Apply for the Sáenz Card: What is it, Types, Requirements, How to Apply for the Cards, Benefits and MORE

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To start you should know that a credit card is a plastic card issued by a financial company. That allows its owner to borrow money from the issuer. We will tell you how Apply for the Sáenz Card, for Get with these cards you pay for products or services without having cash or check.

Within this context, it is a concept of great value in financial matters and of great utility for all people and companies in Argentina. That is why, below, we will tell you everything you need to know about the cards, types, services, benefits and much more.

What are the Sáenz Cards?

Next, we want to talk to you about what is known as the Sáenz card in the Republic of Argentina and its relevance to its economy. In this sense, it is basically one of the main financial institutions in the country, being one of the most important in the private sector with national capital.

It should be noted that Banco Sáenz began to function as a commercial bank on December 15, 1983. It constitutes a national private bank aimed primarily at serving individuals and small and medium-sized companies. To do this, it has a headquarters and a branch located in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires.

In this regard, it specializes in the placement of consumer loans, credit cards and commercial loans. Which is possible due to its solvency, experience and competitive advantages, generating profitable and valuable products and services for its clients.

In this sense, Cards Saenz is a means of payment, which allows you to make shopping and cancel said value later. Therefore, it is called «credit» because the amount you use when making the purchase corresponds to a loan granted by Banco Sáenz.

Next, we are going to describe all the options that Banco Sáenz offers you in terms of products and services. In order that you can decide on the one that best suits your needs. And you can Apply for the Sáenz Card quickly and without any inconvenience.

Types of Sáenz Cards

In this section we are going to talk to you in very clear and simple terms, about the types of Sáenz Cards that exist among their products. In this regard, it is very interesting to learn about this aspect due to the importance of what these products offer in personal or business financial management.

In this sense, we are going to refer to the modality of credit cards debit, which constitutes a magnetic card, associated with the Savings Bank. Which allows you to make purchases in stores, transactions, deposits, cash withdrawals through ATMs, inquiries through self-service terminals.

Additionally, we will cite in greater detail credit cards, which, as we mentioned earlier, allow you to make purchases with a bank loan. Now, in the case of Banco Sáenz, you have your Visa Classic, Visa Classic International and Visa Gold cards. These credit cards offered by Banco Sáenz have the backing of the Visa company.

In the same way, the Bank offers Mastercard credit cards in the same denominations, National and International Clasicc, Gold and Black. In this case, with the accompaniment of the Mastercard company.

Reason why, it is important that you are clear about your financial needs, before proceeding to Apply for the Card Saenz. As well as, if it adapts to your requirements and you meet the requirements to grant it. In the next section we will detail the benefits offered by each one.

Benefits offered by the Sáenz Cards

For the aforementioned, you should already know the existence of different types of Sáenz Cards. Now, we want you to know all about the benefits that they offer you. Reason why, below we detail everything that implies being the owner of them, in a very simple and understandable way.

Visa and Mastercard Classic Nacional
  • Purchases with the best financing in all the premises adhered to VISA.
  • Cash advances with the possibility of paying them in installments.
  • Automatic debits to also save time.
  • Plan V so that you can pay your summary in installments.
  • Discounts and promotions in clothing, entertainment, tourism, among others.
  • Additional Cards at no charge.
  • Immediate access to cash in the entire ATM network of the country.
  • Automatic access to all the information about your account, calling in Argentina at (011) 4379-3400 or outside at (011) 4379-3434.
Visa and Mastercard Classic International
  • All the benefits offered by the National Visa and Mastercard.
  • Additionally, purchases with the best financing in all the stores adhered to VISA.
  • Access to more than 29 million member businesses.
  • Cash advances with the possibility of paying them in installments.
  • Automatic debits to also save time.
  • Plan V so that you can pay your summary in installments.
  • It allows you to use it in millions of shops around the world.
  • Travel accident insurance for you and your family group.
  • Security in your online purchases.
  • Discounts and promotions in clothing, entertainment, tourism, all over the world.
Visa and Mastercard Gold
  • All the benefits offered by the National and International Visa and Mastercard Cards.
  • As well as, higher purchase limit.
  • Special benefits for your trips and exclusive attention for members.
  • Financing options for your purchases.
  • Greater security and maximum convenience.
  • Access to more than 29 million member businesses.
  • Urgent replacement of the card in case of loss or theft.
  • Coverage for loss or theft of your card avoiding fraudulent use of it.
  • Access to more than 1.2 million ATMs.
  • Rented car insurance.
  • Visa Travel Assistance.
Mastercard Black
  • All the benefits of the previous cards.
  • Travel assistance around the world.
  • Protection against travel inconveniences, luggage protection and MasterTravel – MasterSeguro de Viajes.
  • ATM robbery and robbery coverage.
  • Car rentals.
  • Protected purchases.
  • Access to Priority Pass at airports.
  • Exclusive MasterCard Black benefits.
  • MasterCard Black Concierge.

