Apply for the Falabella Card: What it is, Benefits, Requirements, How to Apply, Services and MORE

Want apply for the Falabella Card and you don’t know how? Don’t worry, here we are going to tell you. In addition, we are going to give you useful information to enjoy your standard line of credit and how you can obtain a line of credit in cash that allows you to satisfy your needs and consumer services.

With the Falabella Falabella Card you can opt for exclusive discounts in the Falabella store network, both physical and online. And, with this, acquire products for personal and domestic use from your favorite brands, local and international, at cheaper prices. What are you waiting for? keep reading!

Do not stop!

What is Falabella?

Falabella is an international chain of department stores, owned by the Chilean multinational SACI Falabella. The company was founded by Salvatore Falabella in 1889 and is currently the largest department store in South America.

It was originally born as a tailor shop, but over time it has become a large retailer. The expansion of the company began in the 1960s, with the opening of the first store outside of Santiago de Chile, in Concepción.

In 1980 this gigbefore created CMR Falabella, ato MasterCard credit card with 5.5 million customers. In the 1990s, it began an internationalization process and expanded its operations to Argentina, Peru (Saga Falabella until 2018) and Colombia.

For the year 2012, Subtel accepts Falabella’s application to become a Mobile Virtual Operator, inaugurating the service during the first quarter of 2012. In the second quarter of the same year, the chain opened another store in Bogotá, at the Titán Plaza Shopping Center.

In August 2018, it acquired 100% of Linio Marketplace, in order to accelerate its e-commerce strategy. By 2020, Falabella began receiving complaints on social media due to inefficient customer service for online purchases..

Digital ecosystem

Currently, Falabella has become the retail company with the highest rate of complaints in the SERNAC service in Chile. SERNAC is a special public service under the Ministry of Economy, Development and Tourism.

Most of those complaints are related to long shipping delays, of several months, and malfunctioning products or incorrect packages. In some cases, customers are trying to get their money back due to Falabella’s inability to meet their deadlines.

That is why Falabella will invest US $ 796 million in technology and logistics in 2021, since with this it intends to consolidate its physical and digital ecosystem. This amount represents 56% of the investments planned for this year.

This effort will be used to invest in technology and logistics to transformar his Web page as a single platform for e-commerce and Marketplace. As well as strengthening its logistics capabilities and continuing to develop its digital applications.

Nevertheless, Falabella maintains the purpose of simplifying people’s lives by betting on the transformation of their shopping experiences. For this they continue to develop a Physical and Digital Ecosystem that allows them to strengthen their value proposition towards customers.

What is the Falabella Card?

The CMR Falabella card (acronym for Multi-Rotating Credit Falabella) is a MasterCard credit card operated by Falabella. The Falabella Card allows you to buy in all stores that accept MasterCard in Argentina and the world.

It also offers you promotions so you can save on your purchases at Falabella, Sodimac, Viajes Falabella and Seguros Falabella. You only need your ID and a job letter where your salary is reflected.

The credit line is established after analyzing the requirements submitted at the time of requesting your CMR Mastercard card. It is set according to the monthly payment capacity, based on verifiable income.

The cost for Account Maintenance is $ 298 per month (VAT included) and its annual renewal is $ 2,232 per year (VAT included). If the amount of your annual consumption exceeds $ 55,000, you will be refunded 100% of the annual renewal. While if your annual consumption is between that amount and $ 35,000, you will be refunded 50%.

Requirements to Apply for the Falabella Card

The requirements for Apply for the Falabella Card and being able to enjoy its benefits are the following:

  • Be Argentine or foreigner with permanent residence.
  • Be between 21 and 75 years of age.
  • Have a minimum income of $ 20,000 net, if you are active, or $ 20,000 net if you are retired.
  • Prove stable home address.
  • Qualify as a credit subject.
  • Possess at least one year of employment under a dependency relationship. If the seniority in the current job is less than one year, you must declare the seniority of the previous job. Considering that there is a grace month between the previous and current employment.

Remember that the granting of the card is subject to prior evaluation of credit history and approval by CMR Falabella SA

How to apply for the Falabella Card?

If you wish Request Falabella Card In Argentina you can do it in several ways: Online, by

phone, by WhatsApp or in person. For you to choose the way that suits you best, we are going to indicate the three:

Via Online

  1. Sign in on the CMR Falabella official website.
  2. Enter the requested data (Name, Surname, ID, among others).
  3. Click on the «Continue» button.
  4. Complete the requested information such as your marital status, children, occupation, income, etc.
  5. Once completed, press «Send».
  6. Wait for Falabella’s financial analysts to analyze your profile and give you an answer.

Via WhatsApp

To request the CMR card through WhatsApp, you just have to send a message to the number +5491143605001. There they will indicate the instructions that you must follow to carry out the procedure satisfactorily.

Via telephone

By dialing free of charge at 0810 999 8878, Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. There they will indicate the instructions that you must follow to carry out the procedure satisfactorily.

Benefits of Applying for the Falabella Card

The first benefit is that all CMR Falabella and CMR Mastercard account holders have a pre-approved loan line.. Which is subject to credit evaluation. Additionally, the Falabella card has these benefits:

  • Collect CMR points.
  • Allows additional cards.
  • You choose the payment date that suits you best.
  • Acquire products with special prices, paying only with your CMR card.
  • Enjoy purchases in 3, 6, 12 and 18 fixed installments.
  • Extra specific quotas granted immediately, according to behavior.

If you need to increase the amount of your CMR Mastercard credit card, keep the data related to your employment situation updated (salary, etc.). This is so that analysts can evaluate your personal situation to consider a possible increase in quota.

Services offered by the Card

One of the services offered by the CMR Falabella Card is the CMR automatic debit. It is the simplest and most comfortable way to pay for services automatically, forgetting about due dates and lines. Among the services that can be affiliated with the automatic debit are:

  • Light
  • Gas
  • Fixed and Cellular Telephony
  • Internet
  • Cable and Satellite TV
  • Tolls

Automatic payment

You can also affiliate the Automatic Payment service. That allows you to pay your CMR account summary through the debit of a bank account, forgetting about the due dates and the lines. You can do it in two ways:

  • Recurring payment. It consists in that every month the chosen amount (total or minimum of the account summary) will be debited from your bank account. The payment / debit date is the due date of the summary CMR account.
  • Punctual payment. It is a single payment that debits the chosen amount from your bank account (total or minimum of the account summary, or a specific amount) and then the request will be canceled. The payment / debit date is your choice.

To join the service you must have a checking account or savings account in an Argentine bank. You must provideNarrow the CBU of the same and choose the payment method that best suits your needs. You can request it through the CMR Falabella official website.

You can make modifications, they will apply as long as you make them 5 business days in advance of your payment date. In the recurring payment (monthly periodic) the debit will be made on the expiration day of your CMR account summary. In the punctual payment, the debit will be made on the chosen payment date.

Fixed fees

The Fixed Fee Plan allows you to finance the balance of your summary in the most convenient way. It can be financed in up to 18 installments, according to the interest rates in force at the time of request. The rates will be informed to you at the time of the request.

Summary by email

The summary by email is the easiest and safest way to receive your account summary every month in your email. This allows you to view your account summary anytime, anywhere. You can check all your consumption in time with a single click. In addition, by not accumulating papers you contribute to the protection of the environment.

We hope we have helped you with relevant information not only so that you can Apply for a Falabella Card, but also so that you can use it correctly!

Thanks for reading!

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