Apply for Serviclub Card: What is it, Types, Benefits, Requirements, Registration and MORE

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To the Apply for Serviclub Card you are complying with a service that can be very useful for the tasks you perform daily. We have made a division regarding the most key points related to this topic so that you are very well informed about it. We recommend that you keep reading so that you learn a little more about this topic.

Before I tell you all about how Apply for Serviclub Card, we are going to tell you a little about what each section will be about. Initially we want to tell you a little about what Serviclub is together with its operating system. Also, we will tell you the process to register here and to make your request properly. Finally, we will talk about the requirements and benefits of this.

Keep reading, stay with us and find out more about this card in Argentina!

What is Serviclub?

Before going on to tell you everything related to how Apply for Serviclub Card, We must explain what this same consists of. Read carefully and in detail each of the things that we will tell you, since this will be the basis of the rest of the points to be developed.

Serviclub, or as it is also known under the name of YPF ServiclubIt is a service that users have described as very good quality. Through it, users are offered a lots of benefits obtained by each of its affiliates and associates.

Said benefits that are offered by this system are to economic level and they apply to the moment in which certain types of refills. It also applies to those processes that are executed when buying or acquiring some type of product at YPF.

Additionally, you have the option of get bonuses and certain advantages in the various tourist places to which you go. The entertainment, gastronomy and fashion sectors are included here. These same are expanded throughout the territorial extension that belongs to the Republic of Argentina.

How does it work?

Now that you know what Serviclub is about, we must explain everything that relates to the internal functioning of this platform. The first thing you have to know in relation to this whole topic is that it will only be enough with adhere to the program. This moment occurs precisely when you are handed over your respective Serviclub card.

Through this, the process of accumulation of kilometers, that is, of points. They will help you redeem them for a series of unlimited benefits. They are going to be something quite interesting, including some prizes, on a financial level.

In relation to this last point that has been mentioned, we have that these can be from discounts in terms of gasoline charges to the possibility of free charges. Additionally there are prizes at a material level, these you will be able to view by entering the Serviclub website or by doing click here.

Dynamics related to obtaining benefits:

It is time to explain to you the way in which you are going to achieve these benefits. Through the use of your Serviclub Card you have at your disposal a series of accumulated points. These points can be reviewed, in the same way, through the access you have to the website of the Serviclub points (click here).

When you go to load fuel or gasoline, you will only go to make a presentation of your card. Once you do this, you will be able to make your respective use of your points and, in the same way, be able to generate what you need to redeem them.

Sum of kilometers or points in the account:

This is a very simple and easy to apply process, you only have to take care of consuming and spending on YPF products. These can be found and obtained in the different stores and each one will have and represent a specific value. All this depends on the things we are buying and the amount of what we consume.

To exemplify this a little better, we are going to present you a list with certain values ​​and kilometers to represent for each of the cases:

  • In case of having four (4) kilometers or points, this will be equivalent to one (1) liter of fuel (NAFTA SUPER).
  • For those cases in which you have seven (7) kilometers or points for one (1) liter of gasoline (NAFTA INIFINIA and INIFINIA DIESEL).
  • Another case that may arise is that you have one (1) kilometer or point and this is retaken for each peso ($ 1). In relation to the purchase of fuel (CNG, ELAION LUBRICANTS, here enter motorcycle, nautical and lost products.
    • You can also include antifreeze fluids and the purchase of those products that are a complement to the YPF brand. They have to be found on the Auto Care line.
  • Finally we have that one (1) kilometer or point can be equivalent to one peso ($ 1) in the consumption that is had in the premises of:
    • Premises that are dedicated to the sale of FULL YPF or some YPF shopping service.

How to Register in Serviclub?

Now that we have explained everything that Serviclub is and its way of use and accumulation of points, you must be wondering How can I do the registration process on this Serviclub platform? The answer is quite simple and here we will tell you how to do this process.

To Apply for Serviclub Card You have to go through a series of steps to make your registration effective. You have the option of being able to do this registration process under a Face-to-face modality, that is, you can physically register.

You will carry out this registration mode when you go to any service station by YPF. At the time when a beach or Serviclub person offers you the service. Or you also have the registration method that can be done through your website, that is, via online.

For the latter you just have to make sure you have a good internet connection so that you can place the Serviclub web portal in the search engine. Or just click where you were told before. There they will be supplying a form web and this is officially from YPF Serviclub (click here). It is important that you take into account each requirement and that you comply with them, we will be talking about them later.

How to Apply for the Card?

To Apply for Serviclub Card you have to consider several aspects for your process to be effective. One of them is that, if your case is that you are going to obtain this service for the first time. This is because you are not attached to the Serviclub program.

You just have to go ahead and make your proper registration, as we have indicated in the section before this one. Just choose the mode under which you will register and that’s it. It is important that you give it the attention and time necessary so that you can be part of the Serviclub platform.

After you have done that, you are only going to wait to start receiving each and every one of the benefits that they bring you. For those cases in which the person is already registered on the Serviclub platform and needs a new card, that is, to renew it. Either it suffered some kind of loss or theft of it, or it was damaged, whatever the reason, it will do the following:

That person will only have to make their proper request for the Serviclub card renewal process. This is a process that you can also do through the website, each of these processes are online and quite fast.

Requirements to Make the Request

Previously we have told you that it is very important to collect each of the requirements, and to comply with them for the application of this card. These requirements are not complicated at all to meet and obtain.

To Apply for Serviclub Card You have to be aware of the fulfillment of these three requirements that we are going to present to you. It is very important to place great emphasis on complying with them, since without them you will not have the opportunity to obtain said card and register in the system.

These requirements are as follows:

  • The The first requirement that you must comply with is that you have to to have the eighteen (18) years compliments on.
  • The next one has to do with the area where you live, you have to to live currently in Argentina.
  • And, the third and no less important requirement is that you have to to have a driver’s license. This has to be in force.


To close with this article, we want to mention some of the benefits that YPF Serviclub brings to you. For those who are associated with this service, they have the possibility of taking advantage of a series of discounts that they have for you.

By purchasing travel insurance you can get up to 25% discount on its value. Also, you receive a travel assistance guide and other current promotions. Another one is the 2 × 1, a 50% discount, free children and many more.

Another benefit they offer you, through another promotion, is a 25% discount on those products on the page. YPF Serviclub joined this company to ensure your health on trips and much more. You can book with an exclusive number and more.

There are a large number of advantages and benefits anchored to everything that this system is, do not stop investigating more about these topics. We will read later!

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