Apply for Cencosud Card: What is it, Types, Requirements, Services, How to Apply and MORE

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Apply for Cencosud Card It will always be a good option since with this card we will be able to enjoy a number of benefits, advantages, discounts and much more. The process to request it turns out to be very simple since the requirements are not very complicated to request.

Therefore, in this article we will explain everything about the Cencosud card, what it is, what are the requirements, what are the services it offers, types of card and more Please share this information if you think it might be helpful to a friend, colleague, or family member!

What is Cencosud?

Cencosud is a Chilean multinational company. This company operates in different countries of South America, mainly in the retail sector. It is controlled by businessman Horst Paulmann. This company was originated through the self-service “Las brisas”.

It was founded by the German immigrant Horst Paulmann in the city of Temuco, in southern Chile. In total, its stores have a surface area of ​​more than 3.1 million square meters. 41% of their income comes from Chile, their country of origin, while 29% comes from Argentina, 21% from Brazil, 8% from Peru and 1% from Colombia.For the purchase of the Carrefour operation in Colombia.

In 1978, Cencosud opened the country’s first “jumbo” hypermarket and in the following years expanded its line of supermarkets and shopping centers. From then on, it managed to become one of the largest retail chains.

Cencosud’s objective is to become the largest retailer in Latin America, reaching all its customers with the highest quality of service. For Cencosud its mission is to be the most profitable and prestigious rentalier in all of Latin America.

This company operates in different countries of South America, such as: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Peru and Colombia. Cencosud, is a company with diversified businesses and with a greater offer of square meters. This further develops other business lines that complement the central operation.

Cencosud’s business units are: the Costanera center, department stores, supermarkets, home improvement and construction, financial retail and shopping center. Currently, Cencosund offers a card so that customers can use it at the corresponding facilities.

Next, we will explain a little what this is about Cencosund card. In this way, you can request it and use it as many times as you want. Since it offers its clients a series of benefits and advantages Keep reading!

What is the Cencosud Card?

As we already know, Cencosud is one of the largest retail chains in Latin America, it has a presence in 5 countries. This company has the ability to provide a quality service and excellence to its customers.

It was for this reason that Scotiabank decided to make an alliance with Cencosud, in order to bring to light a Cencosud card. This is considered one of the most used cards in Chile. It is for this reason that we will explain everything about this product to you.

The Cencosud card, is a credit card that is associated with the Cencosud group. Thanks to this product, you will be able to access exclusive benefits in the Disco, Jumbo, Vea, Easy and Blaisten chains. And in addition, you will be able to enjoy a wide range of products and affiliated shops.

Once you get your Cencosud card, you will be able to know what your available balance is and you will know when you should make the payments of that card. The Cencosud Card page will allow you to make payments so that you can keep up to date and pay off your debts on time.

The amount to be paid on the card will be reflected in your State of Cueta, which you will be able to obtain thanks to the different channels available. This will allow you to have greater comfort when accessing to check your account. Likewise, when making the payment, you can have different tools. For instance:

  • You can access the website, with your username and password. Through Servipag charged to your bank account.
  • In all Cencosud stores nationwide (Paris, Jumbo, Easy, Johnson, Santa Isabel)
  • Through Automatic Account Payment. Charged to your checking account at your bank.

Types of Cencosud Cards

Currently there is a great variety of Cencosud Cards. This will allow people to request the product that best suits their needs. It should be noted that each product will offer different services, therefore, it will also have different benefits. Next, we will let you know what these types of card are.

  • Cencosud card Basic: this credit card is designed for everything you need. It even has exclusive benefits in the Jumbo, Easy, Metro stores.
  • Cencosud Clásica: with this card, you can make national and international purchases at any establishment.
  • Cencosud card Gold: this card has exclusive benefits and with it you can also make national and international purchases.
  • Cencosud Platinum: this card will provide options according to your lifestyle, exclusivity, elegance and prestige.
  • Cencosud card Infinite: this card is created so that you can have unparalleled experiences, surrounded by prestige and with access to a unique lifestyle.

It should be noted that all the cards will have exclusive benefits at Cencosud member stores and may be used in national and international stores. The five types of cards will be backed by the VISA franchise.

