Classifier of Economic Activities (CLAE) – Form 883

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The Federal Administration of Public Revenues created a functional system known as the «Economic Activities Classifier (CLAE) – Form 883».

Thanks to the progress made by the General Resolution No. 3537, Argentines and Argentines now have the possibility to verify the category of the primary and secondary activities that you carry out.

Of course, besides this, the form 883 performs various other functions. We will explain all of them, along with how to download and use this useful means of classifying the economic activities to which we are dedicated. This way you will be able to identify the activities of which you are a part without complications. We hope it is useful.

Economic Activities Classifier – Form 883

The Federal Administration of Public Revenues (AFIP)In 2013, it made available to all the workers that make up its system a way of knowing the classification of the economic activities in which they participate.

Replacing the Activities List – Form No. 150he CLAE was established as the new means of verification through the General Resolution No. 3537.

This system orders and divides the information referring to the taxpayers that are part of the AFIP. In this way they can be broken down between the various exercises and functions in detail. All this through a complex numerical system in which each of the 21 categories a code is assigned.

What is it?

The classification of economic activities or form 883 It is a system that brings together the definitions and basic principles of International Standard Industrial Classification (ISIC) according to economic activities. These are established by the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs.

He form 883 divide activities into 21 categories or sections, which in turn are distributed into many smaller activities. This ensures that all existing tasks are included in a specific, detailed and inclusive way.

Even so, the system maintains a section of “activities or services not elsewhere classified”. This new category is where the activities not specified in the established categories are included.


For example, the section classified as «Teaching»has 5 subdivisions: secondary education, higher education and postgraduate training, education services not elsewhere classified, and education support services. These are fragmented until they are taken to the most basic functions of each sector.

All of them have education or teaching as a common primary activity, to start performing tasks in different areas. The same happens with the rest of the classifications.

The 21 categories in which activities are classified by means of the form 883 are:

  • Agriculture, livestock, forestry, hunting and fishing.
  • Mining and quarrying.
  • Manufacturing company.
  • Industry supplying gas, steam, air conditioning and electricity.
  • Industry supplying water, sewers, recovery of materials, waste management and public sanitation.
  • Construction work.
  • Wholesale and retail trade. Also automotive and motorcycle repair companies.
  • Transport and storage companies.
  • Accommodation and food services.
  • Information and telecommunications services.
  • Financial intermediation and insurance companies.
  • Buying and selling real estate.
  • Services professionals, scientists and technicals.
  • Administrative activities and support services.
  • Bodies in charge of public administration, defense and mandatory social security.
  • Teaching and education.
  • Human health services and social programs.
  • Organizations with jobs artistic, cultural, sports and entertainment.
  • Association services and personal services.
  • Occupations of private households hiring domestic employees.
  • Services of organizations and extraterritorial bodies.

Each of these sections is assigned an alphabetical value, in the order in which we are presenting it to you. Specific activities, on the other hand, are handled with unique numeric values ​​for all of them.

So far, the specified activities constitute a list of 990 subdivisions that promise to include all possible jobs and tasks. In this way, all active players in the economy are included in the system and get the benefits of being part of it.

Entering in this link you will be able to find the subdivisions and the codes of each one of the previously mentioned sections. You will also find a brief explanation of each activity, in case you have any questions about it.


The structure on which the form 883 is a quite useful and practical alphanumeric identification system. All possible activities that are part of the economic system are explicitly classified and easily recognized.

Thus we can allow ourselves to encode and decode economic activities at a systematic and computer level that is easy to handle and understand. However, it only allows you to consult the categories integrated into the AFIP.

By being up to date with your registration, you will have the opportunity to:

  1. Include yourself in the monotribute system.
  2. Take part in raising or lowering taxes.
  3. Update your fiscal address, emails and telephone numbers to keep you informed and updated.
  4. Include yourself as a self-employed worker in any category.
  5. Modify the information of your monotribute.
  6. Register and update the data included in the «Special Records».
  7. Obtain your registration certificate form 883.
  8. not be part of the file «Tax Condition» and all that this implies.
  9. The possibility of registering all your fiscal operations during the 24 hours of the day This so that they can be evaluated within the «Registration of Foreign Trade Operators».
  10. Among other.

Download the new F.883 classifier

The Federal Administration of Public Revenues placed in the hands of the taxpayers included in its system the information corresponding to the form 883. In this way, all citizens participating in the economic sector can know the identifying characteristics of each activity.

You can access a detailed description of each group by entering the form 883 that we leave you in this link.

how to use it

The steps to start the verification are as follows:

  1. Enter the website of the Federal Administration of Public Revenues.
  2. Write your CUIT in the field dedicated to taxpayer information.
  3. Write the security code in the corresponding box below.
  4. press «Consult».
  5. Since the system is in charge of carrying out the necessary verifications, you obtain the information of your economic activities.
  6. In addition to this information, you find the Taxpayer Data Module of the Registry System.
  7. Automatically, the system goes from the previous presentation of the form («Activities Nomenclator – Form No. 150») to that established in 2013 («Classifier of Economic Activities (CLAE) – Form No. 883»).
  8. If it is necessary to re-register, the Registry System assigns the possibility, through an access allowed by the Tax Code, where select the new activity codes that match the form 883.
  9. Ready! You have already completed the process and you can make your inquiries without problems by entering the AFIP website.
  10. You have the option to view, download and print your form You choose what seems best to you!

The dates allowed to carry out said registration vary depending on the termination of the CUIT. They are assigned as follows:

  • If the completion is 0, your chance is until November 29.
  • For the completion in 1, you have a chance until December 13.
  • For the completion in 2, your opportunity is until December 27.
  • If the termination is 3, you can do it until January 10.
  • For the completion in 4, you have a chance until January 24.
  • If the completion is 5, you have the opportunity to register until February 7.
  • For the completion in 6, you have a chance until February 21.
  • If the termination is 7, you have a chance until March 7.
  • If the completion is 8, you have a chance until March 21.
  • For the completion in 9, you have a chance until March 31.

The information that will ultimately describe your form 883 Once any problem is solved it will be:

  1. The code of the selected activity.
  2. The description of the activity.
  3. Whether the activity is considered exempt, partially exempt, or non-exempt.
  4. The hierarchy between the main activity and the secondary ones in an ascending way.
  5. The day, month and year in which the activities were registered.
  6. The last date on which an update was made in the Registry System.

If, after completing the re-registration mentioned above, as a taxpayer you have the duty to inform the AFIP of the change. You have a deadline within the following 10 business days of the sixth month after the end of the fiscal year or your business year.

Any breach of this rule will lead to sanctions specified by the Article No. 39 of Law No. 11683.

He Form 883 or Classifier of Economic Activities (CLAE) works as an application that will allow you to consult the economic activities that, as a taxpayer, you have registered in the system of the AFIP.

As long as you are part of the system and have your CUIT active and without blocking, you will be able to verify the most specific characteristics of all the tasks you carry out in the labor and tax sphere.

Derived from Form 150, less extensive and inclusive, this update allows you, among the almost a thousand activities that it includes, to enroll in the one that is most similar to the one you do, even if it is not represented.

Tell us. Do you already know the activities you carry out within the Argentine economic structure? Are you registered in the system of the AFIP? Have you complied with the re-registration and tax responsibilities that your position in your company entails?

And more importantly, have you already consulted your form 883? Do it now!

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