Charges and commissions

On the other hand, we are going to detail the most common charges and commissions that are made when having any of the previously named cards. All this, with the purpose that you take your forecasts when opting for this type of financing.

  • Maintenance Cost: $ 435.60
  • Cash advance fee $ 14
  • National, International and Gold renewal cost: $ 1,815

Also, you should know that the cost Financial Rate Nominal Annual (CFTNA) is the percentage that reflects the annual cost of credit provided by the Card. As well as, the expenses, insurance and taxes that are settled in your summary. It is calculated with the sum of the Annual Nominal Rate (TNA) and all those charges previously mentioned.

Likewise, the financing interest is the charge that is settled when there is an unpaid balance in the summary of your Credit Card. And, it is calculated by applying an Interest Rate (TNA) established by the bank to the unpaid balance. This calculation is carried out automatically and will be detailed in the following summary.

Requirements to Apply for the Sáenz Cards

Before finishing this article, we are going to talk to you about the requirements or documentation you need to Apply for the Sáenz Card. It is important that, before deciding how to apply for your card at Banco Sáenz, you meet these requirements.

  • Valid Argentine DNI.
  • Older than 18 years-old.
  • Possess credited income, whether you are employee in relation to dependency, monotributista, autonomous, among others.
  • Requires Argentine residency.
  • Have a good credit history, subject to analysis by the Bank.
  • Provide your personal email and your cell phone number.

It is important to note that requirements described above are the most common in the different types of cards. In other words, each card may require different or additional documents to those previously mentioned. We recommend you inquire according to your needs.

How to apply for the Sáenz Card?

By the end of this writing, you should be aware of the issues Sáenz Cards and its relevance. Which is basically obtaining money that can be used for any of your needs. Now then, we will describe the different ways you have to achieve Apply for the Sáenz Card, in any modality:

Through the Online system

  • You can register as a client without having to go to the Bank to sign any paper. For this, you only need to have at hand your ID, email address and a mobile device such as cell phone or Tablet, with internet access.
  • First of all, you must do click here, create your username and password.
  • Then, select the «additional registration» section
  • Next, you enter all the personal data that is requested and confirm them.
  • You can also click on limit increase and enter the amount you want.
  • Later, you will receive an email where all the details of your card will be indicated, if it has been approved.
  • Finally, depending on the modality you have decided to unsubscribe, the cards will arrive at your address or you should withdraw at a Bank Branch, whichever is more comfortable for you.

At the branch

  • If you decide to do it in person, you should go to the Banco Sáenz branches that are more convenient for you.
  • Before doing so, you must find out exactly the address and hours in which they serve the public, as well as, you must make an appointment in advance.
  • In this regard, if you want to make an appointment to be attended at the branch office closest to this financial institution, do the following:
  • Enter the Bank’s web portal
  • You click on the Request Shift button and complete with your personal data.

How to Register for the Sáenz Cards Online Service?

Finally, once you have obtained your Sáenz card You need to know how you can register in the online service that the bank has. In this sense, you have the possibility to manage everything from the Banco Sáenz virtual branch as follows:

  • Enter the bank’s web portal
  • Select the Virtual Branch button.
  • You must enter your username and password (if you don’t have one, you can create it)
  • Continue online, following all system instructions.
It is important to note that when you log into your virtual branch account, you will be able to see a summary of the Sáenz card. In the same way, you can pay and carry out other procedures online, such as making an appointment to go to the Bank.

We hope you can apply for the Sáenz Card successfully!

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