Apply for Prepaid MasterCard Card: What it is, How to Apply, Benefits, Costs, Fees and MORE

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Want Apply for Prepaid MasterCard Card and you don’t have a bank account? Don’t worry, prepaid cards are an option to traditional debit cards. They are great because you don’t need a bank account to use them.

Prepaid cards are a great financial asset. They can help cardholders better budget their money and stay within that budget. They also make great gift cards or practice cards for kids with a counter.

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What is the Prepaid MasterCard Card?

A prepaid MasterCard Card is a conventional and secure way to shop online. Well, you don’t run the risk of your personal credit and debit card information being stolen or hacked. In addition, they avoid interest expenses due to high consumption, since you can only spend what you have deposited.

Like secured credit cards, prepaid credit cards are great if you don’t have the best credit history to prove it.. Which is why, unlike other cards, prepaid cards do not require any guarantee and the limits are what you set yourself.

So if you can’t get approved for a standard bank account or credit card, you can still get a prepaid one. They are easy to approve because the best prepaid credit cards do not look at your credit performance and do not require any credit checks..

It also allows you to enjoy affiliate discounts and benefits, along with the option of withdrawing cash at any ATM, keeping your money safe.. You just have to pay him money to buy at all the merchants or websites in the world that accept MasterCard.

Some differences of the prepaid card with respect to debit or credit cards

Unlike a debit card, a prepaid card is not linked to a bank account. Generally, when you use a prepaid card, you are spending the money that you have already loaded onto the card.

Overspending can occur with a checking account for some types of uses. And with a bank account debit card if you have «accepted» your bank’s overdraft program. But with the Prepaid MasterCard card, you cannot spend more money than you already loaded on your card.

Prepaid cards are very different from credit cards. This can be confusing because both types of cards can have a card network logo such as Visa, MasterCard, or American Express. When you use a credit card, you borrow money, unlike using a prepaid card because you spend the money that you already loaded in advance.

Previous Steps to Apply for Prepaid MasterCard Card

You can request Prepaid MasterCard Card online through your Virtual Wallet Pago 24. To create an account follow these steps:

  1. Ingresto in the Pago24 official website, or from the Pago24 app.
  2. Select the option «Create new account.»
  3. Fill in the requested personal information.
  4. Enter a password that you can remember. The password must be at least one number, one lowercase letter, one uppercase letter, and at least 6 characters long.
  5. Select the type of account you want to open (personal or business).
  6. Enter your first and last name by entering the information in the same way that it appears on your ID.
  7. Complete the rest of the form and press the «Continue» button.
  8. Once your account is created, proceed to verify it. To do this, it performs the phone, identity document and email verifications.

Once you complete the previous steps, proceed to recharge your Pago24 Virtual Wallet with the amount of $ 750 if you wish to pay for the purchase of the Prepaid MasterCard Card from Pago24. Remember that you can also pay the card with other payment options such as credit or debit cards. To recharge your virtual wallet, follow these steps:

  1. Start ssession in the Pago24 official website.
  2. Select the «Add money» option.
  3. Select the means for recharging (bank transfer, bank deposit, Easy Payment, Pago24 or downloads).
  4. Complete the requested information depending on your payment option and wait for the accreditation.

How to Apply for a Prepaid MasterCard Card?

Remember that for request Prepaid MasterCard Card You just have to have a Virtual Wallet in Pago24 and follow the steps that we indicate below:

  1. Sign inon in the Pago24 official website.
  2. Select the option referring to the Prepaid MasterCard and press “Apply now”.
  3. Select the address you want the card to be sent to. Remember that for the issuance of the same, the already verified data of your Pago24 account is used.
  4. Accept the terms and conditions that are indicated to you.
  5. Cancel the cost of issuing the card ($ 750). Cost includes an initial $ 1,000 gift refill.
  6. Please allow 8-12 business days to receive your card.

If you do not want to receive the card at your address, You can also choose to withdraw it at any Pago24 branch or affiliated merchants. Just remember to indicate it when selecting the address for delivery.

Benefits of Applying for Prepaid MasterCard Card

The first benefit of Apply for Prepaid MasterCard Card is that to have it you do not need to have a bank account. With which you can have the benefit of an international prepaid card without being banked. So you only consume what you charge and control your expenses.

Even if you have a credit history, this card is a useful way to stay on budget.. Prepaid MasterCard cards offer the same ease as a credit card (just swipe and go) but without the fear of overspending.

Because no credit check or bank account is required, prepaid cards open up new possibilities for everyone. It is a good option for teenagers who have not yet learned to be responsible with money. It is a good tool to teach them to spend consciously.

Other benefits of the Prepaid MasterCard Card is that you never have to worry about overdraft fees. There are also no late fees or interest to consider, which takes a big burden off your shoulders. Interest payments can be a major cause of large and unnecessary credit card debt.

You can Request the Prepaid MasterCard Card to travel, so if someone steals your card, they will only have the money that was loaded on the card and not the full credit limit of a traditional credit card.

Another benefit of using this card is that it acts as a credit card with greater online protection. The best thing is that it is not difficult to obtain it and you also have the option of withdrawing cash at any ATM.

In conclusion

Prepaid debit cards are a great tool and can be used in many different ways. Whether you’re trying to practice good budgeting habits or need a reliable card for you and your family, this reloadable card is a great solution.

Plus, they allow you to save time on each purchase by swiping a card instead of counting cash and change. With a simple swipe, you can complete your purchases quickly and efficiently and get on with your day.

They help you with the budget. It is enough to deposit a certain amount each month to be sure that you will not overspend. Reloadable cards only allow you to use the amount it contains. So, you won’t risk accidentally spending more than your budget allows and paying high overdraft fees..

Reloadable cards are easy to use. You can get them without a credit check and without a checking account. The terms and conditions are straightforward which also allows you to teach teens financial responsibility. Having their own card is much easier and more convenient than allowing them to borrow your card.

Affiliated Services

With the affiliation to PAGO24 you have the possibility of accessing a collection network in Argentina with more than 6,000 services. This allows you to pay taxes and services quickly and safely at any of the affiliated points or online. You just have to create your own account to pay for services such as:

  • Internet
  • Clubs and associations
  • Consortium administration
  • Provincial taxes
  • Educational establishments
  • Prepaid medicine
  • Savings plans
  • Life insurances
  • Travels and tourism

Pago24 also gives you the advantage of having your own payment history with their respective receipts. In addition, it offers you the possibility of recharging and electronic purchases of all associated products.

Costs and Fees associated with the Card

The cost of Request the Prepaid MasterCard Card is $ 750, which includes a gift balance of $ 1,000. Which is only paid once, that is, the replacement for wear, theft or loss is free. Delivery to your home is also a free service.

It has no commission for the user for purchases in the country, nor for balance recharges. The commission charged for cash withdrawals in the Banelco, Link or Cirrus ATM network is $ 99 plus VAT. For purchases abroad, the commission is 2.5% of the purchase plus VAT. While the withdrawal of cash in ATMs abroad is U $ S 6.00 plus VAT.

Keep in mind that Law 27,541 applies 30% tax to payments with cards in foreign currency that settle their charges outside of Argentina. For this reason, the value of the tax will be debited from your account in the corresponding payments you make with your Pago24 prepaid card.

If you make the payment with your card it is a digital service (Netflix, Spotify, etc.), they will also apply the tax corresponding to VAT 21% (354/2018).

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