Apply for Carrefour Card: What is it, Types, Benefits, Requirements, How to Apply and MORE

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One of the credit cards that can be requested at the supermarket level is the Carrefour card. This card has different types of presentations and, when using it, you will be able to enjoy a series of discounts and benefits.

That is why in this article, we will dedicate ourselves to talking a little about the Carrefour card, What apply for the Carrefour card, what is it, what are its benefits and discounts and much more. Share this information if you think it’s necessary! Keep reading.

What is Carrefour?

Carrefour is known as a multinational distribution chain, its origin is French. It is considered as the first European group within a short distance in net income and the third in the world. In 2019 the group completed 11,960 stores in more than 30 countries.

Carrefour’s largest hypermarket was built in 1972, has 24,400 meters and is located in France. The thousandth hypermarket was inaugurated in China in 2006. The activity is focused on four markets:

  • Latin America
  • Europe.
  • Asia.
  • Africa.

In 1976 Carrefour launched a range of products (especially basic ones) that bears the brand of its distributor, with very sober packaging and a promotion oriented towards composition with permanent prices. In 2006, Carrefour changed the image of its brand for a more attractive design, with packaging designed with soft colors such as blue and easy to identify

What is the Carrefour Card?

The Carrefour card, is a credit card that offers its customers exclusive discounts and promotions, every day. Likewise, this card can be used to make purchases at all Carrefour branches. In addition, this card will allow and offer financing in different areas and products.

Also, there is a Carrefour card Mastercard. This can be used in more than 340,000 businesses throughout the country. In this way, we will preserve all the exclusive benefits in all Carrefour branches and in the different affiliated stores around the world.

Therefore, with this card you can make use of financing plans in force in each business. Currently, there is an application called Carrefour card and it is available for Android and IOS, with this application you will be able to:

  • Access your account details easily.
  • See the date of your last payments, consumptions and movements.
  • View and download your last 12 account summaries.
  • Know your closing and expiration dates.
  • Share all promotions on WhatsApp.
  • Know quickly and clearly your expenses, limits and availability.
  • Receive notifications about promotions, discounts and expiration notices of your Card summary.
  • See the status of installments of your Loans and maturities.
  • Communicate quickly by phone, chat, mail or via the web with our Customer Service Center.
  • Update your personal data for example: your cell phone and email.
  • Modify your profile picture.
  • Request an appointment online.
  • Request your Carrefour card.
  • Pay your Card summary and your Personal Loan fee online.

The use of this application is quite simple and as you may have noticed, it is a very useful tool that Carrefour offers. This way you can have more control over your Carrefour card and you can verify it as many times as you want.

Types of Carrefour Cards

Currently, there are different types of Carrefour cards. At the time of requesting it, you can choose the one that best suits your needs, you only have to comply with the indicated requirements to be able to start the process. Next, we will let you know what are the types of Carrefour cards.

  • Carrefour card Mastercard: With this card you will be able to make purchases at any of the 30 million member stores around the world. What’s more:
    • It will provide you protection in case of theft or robbery or even environmental damage.
    • You can travel to any country with medical coverage.
    • You can enjoy exclusive benefits and discounts.
    • It will have Contactless Technology.
  • Carrefour Gold.
    • Purchase protection.
    • Price protection.
    • Contactless technology and offers.
    • Extended warranty.
    • Traveler medical insurance.
  • Carrefour card Platinum.
    • Contactless technology and offers.
    • Vehicle rental insurance.
    • Travel agency.
    • Chain in 4 and 5 star hotels.
    • Personal assistance insurance.
    • Travel cancellation insurance.
  • Carrefour card Black.
    • Purchase protection.
    • Contactless technology and offers.
    • Extended warranty.
    • Protection in ATMs.
    • Traveler medical insurance.
    • Chain in 4 and 5 star hotels.
    • Personal assistance insurance.
    • Travel agency.

Contactless technology will be used to make a first purchase through the card chip. This will enable contactless and streamline all transactions in businesses that have this technology. This technology is offered by all types of Carrefour cards.

With Carrefour, you will be able to count on discounts on certain days of the week, discounts on the first purchase with the card and discounts on healthy products, thanks to this, you will be able to continue saving on each of your purchases.

Requirements to Apply for the Carrefour Card

At the time of apply for the Carrefour card You will have to carry a series of requirements to be able to start the process. This process will be extremely simple if you have all the requested documentation. Next, we will indicate what are the requirements to obtain the Carrefour card.

  • National identity document.
  • Employees in a dependency relationship: last salary receipt and last service in your name without debt.
  • Retirees and Pensioners: last receipt of assets and last service in your name without debt.
  • Monotributistas: last 3 monotax payments and last service in your name without debt.
  • Self-employed: Affidavit of Earnings and last service in your name without debt.

These documents must be taken to any Carrefour stand near your home. The authorized personnel will be prepared to assist you, review your documents and start the process and then deliver your Carrefour card.

In the same way, if you have any type of problem with respect to the required documentation, you can contact the Carrefour service center so that the authorized personnel can help you and clarify your doubts and problems.

Once you get your Carrefour card You can use it in all authorized stores. In case you want to consult your account, you must follow a series of steps, such as:

  • Enter the page of Carrefour.
  • Select the type of document.
  • Place the DNI (without points).
  • Then you must enter the username and password.

If you are not yet registered, you must click on “register” and follow all the steps that the website will indicate. In this way, once you have completed the registration process, you will be able to verify your account without any inconvenience.

How to Apply for the Carrefour Card?

Request the Carrefour card it will be very easy and simple if you have all the documents at hand. Therefore, once you have all the requirements, you can go to any of the Carrefour stands available. Will request the Carrefour card and then, you will provide the data that they request.

Likewise, you will have the option of requesting said card online. You just have to enter the website, fill in the card form and provide some information. Then you will receive a PIN and a new card directly at your home. All you have to do is activate the card and it will be ready to use.

It should be noted that both ways are very fast and easy. You just have to choose the one that best suits your situation and immediately start the process to obtain your card and thus make use of it and start having benefits and a series of discounts.

Benefits offered by the Carrefour Card

Between the Carrefour benefits and discounts can use the Carrefour card in shops on the terraces of Mayo Shopping. At the time of apply for the Carrefour card can access:

20% discount on the first purchase with the card:

  • Exclusive discount requesting the Carrefour card at the Services stand located in Carrefour supermarkets in the country.
  • Maximum discount cap $ 400. Includes carefully priced products, essential prices and Carrefour brand (food, dairy, cheese, cold cuts, beverages, perfumery and cleaning).
  • Does not include electrical appliances, telephony, photography, computing, image, sound, winery products.

15% discount No limit for purchases in a payment with Carrefour card at Carrefour Hypermarkets, Carrefour Market, Carrefour Express:

  • Includes carefully priced products, essential prices, Carrefour brand (food, dairy, cheese, cold cuts, beverages, perfumery and cleaning).
  • Does not include electrical appliances: telephony, photography, computers, image, sound, infant milk and formula stages 1 and 2, cuts of beef.

10% discount every day to buy in an exclusive Carrefour card payment at Carrefour Express

  • Includes carefully priced products, essential prices and Carrefour brand (food, dairy, cheese, cold cuts, beverages, perfumery and cleaning)
  • It does not include cuts of beef, electrical appliances, telephony, photography, computers, infant milk and formula stages 1 and 2, image, sound.

25% Bonus

  • With Carrefour Card an extra 25% Bonus in Neverland. To get the 25% extra bonus, the minimum load must be $ 200 and the maximum load must be $ 700. The gift delivery cap on extra bonus is $ 175 that can be used within 30 days of loading.

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