It is important to clarify that although all have exclusive benefits, not all offer the same services. Therefore, there are different types of cards. At the time of request Cencosud Card you can choose the type of product you want.

Requirements to Apply for the Cencosud Card

The Cencosud card is expanded backed by Scotiabank Bank, which in turn will have the guarantee of being sponsored by VISA Internacional and MasterCard. It should be noted that with this card we can cancel hotel reservations anywhere in the world.

For request Cencosud Card, You must have certain mandatory requirements in order to complete the application process. It should be noted that all the requirements must be updated to avoid any inconvenience. Next, we will indicate what documentation you must submit.

  • Names and surnames.
  • Identification document (Date and place of issue).
  • Address.
  • Email.
  • Landline and cell phone.
  • Receipt of any public service.

As you may have noticed, the requirements are not very complicated to meet as they are all based on your personal data. It is important to note that when you want request Cencosud CardYou will have to fill out a form in order to start the process.

How to apply for the Cencosud Card?

There are currently two ways to be able to request Cencosud Card, in person and online. It should be noted that if the process wants to be done online, you must have a good Internet connection. This will prevent any kind of inconvenience from occurring.

  • Face-to-face
  1. You should go to an office near your home.
  2. Present your National Identity Document, duly current and without damage.
  3. Then, you must fill out the application form for the Cencosud Card.
  4. You must submit this form along with a receipt for any service.
  5. The staff in charge will check that all the information provided is correct.
  6. Once the process is complete, the card will be handed over to you.
  • On-line.
  1. You must select the web browser of your preference, then it will search for the Web page correspondent.
  2. Once you enter the web page, on the right hand side at the top will appear the option “Request a Card”.
  3. The page will tell you to place your RUT and then click on «request».
  4. You will follow the instructions that indicate the page.

By filling out the application form and accepting the terms and conditions, the bank will look for additional information regarding the level and origin of your income, the existence of personal and / or commercial references, your economic activity, among others.

In the same way, the bank will search for all the information that is stored in the databases of any credit, financial, and judicial background risk center. When you apply online, you will receive the answer to your request immediately.

Pay $ 0 handling fee if you make 4 or 7 transactions with your credit card each month.

Services offered by Cencosud Cards

The services and benefits offered by Cencosud Cards are very varied and are adapted to the needs of each user. Next, we will specifically indicate the services and benefits of each of the cards that exist in Cencosud.

  • Cencosud card Basic:
    • It differs from national purchases from 1 to 36 installments.
    • The amount of the Card will be $ 600,000 up to: $ 1,200,000.
    • You can pay it at the checkouts of the Jumbo, Easy and Metro stores nationwide, Scotiabank Colpatria offices nationwide, Scotiabank Colpatria ATMs, automatic debit to any bank, CEP, Via Baloto Points, Scotiabank Colpatria hotline.
    • You can purchase Secure Card insurance and Protected Quota insurance.
    • Advance monthly handling fee of $ 22,290
  • Cencosud card Classic:
    • It differs from national purchases from 1 to 36 installments.
    • The amount of your card will be $ 1,200,000 up to 2,499,999.
    • You have access to Visa assistance.
    • Advance monthly handling fee of $ 24,290
    • By properly managing your Cencosud Card you will be able to access an upgrade in your product.
  • Cencosud card Gold:
    • It differs from national purchases from 1 to 36 installments.
    • The amount of your card will be $ 2,500,000 up to 9,999,999.
    • Advance monthly handling fee of $ 28,290
    • You have access to Visa assistance.
  • Censosud card Platinum:
    • It differs from national purchases from 1 to 36 installments.
    • The amount of your Card will be from 10,000,000 to 24,999,999.
    • Prime rate on your purchases.
    • Exclusive privileges of the Visa Platinum program.
    • Advance monthly handling fee of $ 31,290
  • Cencosud card Infinite:
    • Exemption of handling fee for use.
    • The amount of your Card will be 25,000,000 onwards.
    • Advance monthly handling fee collection.
    • 12 free tickets to VIP Lounges in Airports around the world in 500 cities and more than 130 countries with the Priority Pass Card.
    • You can have a preferential interest rate in debt consolidation.
    • Advance monthly handling fee of $ 41,290.

What are you waiting to apply for Cencosud Card?

You already have all the necessary information!

Thanks for reading us.

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