Apply for Coto Card: What is it, Types, Benefits, Requirements, How to Apply and MORE

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For Request Coto Card, it is necessary that you take into account each of the essential requirements that we will mention. In the same way, you must take into account that with this card you can obtain new payment alternatives. With which, you can purchase products offered by this company, respectively.

Likewise, with this card you can obtain various benefits in its branches nationwide, as well as financing plans for your convenience. That is why, in this article we tell you everything you need to know about the Coto Credit Card, from what the company is, its requirements and much more

What is Coto?

First of all we will talk to you about what the company is Preserve and then move on to other equally relevant points within this interesting topic. With which, COTO CICSA is an Argentine supermarkets and hypermarkets chain inaugurated in 1987, in the city of Mar de Ajó, La Costa Party, Buenos Aires.

Thus, it began its history by opening its first butcher shop with a modern system of aerial distraction and cuts in sight. That is why today it is much more than a supermarket. Equally, Preserve It is a benchmark in the meat processing sector and one of the most important meat and leather processors in Argentina.

Similarly, it has 3 own refrigerators that meet the highest quality standards. Currently the company exports its cuts to the European Union, China, Chile, Russia, Brazil, Hong Kong, Emirates and African countries, among other territories in the world.

Within this important company there are various production systems, such as the following:
  • Livestock production.
  • Pig production.
  • Poultry activity.
  • Agricultural production.

Regarding the production livestock, Coto began in 1970 as the first national company to market 40,000 kg of meat per branch per month. Livestock production was from the beginning a fundamental part of the company.

Since then, Coto works thoroughly in order to comply with the highest standards when marketing their products, both nationally and internationally. Regarding pig production, COTO is currently one of the main pig slaughters in Argentina.

Therefore, it takes care of supply to the internal and external market with cuts of pork of the highest quality. Regarding poultry production, Coto has a state-of-the-art plant equipped with state-of-the-art technology. With highly qualified professionals and following the strictest safety standards throughout the process.

What is the Coto Card?

Now that you know what the Coto company is, it is relevant that you know the Coto card. Here we indicate that it is a service. That is why, to begin with, you must know what the Coto community is, this is a proposal of exclusive benefits for customers.

In this sense, being part of the Coto Community allows you to access offers and special discounts in the many branches of Coto nationwide and Coto Digital. Now, the Coto Community Card is a purchase and credit card developed and administered by the Coto company to benefit its customers.

Also, with this card you access new alternatives of payment and financing of purchases, being able to acquire any product or service offered by Coto. Once you have the Coto Community Card, you can use it at any Coto branch or through the entity’s Digital page.

Then you can to enjoy of the benefits or promotions in force for each case. On the other hand, the use of the card is personal, that is, it can only be used by the person under whose name it is issued. In addition, it does not have an expiration date, so it will remain in force during the term of your accession to the Community.

Requirements and Necessary Documentation to Make the Request

Now that you know what the Coto company is and what the card of this community is, it is just as important that you know the necessary requirements at the time of Request Coto Card. That is why, below we will tell you in detail each of these requirements.

To apply for your Coto Card, what you should know is that it is divided depending on your occupation. In case of being an employee in a dependency relationship, you must present the following documents:
  • The identity document
  • The latest receipt of your salary
  • And the last utility bill in your name
Now, if you are retired or pensioned, you must present the following documents:
  • The identity document
  • The latest receipt of assets
  • And the last utility bill in your name
In case of being a monotributista you must present the following documents:
  • The identity document
  • The constancy of registration to the monotax with the last three payments
  • And the last utility bill in your name
On the other hand, if you are a self-employed worker, you must present the following documents:
  • The identity document
  • The last affidavit of earnings (F.711) with the last payment
  • And the last service invoice in your name

How to apply for the Coto Credit Card?

Now, at this point in the article corresponds to address the step by step that you must follow at the time of Request Coto Card. First of all, you must fill out the application form, which can be found in the Web page. Once you download and print the form, you must enter the corresponding personal information such as:

  • Names and surnames
  • Sex
  • Type and number of identity document
  • CUIT number
  • Home address
  • Marital status
  • Date of birth
  • Nationality
In addition, you must put information corresponding to labor data such as:
  • Indicate your situation labor among the options provided
  • The name of the company, activity carried out and profession
  • Position, position or function
  • Monthly income
  • Data from address labor such as floor, department, postal code, town and province
Another section of the application form deals with bank references, in this case you must indicate:
  • Yes you own any credit card, selecting between yes or no
  • You must indicate the brand of the card, along with the issuing bank

You will also find a section of personal information on the owner’s spouse and additional. These requested data will be similar to those mentioned above for the holder of the request. Finally you have to put information on personal and work data of a co-signer.

The document ends with the signature and document number of the holder, co-debtor and the additional ones placed in the form. Once filled out, you must go to any of the customer service stands, where they will attend to you and process the request. The places of attention are the following:

  • Supply: Agüero and Guardia Vieja
  • Eleven: Alsina 2300
  • Pompeii: Av. Francisco Rabanal 1345
  • Coghlan: Av. Monroe 3284/98
  • Slaughterhouses: Av. Eva Perón 4730
  • Avellaneda: Av. Miter 3300
  • Ezeiza: R. Nac. 205 intersection Ruta Prov. 52
  • Lanús: Av. Rivadavia 2600 and Av. 25 de Mayo

Benefits offered by the Credit Card

On the other hand, in this section we will talk about some of the benefits offered by the Credit Card, information that can be very useful. People who have the Coto Credit Card, they can enjoy multiple benefits in their stores throughout the national territory. Some of these benefits are:

  • A 20% discount, on Mondays in the different branches.
  • 15% off, from Friday to Sunday in the different branches.
  • A 20% discount, if you schedule your delivery on Tuesdays in Coto digital.
  • Finally, 12 and 18 interest-free installments on selected products on weekends.
Each and every one of the aforementioned benefits and discounts does not include electro. At the same time, they are subject to certain terms and conditions that you can review through their official website.

Where can the Coto Credit Card be used?

Now, we are almost at the end of this article. But we can’t leave without first talking to you about where you can use the Coto Credit Card. That is why, below we indicate everything you need to know about the branches you can go to.

You can use the Coto Credit Card at any location in Coto a Nacional level. Both for purchases in the supermarket and in food courts, Entertainment Area, cinemas and for Internet purchases on the Coto digital website, respectively.

As mentioned above, the use of the card is personal, that is, it can only be used by the person to whose name it is issued, Without exceptions. In addition, it does not have an expiration date, so it will remain in force during the term of your accession to the Community or by exclusive decision of Coto CICSA.

In the same way, the company offers you financing, since you can buy in installments with or without interest depending on current promotions. You can also pay the minimum payment and automatically finance the balance, at the rate reported in your account summary.

We hope you apply for the Coto Card successfully!

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