Apply Veraz Visa Card: What it is, Requirements, Advantages, How to Apply and MORE

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You may possibly wonder how you can Apply for Visa Card with Veraz. So, to start, we must tell you that for this it is essential that you meet a series of requirements. In the same way, you can carry out this process if you are a beneficiary of the National Social Security Administration (ANSES).

Therefore, if you are interested in carrying out this Visa Card procedure, you can rely on each of the indications that we will mention in this article. So, next, we will tell you what is true, what are the requirements you need to obtain the card and more.

What is Veraz?

To start, it is necessary to indicate that Truthful It is a system used to notify banks and companies in the state where the financial system is located. That is, if you have other credit card debt, or if you have applied for a personal loan and have not completed the payment. It really reflects the complete credit status of a person.

Likewise, it is valid to note that no company has to force the person to request a Truthful report, they can grant the credit card the same rates. However, in many cases they can protect themselves from people who generally do not meet the obligations and responsibilities they assume.

Similarly, this requires credit card or credit card payments in installments. Thus, through the Equifax service, this information can be accessed quickly and safely. With which, the latter corresponds to being a data, analysis and technology information company.

On the other hand, banks and certain companies use this service to Consult the customer’s history when making their credit card application. As well as, to know if the person has to pay monthly. That is why trusted clients are the best option for any bank.

Verification of Data in Veraz

In order for you to review your data on the platform, it is necessary to follow the following steps:
  • First, enter the official web portal of the Central Bank of the Republic of Argentina
  • Then, click on the option Information Center
  • Next, you must access the alternative of Reports by CUIT
  • Finally, enter your CUIT, CDI or CUIL number

Also, you must bear in mind that this data verification process is gratuitous. In the same way, you must necessarily do it yourself and, of course, with each of your personal data. Finally, the data that you will find there will correspond to the last month of your financial movements.

How to Contact Veraz?

In addition to browsing the page of the Central Bank of the Argentine Republic, you can also verify your data in the following ways:
  • Through via telephone, dial 011-5352-4800
  • This is a free service, in which they will notify you if you are in the database
  • Likewise, it is necessary to request your personal data when making a call: ID, address, date of birth, etc.
  • Thus, once the operator has verified your data, you will be provided with a number through which you can enter the website and verify that you are on the list.
  • On the other hand, through his website you must enter by doing click here
  • For this, it is necessary that you have the agreed number previously through the telephone line mentioned in previous points
  • Likewise, Veraz also has a alert service about your database to which you can subscribe

Is There A Possibility Of Obtaining A Credit Card If You Are In Veraz?

Now, in this sense, you must take into account that if the Visa card with Veraz you have credit problems, especially if it shows as negative characters on real reports, it is difficult to apply for a credit card. Many banks will take all necessary precautions before handing over your personal or business credit card.

Thus, this allows them to avoid any problems and to be able to issue the card from the cardholder to the cardholder. Similarly, if you decide to go to a traditional bank, such as the National Bank or the City Bank. But they are indeed negative, it is impossible to make a request.

Also, these types of banks, generally, do not offer banking products to people with poor credit histories. Therefore, you must resort to other options, such as prepaid virtual cards. That is why this happened to be implemented within a legal resolution in Argentina.

Finally, through the central bank resolution, all banks have rules to reject any customer who appears to be a negative person. In the case of debit or credit cards. However, you can apply for a DNI credit card and a real credit card over the Internet using a digital bank or a VISA or MasterCard prepaid card.

Apply for a Prepaid Credit Card

On the other hand, some national and international companies such as MercadoPago offer their users the possibility of accessing credit cards. For this, it is necessary that they use, only, ID and copy of the service provided in your name. That is, specific personal data of who wants to carry out the process.

In the same way, the first alternative you should consider is using a prepaid card. Because if it is accurate, this type of information is often irrelevant to the company. In general, as the main requirement, you must be over 14 years old to be delivered and without requiring no bank approval.

Likewise, another benefit is that it can be used for withdrawals in any Argentine ATM financial system. So if your actual score is low and you are considering applying for a credit card, these types of options can be very good and reliable.

Advantages of Applying for a Prepaid Credit Card

Some of the advantages of Applying for a Visa Card with Veraz Prepaid are mentioned below:
  • First of all, you don’t need to have a good credit score or history
  • If it is a prepaid card, you do not need to have a bank account or a service in your name
  • You can use these cards to pay at any institution that accepts them
  • Also, you can buy online, or even buy abroad
  • Also, this type of card allows you to generate history and scores
  • So that you can access higher credit lines and more financial products, such as personal loans, little by little

Finally, we can say that it is 99% impossible to obtain a credit card, loan, credit or debit card through traditional banks. However, as long as you meet certain minimum requirements, you can also use other methods to obtain credit.

Cards by Digital Banks

Some of these methods are digital banks, for which you must take into account the following:
  • In a short time, a digital bank appeared in Argentina
  • Which is a financial entity that does not have physical branches, but that offers banking products like traditional banks
  • Likewise, this new type of bank usually offers cards with or without Veraz
  • However, keep in mind that the lower your credit score, the higher your purchase limit for items with lower lines of credit.

Requirements to Apply for Visa Card with Veraz

On the other hand, the necessary requirements to apply for this Prepaid Credit Card are:
  • Being an adult
  • However, in some cases, you can use a prepaid card if you are older than 14 years
  • Possess your National Identity Document valid by the time of the request
  • Present a service on your behalf
  • You must have a telephone line at your disposal enabled
  • Finally, you must have a certain amount of minimum income

Frequent questions

Why can Veraz affect my request for credit card?

This will depend on each company or bank. Because some traditional banks or large well-known financial companies (specialized in the card business) give them very low scores. Therefore, in this way, there are not only credit cards with low scores, but also without history.

That is why, in these situations, your score only it will affect the amount of credit they can grant you. Also, this limit increases when you use the card and pay the statement on time. With which, we suggest that you keep up to date with each of the necessary payments

Can I improve my Veraz situation with the use of a credit card?

In fact, use Truthful to get a credit card it can be a way to improve our future credit history. Because if we pay on time, we will not only extend the limit, but we will also show that we are solvent and can meet our obligations.

Also, remember that it is very important to use a card to keep track of expenses. This way, you know exactly how much you can pay next month to avoid default. This is because the interest on late payment cards is high, so it is not recommended to accumulate debt in this way.

We hope you can apply for a Visa Card with Veraz successfully!

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