Present your identification document DNI
  • In case you are not the owner, present form 59 to certify your signature before a notary or secretary prior to the presentation

Expiry of the Blue Card and Green Card

First of all, as for the Blue Card, it must be said that it does not expire. With which, according to the Directorate that grants this document, the ID will not expire. Therefore, it will not be necessary to make renovations from time to time in specific.

Also, this card can only be obtained at the request of the vehicle owner. Thus, the owner must present a copy of the identification of the person he wishes to authorize at the car ownership registry office where the vehicle is located. Then you have to fill out the form and pay the fee.

On the other hand, the period of validity of the Green card it is one (one year). However, this insurance policy will not expire for the holder or duly authorized taxis, supplies and merchandise or cars. With which, once this time has elapsed, it will be necessary for you to carry out its respective renewal.

Likewise, it must be said that the Green card it must be processed when buying a car. Likewise, in case of theft, loss or expiration, it must be renewed in the registration form where the car is located. For this, the domain name holder must present some documents.

In the same way, these documents are form 02 signed and certified by a notary or registrar; the title of the car; DNI; and expired or damaged identity card. With which, these are the only requirements that you must have to request this particular card

We hope you get your Blue Card successfully!

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