Apply for the Social Card: What it is, Who Can Apply, Where to Apply, Benefits and MORE

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To start you should know what the Social Card is, it constitutes a food program implemented by the National Administration of Social Security (ANSES) of Argentina. We will also tell you how Apply for the Social Card, to achieve that with this card you have the possibility of canceling everything related to your food.

Within this context, it is a very valuable concept in terms of nutritional and of great utility, for all the people in the Argentine territory. That is why, below, we will tell you everything you need to know about this card, requirements to access the program, benefits and much more.

What is the Social Card?

In this section, we want to talk to you about what is known as The Social Card in the Republic of Argentina and its relevance for its inhabitants. In this sense, it is basically a tool that the State has so that they have access to food that allows them to cover their basic nutritional needs.

Consequently, with this financial assistance, beneficiaries can purchase food at participating businesses that have a posnet system or electronic payment from Bancor. Therefore, the monthly amount to be deposited in the accounts of the beneficiaries will amount to that determined by the Argentine State at a given time.

Likewise, it is a program that seeks to guarantee the right to food and strengthen quality nutritional assistance, according to the basic needs of the individual. As well as, it is a comprehensive food supplement policy. It does not supersede the Universal Child Allowance or any existing policy.

In the same way, it is relevant that you know that the social card is not used to extract cash. That is, it can only be used to buy food belonging to the basic basket, excluding all kinds of alcoholic beverages.

It should be noted that the food program of the Social Card, was implemented by the National Administration of Social Security (ANSES) of Argentina. That is, it depends on the Ministry of Social Development of the Nation, within the framework of the Argentina Plan Against Hunger.

Next, we are going to describe all the options that the Social Card program offers you in terms of food. In order that you can enjoy this government benefit. And you can Apply for the Social Card quickly and without any inconvenience.

Who Can Apply for the Card?

Next, we are going to talk to you about who are the people who can choose to obtain this benefit from the Social Card. In this regard, it is very interesting to know about this aspect due to the importance of what this program offers in aid to acquire food, which are:

  • People who collect the Universal Allowance for Son with daughters and sons up to and including 6 years old.
  • Pregnant from 3 months who collect the Pregnancy Allowance for Social Protection.
  • People with disabilities who charge the Universal Assignment per child, without age limit.
  • To grant it, the Government crosses databases of the National Social Security Administration (ANSES) and the provinces.
  • Therefore, people should not carry out any procedure to obtain it.
  • Delivery is made in stages in each of the provinces of Argentina and, to inform whether or not a person has the requirements to have it
  • Then, you will receive an SMS or email with the information of the day and place of withdrawal of the card.
  • It should be noted that given the advance of the coronavirus epidemic and mandatory isolation, the cards are being sent by mail.

Reason why, it is important that you are clear about all these conditions that must be met, before proceeding to Apply for the Social Card. As well as, where you can make the respective request and how to access it. In the following sections we will detail these concepts.

Where is it requested?

In this section we are going to talk to you in very clear and simple terms, about where you belong Apply for the Social Card. Consequently, once you meet the conditions described above, you can proceed to make the respective request, according to these terms:

To access the Social Card, You must approach your Municipality and request that they carry out the Pilquen Survey. Based on this, the Municipality will evaluate the possibility that your family can be part of the Food Safety Program.

In this regard, the Government crosses databases of the National Social Security Administration (ANSES) and the provinces. In the same way, you can do it through My ANSES by entering with your CUIL and Social Security Code or by calling 130. Where you will receive all the instructions on the steps to follow to carry out the procedure.

How do you access the Social Card?

Before finishing this article, we are going to talk to you about what you need to access the Social Card. It is important that, before deciding to choose to apply to join this program, you gather all the information.
  • The Alimentar Card It is delivered by the national government in different stages throughout the country.
  • It is not necessary to process the card because its implementation is automatic.
  • Crossing databases of the ANSES and the Universal Child Allowance.
  • ANSES will be the one who notifies the holder that he is able to withdraw his card by the bank determined by each province.
  • Notifications will be made by phone or SMS to the number registered in the ANSES database.
  • In summary, no It is necessary to carry out any procedure to obtain this card.
  • It is not obtained through procedures or registrations and no social organization or person is authorized to process the card on behalf of another.

¿DWhere Can You Withdraw?

Now, before finishing this article we want you to be aware of where you can make the withdrawal of the Social Card. For which, below we detail the entire process so that you can execute it without any inconvenience:

In this regard, the Municipality will inform the schedule of delivery, the cards will be distributed to the beneficiaries by Banco Nación or the entity that it determines. Consequently, said delivery will be in territorial operations organized jointly by the Province, the Municipalities and the Ministry of Social Development of the Nation.

Consequently, the Ministry of Social Development will notify you as the holder if you are in a position to withdraw your card at the bank determined by each province. That is why notifications will be made by phone or SMS, to the number you have registered in the ANSES database.

Within this context you must be aware that the delivery of the card is made only to the holder with an updated ID. The proof of DNI in process is not valid. Likewise, they are delivered with the corresponding balance charged and are automatically enabled for use in shops, it is not necessary to perform any steps to activate them.

On the other hand, if for any reason your food card was lost or stolen, it is your responsibility to report it immediately. In this regard, the aforementioned complaint should be made by calling the contact telephone numbers of the National Administration of Social Security ANSES.

Also, in this customer service line you can report the theft or loss of your food card so as not to lose your accumulated money. The numbers to call are as follows:
  • Nation Bank: 0810 666 4444
  • Province Bank: (011) 4379-3333
  • New Bank of Chaco: 0800-999-6224 or 0800-222-622

Benefits of the Social Card

By the end of this writing, you should be aware of the benefits of owning the Social Card and its relevance. Which is basically obtaining a plastic card with money that can be used to make the purchase of your food.

For this reason, it is important to know that the amount that is deposited from the Feed Card it is cumulative and is not lost from one month to the next. In other words, the money that is deposited on the food card does not have an expiration date. Therefore, you can have it for the period of time that is necessary.

Which brings as a consequence that, the only requirement that they request ANSES and Social Development is that a minimum consumption is made per month. Thus, maintaining or being able to always have the food card active, to make your payments when you need it.

To end this article, here is a summary of the advantages and benefits that you get by being a holder of this card:
  • The Social Card is only and non-transferable for holders of the Universal Child Allowance and the Pregnancy Allowance.
  • Each beneficiary will be able to make food purchases from the basic basket.
  • The money on the food card cannot be withdrawn from the ATM, it is not possible to withdraw the full amount from the card.
  • Nor is it possible to buy food that no are those allowed by the government.
  • No It will be possible to exchange this money for other items such as clothing or alcoholic beverages, the amount is recharged on a weekly basis.
  • There are no intermediaries to access this card, you can check the balance by calling telephone at 0810-666-4803.

We hope you get the Social Card successfully!

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