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From the moment automobiles became consumer products for the average citizen, young people dream of buying their first automotive vehicle, usually a car or motorcycle used by a friend, family member, or acquaintance.

Even so, almost none of them know the process to keep a legal record of the transaction, such as witnessing before the State the change of ownership of a motor vehicle.

It is for this that he FCETA form was created.

In this way, each vehicle, regardless of its type and as long as it is not part of certain special conditions, is marked at the moment it passes from one individual to another for the eyes of the State.

Of course, for this, you must meet certain requirements, follow a series of steps and have knowledge of the process with which you must move towards obtaining your vehicle transfer certificate form.

From this we are going to explain how to get your vehicle transfer form or certificate or CETA form.

CETA form

First, we believe it is convenient for you to be aware that your CETA form It should have a general appearance similar to this:

Now we can move on to the important issues:

What is it?

The CETA form It is a document that must be requested by natural or legal persons who have made a transfer made within or outside the country (as long as it is an individual who possesses citizenship) of automobiles or motorcycles located in the country.

The acronym CETA refers to the statement «Automotive Transfer Certificate»so its usefulness can be easily intuited.

Use of the form

The CETA form fulfills the function of recording all vehicle transfers made by the citizens of Argentina, more than anything from the side of the individual who sells the good.

It is a basic requirement to make the sale in the first place and demonstrate it in front of the Federal Administration of Public Revenues of Argentina.

How to obtain the CETA form certificate

At the moment, the Federal Administration of Public Revenue provides two practical services to obtain your CETA form: via online or by phone.


The requirements that you must enter when processing your application for the vehicle transfer certificate form They are the ones that we present below:

  • The vehicle’s identification data: its domain number, model, make, factory and type (we’ll explain this later, don’t get impatient).
  • The transfer amount. In the case of a donation, you must place $1, since the systems do not allow you to write a value of 0 in the price.
  • The full names and surnames of the seller, his telephone number Unique Labor Identification Code (CUIL)granted by the National Social Security Administration, of Single Tax Identification Code (CUIT), or Identity Card.
  • The percentage of ownership of the vehicle by the seller.
  • The full names and surnames of the buyer, their number Unique Labor Identification Code (CUIL)of Single Tax Identification Code (CUIT), or Identity Card.
  • He ownership percentage of the vehicle by the buyer.
  • He type of requestin this case type 15: assignment of rights or assignment of rights in favor of insurance companies.
  • You Fiscal keyespecially in the event that the owner or owner is abroad.


As we said before, you have two ways to process your Automobile Transfer Certificate form or CETA formand here we are going to explain them to you.

By Internet

  1. You must enter the Web page of the certificate.
  2. Write the data of the vehicle and the transfer: the email to which you want the form to arrive, your telephone number, the type of vehicle, the value of the sale, the province and the alphanumeric domain of the vehicle.
  3. By selecting continue, you are sent to the next requirement: write the data of the transferor or seller: your names and surnames, your CUIT or CUIL number and the transfer percentage.
  4. Continuing, you must fill in the data of the acquirer or buyer: your names and surnames, your CUIT or CUIL number and the transfer percentage.
  5. Read carefully and accept the terms and conditions. You can read them in detail in the link that we leave you here: https://www.formularioceta-online.com/terminos-y-condiciones/.
  6. Filled! Press «accept» and your form will be sent to you Automotive Transfer Certificate to the email you included in the early stages.
  7. We advise you to print more than one copyin case you need the certificate for a particular purpose, such as a tax return or request for other procedures.

By phone

For this type of procedure it is not mandatory that you have your Fiscal key.

  1. Call the number of the Telephone Information Center of the Federal Administration of Public Revenues (AFIP): 0800-999-2347.
  2. Explain the reason for your call: you want to request your CETA form.
  3. Provide your data if you are the owner of the car or motor vehicle (your tax code is not necessary, unless you’re not the owner) and the data of the person to whom you are going to transfer the automotive asset.
  4. Write down and save the CETA number that they tell you, which is unique to your transfer, and the alphanumeric license plate number of the vehicle.
  5. Enter the website of the Federal Administration of Public Revenues and enter the data that we already told you, here: https://serviciosweb.afip.gob.ar/genericos/formularios/default.asp.
  6. ohDownload and print your CETA form!

Important data

Since it is common to see doubts arise regarding legal procedures (not only in this case, but in the majority that we have already reviewed), we thought it would be appropriate to dedicate a section to all those issues that can confuse people who request his CETA form.

Who is obligated and who is not obligated to complete the CETA form of the Federal Administration of Public Revenues of Argentina?

It is an obligation of all natural or legal persons who carry out the transaction of a vehicle that is of 100,000 pesos or more, as long as it is located in the country. It is not necessary for the owner to be in Argentina for the form to be processed.

If the payment does not exceed the established amount, it is not necessary to carry out the process.

It can be processed by the owner or co-owner of the vehicle, regardless of its type, as long as the ownership percentage of each member of the company is known.

The spouse of the holder or holders does not have power over the CETA form unless he or she owns the vehicle.

However, there is a small list of individuals who are exempt from completing the form:

  1. Those who use a vehicle whose holder is the Statewhether it is a national, municipal or provincial institution, including the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires.
  2. Foreigners who also use State vehicles within the national territory.
  3. who use State vehicles abroadas is the case of consulate agents, representatives of other countries and diplomats.
  4. Individuals belonging to religious organizations.
  5. Owners of vehicles that have been assigned through the Power of attorney.

That Motor vehicles are registered and how are they classified?

In order to include this information in your form, you must know that the vehicles are classified as:


If these are:

  • trucks.
  • Vans.
  • Family vehicles.
  • jeeps.
  • utilities.
  • Buses, minibuses and colectivos.
  • Trailers, semi-trailers or trailers (including those without bodywork).

agricultural machinery

If these are:

  • Self-propelled machinery.
  • Road machinery.
  • Tractires.
  • cranes
  • Harvesters.


If these are:

  • motorcycles.
  • scooters.
  • Mopeds.
  • Motor tricycles.
  • Motorized quadricycles.
  • Motorcars.
  • Motocargas.
  • Motorcycle vans.

What to do if the certificate has an error?

You must cancel it immediately requesting it again if necessary.

This is one of the few procedures that does not have the problem of being excessively complicated to replace.

If the vehicle is not used, what should be done?

In the same way as when it is a used car or motorcycle.

What is the cost of the CETA form?

It is a totally free procedure, the only transfer that is made is with respect to the change of the owner of the vehicle.


What legal basis supports this process?

This process is supported by the General Resolution of the Federal Administration of Public Revenue Number 2729 on December 17, 2009.

This contains all the rules for the transfer of used automotive goods located inside and outside the territory carried out by Argentine citizens.

You can read in depth about this General Resolution by entering the AFIP Electronic Library through this link: http://biblioteca.afip.gob.ar/dcp/REAG01002729_2009_12_17.

Buying a vehicle can be a refreshing moment, of overcoming, or even a gift for oneself. There seems to be nothing more satisfying in the world.

Even so, we know that every benefit must bring with it legality and compliance with some rules and requirements that support said legality.

And even more, we know how scary it can be to not know what is necessary to do it, and that is the problem that we seek to solve through this guide.

With all this established and clarified, we say goodbye with the certainty that we have helped you understand and learn about the necessary process to get your CETA form in Argentina.

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