Apply for Mercado Pago Card: What it is, Benefits, Requirements, How to apply and MORE

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Request Mercado Pago Card, It is usually one of the best options or alternatives today for all those people who are not banked and want to have a form of payment that allows them to make purchases over the Internet.

For this reason, in this article we dedicate ourselves to explaining in depth: what is the Mercado Pago Card, how it works, how to use it, the requirements to carry out the request, how to make said request, and we end up with some of its benefits.

What is the Mercado Pago Card?

Now, let’s start this article by offering a brief definition about the Mercado Pago card. It is nothing more than a prepaid card, that is, a plastic to which money will be deposited and, as it is used, the person will consume those funds.

The Mercado Pago Card is one of the best alternatives for those who cannot verify their income, such as: housewives, minors … and are looking for an option that allows them to make purchases over the Internet and use it in various shops.

Mercado Pago, takes care of your money with maximum security, since they are in charge of monitoring payments 24 hours a day in search of suspicious movements. So if you see the credited payment between your operations, it means that you can deliver the product with confidence.

IMPORTANT: this card can be considered when you want to control your economy. In this way, you will only spend the amount that has been deposited in the plastic and you will not have full access to your money.

With more than 120 million online users and 45.5 million transactions processed in the last year, Mercado Pago is MercadoLibre’s payment solution, which allows sellers to receive payments easily and quickly. With this card, the seller can:

  • Accept payments for your sales in Mercado Libre.
  • Receive payments on your website.
  • Send collection and payment requests through social networks.
  • Create paid subscriptions for your services.
  • Accept leftovers safely and quickly.

How does the Mercado Pago Card work?

Well, Mercado Pago cards are the most common and simple modality among all the different types of cards that exist and are used today. Its operation is quite simple. Pay close attention to the text below.

The Mercado Pago Card works like a bank debit card to make purchases online or in the network of shops that accept MasterCard. Likewise, the user will have a security lock on their expenses, since they will only have the money they have available.

The Mercado Pago Card has two types of Levels
  • Mercado Pago Card Level 1: this card is anonymous. Therefore, it can only be used to purchase at physical merchants that accept MasterCard. The maximum amount to recharge is: $ 4,775 per month.
  • Mercado Pago Card Level 2: this card is personalized. In short, the owner’s data is going to be on the plastic.
  • With this type of card, the user can make purchases online and in physical stores in the country and abroad.
  • Likewise, you can recharge up to $ 19,020 per month, and the only requirement is to be of legal age.

How to use the Mercado Pago Card?

Now, once the explanation of the meaning of this card and its operation is completed, we continue to clarify how the Mercado Pago Card should be used correctly. For this, we invite you to continue reading and pay close attention.

  • First, the user must activate their respective Mercado Pago card. For this:
  1. It is your responsibility to enter the Mercado Pago app.
  2. Click on the section: Cards.
  3. Choose your Mercado Pago Card and follow the steps indicated in the window.

Likewise, it is essential that the user be aware of a particular aspect. And, you can only carry out this procedure by logging in with the Mercado Pago account from which you made or carried out the request for the Mercado Pago card.

After this, and once the applicant and future user have correctly carried out the steps previously explained, they can start make the purchase of products or items of interest anywhere in the world that accepts MasterCard.

In addition to this, you have the option to follow all your consumptions through the app in the option: Your Account Activity. It is important to remember that this card only works when you have money available, in case you do not have money on the card, you should know that you can put money on it at any time.


Generally, to obtain any type of document, entities or organizations require or require certain documentation, in addition to the fulfillment of some steps. Applying for the Mercado Pago Card is no exception, but don’t worry because below we will list the requirements demanded.

It is important to note that, to apply for this particular card, you do not need a bank account. It can be: holder of a prepared Card, any Mercado Pago User who is a human person or authorized by a Mercado Pago User who is a legal person.

How to request a Mercado Pago Card?

Now, to give continuity to this article, it is up to us to explain in detail how to carry out or how to correctly apply for this card. Likewise, it is convenient to clarify that, requesting it is quite quick and easy.

Well, this type of card in particular is processed from its web platform. Therefore, the interested party must complete an application, and days later they will receive it at the door of their home. However, you must remember that to make use of it, you must first activate it.

To activate the Mercado Pago Card, you have two options. Do it through the web portal, or by calling the following number: 01 800 22 67 246.

One point in favor of the Mercado Pago Card is that it is backed by MasterCard. This means that it is accepted in thousands of businesses both within the country and abroad. For this reason, it is one of the most demanded cards in the national territory.

How to activate the Mercado Pago Card
  • First, it is important that you have your card and the Activation Folio that was sent via email at the time you made the request.
  • Then, you must enter the official web portal of the Mercado Pago Card.
  • Once on the platform, you have to click on the section: Activate your card.
  • Subsequently, you must follow each of the instructions contained in that window.
  • Finally, to make use of it and for security reasons, the user must change the PIN of the plastic.
What can be done with the Mercado Pago Card
  • First, request it without credit history and without the need to prove income.
  • Remember that the requirements demanded are personal data, that is: telephone, address, name, surname, place and date of birth.
  • In addition, being backed by MasterCard, the customer will have a wide range of options to buy the product or item they want.
  • Also, you can access (permanent) promotions in: gastronomy, travel, entertainment and shopping.
  • To know the same, you just have to be attentive to the Promotions section found on the Mercado Pago web portal.
  • Finally, you can have better control over your expenses. Because, you will be able to access the funds that you have previously deposited.
What cannot be done with the Mercado Pago Card
  • It cannot be used to build credit history. In short, it cannot be used as a reference to process a credit card.
  • Nor can you make recharges free. For each of the recharges made at a 7-Eleven store, you will be charged a commission.
  • Also, you will not be able to keep your balance at zero. The monthly minimum required is $ 1,000
  • Finally, you will not be able to benefit from a loyalty program.

Benefits offered

In another vein, for our team it has been important to include the different and numerous benefits offered by applying for the Mercado Pago Card. However, it is also necessary to mention that it has some disadvantages.

Well, one of the main benefits offered by this type of card in particular is that of paying for digital services. Among them, we can name the most used and recognized currently, such as: Netflix, Spotify, Amazon Prime … also, you can also:

  • Use the Mercado Pago Card abroad.
  • You will not have a limit on the balance you can have in your respective account.
  • In case of losing this card or PIN, you can request a replacement.
  • It is fast, secure and has the most advanced anti-fraud technology.
  • The user will receive payments online in real time.
  • You can make free transfers.
  • Offers promotions in up to 12 installments without interest. Or, also, Mercado Pago Marketing actions.
  • Offer your buyers the possibility of paying in installments even if they receive the money in a single payment.
  • You can offer shipping at no additional cost.
  • Also, technical support. Mercado Pago has a team available for what the client needs.
  • The user does not need special knowledge to receive their payments.

To end our writing, we invite you to help us share the information.

See you soon!

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