Apply for a Macro Credit Card: What is it, Types, Benefits, Requirements and MORE

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We all know that cards have become an excellent payment method when it comes to not carrying cash on top. In this way, it will always be a good option to have this tool. But, before starting any process, it is important to inform yourself very well.

Therefore, in this article we will talk about how apply for a Macro Credit Card, we are going to tell you what it is, what its benefits are, what Banco Macro is and much more Share this information if you think it’s necessary! Keep reading, here we will leave you all the information.

What is Macro?

Macro is a national private capital financial institution. This began operating as a bank in 1988. Currently the holding of Banco Macro is formed by Macro Bank Limited. Banco Macro started its activities as a non-bank financial institution.

It is the private bank with the largest network of branches throughout the country, positioning itself as number one in the National Private Capital Banks. The group has 8,651 employees, 1,545 ATMs, 958 self-service terminals and a structure of 463 service points.

Its vision is currently to be one of the most recognized banks. In addition to becoming a leading bank in customer satisfaction. In addition, they stand out in building relationships of trust and are differentiated by managing a unique culture of customer care.

They handle values ​​such as closeness, agility, self-demand, commitment to development, among others. They differ in their treatment of staff and humane treatment, they are decisive and flexible, they are in charge of finding quick and effective solutions. They focus on improving professional quality.

Likewise, they seek excellence in their management, independence, autonomy and participation. In addition, they are responsible for supporting the progress of entrepreneurs, companies and communities in the regions where they operate. In this way, they boost productive investment.

Macro offers different banking products and services to individuals, companies, corporations, non-financial corporations, and government sectors. It has different products and services such as savings accounts and checking accounts, time deposits, credit and debit cards, consumer loans, mortgages, among others.

What is the Macro Credit Card?

The Macro Credit Card, not only are they a safe and practical means of payment, but they also offer the financing you need for those purchases that cannot wait another minute. In other words, this card is a tool that will be very useful when making your purchases.

We know that a credit card fulfills a function, it allows its consumers to buy products or services without having cash and to pay for it at a later date. To have this type of credit, the consumer must open an account at the bank and then request said product.

Depending on the bank, this credit card can have different services, benefits and advantages. They also usually offer different types of cards. This allows the client to make the choice of the card and to verify which one best suits their needs.

As we said, the credit card practically allows us to borrow money from the bank, as the word indicates, when we borrow something we have to return it. For this, the bank allows customers to pay an estimated amount in installments until they reach the final amount.

This is very practical for customers who do not have enough money at the time of making a purchase and are inclined to the option of asking the bank for an estimated amount. Of course, this is done solely and exclusively on the condition that the money is returned.

In the event that the money is not returned in the specified time, we can fall into debt or in default at the bank. This in the end will only add a higher percentage to the initial fee, causing us to have to pay more than we should.

Macro Credit Card Types

Currently Macro offers different types of credit cards. These cards each have different benefits, services and advantages. It should be noted that at the time of making the request you must verify what type of card you want in order to start the process.

Another thing that is very important to note is that you are not necessarily required to have a single credit card. After a time stipulated by the bank, you will have the option of requesting another type of card. Remember that they all offer different services.

We have VISA credit cards:

  • Macro. It is widely accepted in all types of commerce and provides extra benefits such as travel assistance.
  • Gold. It provides greater purchasing power and superior protection, offers much more benefits and a wide range of insurance.
  • Platinum. It is one of the best alternatives for shopping around the world. With this Platinum VISA you will have personal assistant services, special travel insurance and exclusive benefits.

Mastercard credit cards:

  • Macro. Provides a variety of benefits and advantages. In addition to flexibility and security when making purchases.
  • Gold. It is a card with superior benefits.
  • Platinum. It is a card that offers you personal assistant, as well as medical insurance.

American Express credit cards:

  • Macro. This card will accompany you throughout your journey, and it will also offer you several benefits.
  • Gold. You can enjoy permanent attention and security in everything you need.
  • Platinum. It will provide you with exclusive security and you will enjoy experiences of another level.

As you can see, there is a wide variety of credit cards. You just have to take the time to sit down and think about which card best suits your needs or which one suits you best, either for reasons of age or for the amount of benefits it offers.


