Apply for Progresar Card: What it is, Requirements, How to Apply for the Card and MORE

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To start you should know that La Progresar is, it constitutes an educational program implemented by the National Administration of Social Security (ANSES) of Argentina. We will also tell you how Apply for Progress Card, to ensure that with this card you have the possibility of canceling everything related to your studies.

Within this context, it is a concept of great value in educational matters and of great utility for all people in the Argentine territory. That is why, below, we will tell you everything you need to know about progressing, requirements to access the program, benefits and much more.

What is Progresar?

In this section, we want to talk to you about what is known as La Progresar in the Republic of Argentina and its relevance to your education. In this sense, it is basically one of the main tools that the State has to accompany young people to finish their studies.

In this regard, it is a program that seeks to guarantee the right to education and strengthen the educational trajectories of young people who want to train professionally. As well as, who have the objective of finishing their compulsory education or are studying a career at the higher level.

Additionally, the aforementioned Program prioritizes groups that it considers vulnerable: women with children who are in charge of a single-parent household. Similarly, it takes into account members of indigenous communities and / or belonging to indigenous peoples, trans people, transvestites and people with disabilities.

It should be noted that the educational program The Progress, was implemented by the National Administration of Social Security (ANSES) of Argentina. Which, accompanies the education of boys and girls through the Annual School Aid. In addition, through the Progresar program, it supports the professional training of young people who want to finish school or study a career or trade.

Next, we are going to describe all the options that the La Progresar program offers you in terms of studies. In order that you can decide on the one that best suits your needs. And you can Apply for the Progresar Card quickly and without any inconvenience.

Educational Level Required to Enroll in Progresar

Next, we are going to talk to you about the different educational levels that you must have in order to register in the Progresar program. In this regard, it is very interesting to learn about this aspect due to the importance of what this program offers in aid to complete your studies.

  • Primary, primary education constitutes a pedagogical and organizational unit destined to the training of children from 6 years of age.
  • Secondary, Secondary education is a unit pedagogical and organizational aimed at adolescents and young people who have completed primary education.
  • Tertiary, aimed at secondary school graduates, is made up of: Higher Normal Schools (ENS), Higher Teacher Training Institutes (ISFD).
  • Also by Artistic Training Institutes (IFA) and Higher Technical Training Institutes (IFTS).
  • academic, this level includes universities and university institutes.
  • Professional training courses.

It is worth noting that according to the policies that the Argentine State decides, it will be able to establish priorities in terms of one level over another. In other words, allocate more resources or scholarships to a specific level considered a priority at any given time.

Reason why, it is important that you are clear about your educational needs, before proceeding to Apply for the Progresar Card. As well as, if it adapts to your requirements and you meet the requirements to grant it. In the following sections we will detail these personal and academic requirements.

Personal Requirements to Access Progress

In this section we are going to talk to you in very clear and simple terms, about the personal requirements to access Progresar. Which you must be sure to comply with when requesting your inclusion in this educational program

  • Destined to youths Argentinian natives aged between 18 and 24, by option.
  • Residents with a legal residence in the country not less than five (5) years prior to the application.
  • That the income of the applicant and / or that of his family group (father, mother or cohabiting partner) does not exceed 3 minimum, vital and mobile wages.
  • You can Consult the amount of the minimum wage, vital and mobile on the site of the Ministry of Production and Labor.
  • Women with children of up to 18 years of age who are in charge of the household we extend the age to 30 years
  • In order for them to finish elementary school or school secondary and up to 35 years for tertiary or university studies.
  • People from indigenous communities or belonging to indigenous peoples are left excepted of the age requirement in the higher education line «
  • Until 30 years for compulsory level and professional training.
  • People trans and transvestites, with no age limit on all lines of progress.
  • Citizens with disabilities will be able to register, also, without age limit in all the lines of progress.
  • Have ID.
  • Birth certificate.
If you have to update the data of your family group, you must also present:
  • DNI and birth certificates of your children.
  • Marriage booklet if you are married or certificate of coexistence if you live as a couple.

Academic Requirements to Access Progress

Before finishing this article, we are going to talk to you about the requirements or academic documentation that you need to access The Progress. It is important that, before deciding to choose to apply to belong to this program, you gather all of them.

  • To be a student regular from an institution or present the certificate of enrollment in a vocational training course.
  • In case of being a student advanced higher level extends up to 30 years, but only applies to those who request renewal of the benefit.
  • Registration form duly signed by the school authority of the establishment where you study
  • Primary and secondary studies: You have to present the certificate of inscription to start collecting 80% of the scholarship.
  • As well as the certificate of approval of the course to collect the remaining 20% ​​at the end of the year.
  • Professional training: you must present the registration certificate to start collecting the 80% of the scholarship,
  • Like the certificate of approval of the course to collect the remaining 20% ​​at the end of the year.
  • Higher Education: You must have passed the fifty% of the study plan to start collecting the scholarship.
  • The scholarship will increase as you advance in the career.

How much is the Progresar Scholarship Payment?

Now, before finishing this article we want you to be aware of a how many The amounts paid by the Argentine state for scholarships rise. For which, below we detail these payments, according to the academic or educational level in which you are:

  • Professional Training: 1250 pesos for each month. You get the 80% in hand and the other 20% if at the end of the school year you met the approval requirements.
  • Primary – Secondary Education: 1250 pesos per month. You get the 80% in hand and the other 20% if at the end of the school year you passed the year.
  • Higher Education: from 1600 to 2300 pesos per month. If you are studying any career strategic your scholarship will go from 1800 to 4900 pesos for each month.
  • Scholarships for teacher training courses range from 5,300 to 7,400 pesos per month.
It is important to note that there is the possibility of losing the benefit of the scholarship. Reason why, it is up to you to do everything that is within your reach to not meet the following conditions:
  • Death of the beneficiary
  • In case of waiver of the benefit.
  • Modification of any of the causes that they justified its bestowal.
  • By abandonment of studies.
  • By losing the status of regular student.
  • For giving false information to the program.
  • In case of breach of any of the obligations that the beneficiary of the scholarship has.
  • This is considered serious and you will not be able to re-enroll in the program.

How to Apply for the Progresar Card

By the end of this writing, you should be aware of how to perform the Request for the Progress Card and its relevance. Which is basically obtaining money that can be used to complete your studies. Now we will describe the different ways you have to apply for said card online:

  • You must enter My ANSES, section Progresar Scholarships, with your Social Security Code. If you do not have a password, you must proceed to create it on the web.
  • You must Download and print the Registration form.
  • Next, it is up to you to complete and sign section 2 of the form «Education Data«By the institute where you study
  • Then you must proceed to upload it to My ANSES.
In the same way, you can do the application process in person, according to the following steps:
  • First, download and complete the registration form or you must request it at the UDAI (Comprehensive Care Units) closest to your place of residence.
  • Then you must complete and sign section 2 of the form «Education Data”By the institute in which you study.
  • Finally, request an appointment to present the form at the UDAI.

It is important that you bear in mind that you must carry with you the requirements described in this article, that is, ID and birth certificate, among others. As well as, you must be aware that this procedure is totally free, it does not imply any type of cost. Thus, you can request the Progresar Card

We hope you can apply for the Progresar Card successfully!

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