Apply for Your Card: What is it, Types, Requirements, Characteristics, How to Apply and MORE

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To the Request Your Card you are complying with a process that, for many Argentine citizens, is important due to its great utility. That is why we have decided to write a series of points so that you can inform yourself, in a broad way, about it. It is of great relevance to emphasize that your reading of them must be detailed and meticulous.

Among the points that we have expanded for you on how Request Your Card we have the most relevant. Among them are the definition of this type of card and the person or entity that is in charge of issuing it. Next, we have the types of yours cards that exist and the characteristics they have. Then, we have the requirements requested along with the process to obtain it.

Keep reading and find out more about how to get your Tuya Card in Argentina!

What is the Tuya Card?

One of the first things we should mention in this section of the article on how Request Your Card it is what it is. The truth is that this is part of the new products that he Chaco Bank. The purpose of creating this is that more benefits are offered through it and that you have a greater availability of them.

As a user and affiliate of this bank, expansion and comfort are sought for each of the people who are in its system. Some of the data that you have to know about this tool is that the process of issuing it does not entail any type of cost.

This is one credit card that offers you from the possibilities of getting extensions of it to a greater coverage in terms of related utilities. We will be talking about the characteristics of this one in one of the sections that follow so that you find out about every detail.

Who issues them?

As we have already mentioned what goes into the definition and what your card is as a product, now we will tell you the body that is responsible for its issuance. As we well know, in order to Request Your Card, we must go to a banking institution. This is because it is a credit card.

In the previous section we mentioned that this is a product that the New Bank of the Chaco has implemented and developed for its users. Therefore, the institution or banking entity in charge of processing everything that is the card is this same bank. Click here to enter the platform.

Everything you require in relation to this same card can be consulted and found on the same website that belongs to the Nuevo Banco del Chaco. This is very valuable information since users can become confused and seek the processing of this credit card by other means. Now that you have this well-defined information, you have the possibility to go to the right place and get your Tuya Card.

Types of Tuya Cards

Like any credit card, there are an infinity of cards to choose from depending on the use and the needs to be covered with it. Although the Nuevo Banco del Chaco offers you several cards of yours, you have to specify which ones this same bank will be offering.

Before Request Your Card Read well what in this section we are going to provide so that you know which is the one that best suits you for the interests you have. Do not worry that here we are going to provide you with each of the data that you require to process with security and comfort what corresponds to you and you need.

It must be remembered that each of them has its characteristics and its functions to fulfill so that each user feels fully confident with its usefulness. There are what are traditional credit cards, which every bank has. But you can also find other classifications that will be very useful. These types of credit cards of yours are the ones that, below, we are going to be offering you.

Credit cards:

  • We have, in the first place, what is known as the Tuya Joven Card. This is a card that is aimed at those young people who are in college and have a series of benefits attached to it.
  • Then we have what is the Tuya Alimentar Card. This card is offered by the bank and also by the Ministry of Social Development of the Nation. And it is related to the Argentina Plan against Hunger.
  • Another of the cards offered is the Tuya IPDUV Card. The functions to be fulfilled by the latter are related to loans that have to do with all issues regarding housing.

In the same way, it must be remembered that each of these cards of yours has a series of characteristics and functions to fulfill. We are going to be talking about these things in what follows and so you know, in more depth, everything that goes into each one of them.


As we have already read, in order to Request Your Card of the Nuevo Banco del Chaco there is a great variety of credit cards that they offer you. Each one with its specifications. They will depend on the use that is given to each of them.

Specifically, we will tell you a list of features and functions that the three types of cards of yours that NBC has have. So, next, we come to present each card with its respective functions and qualities:

NBC card:

  • Its emission no carries any kind of additional cost.
  • You have the opportunity to process and draw extra cards without any charge. For your relatives from the age of sixteen.
  • In relation to the issues of renovations, are no they have a high cost, both to maintain them and to renew them.
  • They have insurance for those cases in which there is some theft of it or loss. You have a guaranteed and full coverage.
  • You own a higher amount of installments and promotions when buying something with it. And you have the option of using it in any establishment located in the province.

Youth card

  • It also does not have any type of additional expense in terms of its issuance.
  • You can take out additional cards no fees.
  • Regarding the monthly maintenance of the account, you have a commission, it will be counting on a 50% bonus.
  • Regarding the issues of annual renewals, you also have a 50% bonus. Its financing is equivalent to three (3) installments.
  • For each of the closings, they will be established on the 23rd of each month.
  • As for the expiration date of the same, it is established that it will be 14 calendar days, starting from the closing.
  • You can verify and receive your summaries online.
  • This same one is destined to those clients who are in the university, tertiary or secondary stages. Average age ranges are 18 to 30 years.
  • Regarding bank costs, you receive a profit of 50%.
  • The limit assigned for it is about $ 1,500 in one payment and also $ 3,000 divided into installments.

Feed Card

  • Its use is assigned exclusively for consumption and cbuying food.
  • The issuance of the same is directed to those people who are registered in the Comprehensive National Plan «Argentina Against Hunger».
  • The validity of the funds of the same is established for some 30 days. They do not accumulate.
  • You can not withdraw any type of cash in any business that has this service. Also, do not pay for alcoholic beverages and other non-food products.
  • No will be enabled for ATMs.
  • No any kind of abstract from the affiliate account.

IPDUV card

  • This card is intended for the loan for what are the housing spare parts. Borrowers are given such a reloadable card.
  • The purchases that can be made with it will have to be made in a single payment. They will be enabled in shops that are attached to the items for construction purposes.

Requirements to Apply

To close with this article, it is important to say that the requirements to be able to Request Your Card from NBC may have certain variations. For those banked agents the requirements are as follows:

  • Perception of assets through the NBCH.
  • They request the TC at any branch. An adhesion form must be signed.

In those cases in which you are an employee of a dependent entity or unbanked:

  • You must enable it, which is your savings bank.
  • Bring a photocopy of what corresponds to the last salary receipt.

For the cases where you are monotributista:

  • You must enable it, which is your savings bank.
  • Bring a record of your registration in the AFIP

How to Apply for the Card?

  1. Collect each of the requirements that correspond to you.
  2. After submitting the form, you must fill it out correctly.
  3. For the pre-qualification process, enter each of your personal and work data on the website.
  4. Once you complete it, you will be receiving a message in your email, there it will indicate the time in which you can withdraw your card from yours.
  5. Sign the membership form.
  6. Deliver the required receipts and documents, and that’s it.

We hope that all the information offered here has been very useful to you.We are reading it in an upcoming article!

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