We already know that Banco Macro has approximately nine (9) types of credit cards. Each of these cards, as we have been saying, offers a certain amount of benefits. Therefore, at this moment we will take the time to tell you which ones they are.

Macro Visa Credit Card:

  • Macro Reward Points.
  • Events and shows.
  • Additional cards.
  • Purchase limits.

Gold Visa Credit Card:

  • Macro Reward Points.
  • Additional cards with no issuance and renewal cost.
  • Interest-free fees at events and shows.

Platinum Visa Credit Card.

  • VISA personal assistant.
  • Macro Reward Points.
  • Interest-free fees and shows.
  • Benefits and discounts at participating businesses.
  • Additional cards without issuance and renewal cost.

Macro Mastercard Credit Card.

  • Macro Reward Points.
  • Events and discounts.
  • Additional cards.
  • Purchase limits.

Gold Mastercard Credit Card.

  • Macro Reward Points.
  • Events and discounts.
  • Additional cards.
  • Purchase limits.

Platinum Mastercard Credit Card.

  • Macro Reward Points.
  • Events and discounts.
  • Additional cards.
  • Purchase limits.
  • Discounts at participating businesses.

American Express Macro Credit Card.

  • Macro Reward Points.
  • Events and discounts.
  • Additional cards.
  • Purchase limits.

American Express Gold Credit Card.

  • Macro Reward Points.
  • Events and discounts.
  • Additional cards.
  • Purchase limits.

American Express Platinum Credit Card.

  • Macro Reward Points.
  • Events and discounts.
  • Additional cards.
  • Purchase limits.

Apart from this, most of the cards have travel insurance, discounts on purchases of electronics, clothing, travel, among others. Likewise, it also offers you the opportunity to enjoy and convert your attractive gifts such as trips to tourist destinations.

Requirements to Apply for Macro Credit Cards

Now that we know a little more about the Credit card Macro, It is important to note that in order to apply for Macro Credit Card documentation will be needed to be able to start this process. Therefore, we will proceed to explain in detail what these requirements are.

  1. Photocopy of document (DNI, LE, LC): 1st and 2nd sheets, and, if applicable, the Change of Address and Update sheets.
  2. Certification of address.
  3. CUIL certificate.
  4. Photocopy of some service.

Specific requirements for dependent employees:

  1. Last salary receipt (You must present the last 6 receipts if you have variable income).

Requirements for monotributistas

  1. Photocopy of adhesion to the Monotax
  2. Gross Income Registration (IIBB) local or multilateral agreement
  3. ONLINE AFIP certificate or form 158 and 184 / F
  4. Photocopy of Registration or Municipal Authorization
  5. Photocopy of Property Title / Real Estate Tax
  6. Copy of the last 3 proofs of payment of monotax
  7. IIBB Annual Affidavit (DDJJ) for the last year

Requirements for freelancers

  1. Photocopy of Registration or Municipal Authorization
  2. Copy of Last Payment Ticket DDJJ of Earnings
  3. Photocopy of the ONLINE Registration Form or Form 460 F
  4. Photocopy of the last three Retirement Contribution Payments
  5. Local Gross Income Registration (IIBB) or Multilateral Agreement
  6. Annual IIBB Affidavit (DDJJ) last year
  7. Photocopy of the Property Title / Real Estate Tax
  8. Photocopy of the last DDJJ of the Income Tax

Likewise, it is important to emphasize that all the requested documentation must be correctly updated and in good condition. Otherwise, authorized personnel will not be able to carry out the process. Therefore, you will not be able to get the Macro Credit Card.

How to Apply for the Card?

For apply for Macro Credit Card currently there are two ways. One is in person and the other through the call center. It should be noted that both processes are extremely fast as long as all the required documentation is available.

For apply for Macro Credit Card By phone, you only have to dial the following number 0810-555-2355. Authorized personnel will contact you and ask for a series of information. After you tell him, he will go on to get your Macro Credit Card.

Also, when wanting apply for Macro Credit Card in person, you only have to go to one of the branch offices closest to your home and submit the requested documentation. You must wait for the staff to verify all your information and then deliver your card.

What are you waiting for apply for a Macro Credit Card?

The process is quite quick and easy.

Thanks for reading us.

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