Form 04: Change address of the owner of a motor vehicle

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Are you in Argentina and need to process the Form 04 but you don’t know where to start? Below you will see what information this form requires, what is its use, requirements to complete the process, and other information of interest. Continue reading!

Form 04

It is that form used to carry out the change of location or when there is a change of address of the owner or of the place where the vehicle is normally stored, which would have determined its permanence.

When a change is made from one city to another city that is part of a different jurisdiction and when a transfer is registered in the Filing Registry and its records, it may happen that the new place where the vehicle will be kept belongs to the jurisdiction of another registration as long as it is based in another city.

Article 12 of the Automotive Legal Regime provides that the change of filing will be made depending on the case and whether it is sectional registries of automotive ownership or Sectional Registries of Automotive Ownership with exclusive competence in motor vehicles.

Those who may request the change of filing:

  • The domain owner. Condominium approval will be required if individually or jointly they own more than 50% of the vehicle. This procedure can be carried out in the sectional registry in the jurisdiction where the vehicle is protected.
  • Whoever acquires a motor vehicle if together with the application for change of filing presents the Type “08” application completely filled out and in good condition register ownership in your name or an insurance company. If along with the application for change of filing, you present the Application Type «15» fully completed and in a position to register the domain with revocable character in your favor. In both procedures the address must be the same.

How to complete the form 04

Applicant data

  • Surname.
  • Name.
  • Document.
  • Character.
  • Matricula.
  • By whom it was issued.
  • Phone.
  • Fax.
  • E-mail.
  • Tax residence.

Details of the property in question:

  • Province
  • Department
  • Game
  • Location
  • Location
  • Surface(Ha)
  • Real Estate Item
  • Tuition
  • Nomenclature
  • Cadastral

Condominium data

  • Surname.
  • Names.
  • Percentage of Ownership.
  • Business name/Name.
  • insc. No. and Date.
  • Legal Status Granted by.
  • Percentage of Ownership.

Use of form 04

When the Condominium Modification process is carried out, you must be informed to inform the National Registry of Rural Lands (RNTR) since it is in charge of any change on the condominium owners of a property that harms the provisions of Law 26,737 of the Regime for the Protection of National Dominion on Property, Possession or Tenure of Rural Land always.

Therefore, the new location or modification of the vehicle cannot violate the provisions of article 3 of this law.

What are the requirements of the Procedure?

The procedure requires:

  • complete the formYou can do it from your computer. When you fill in and complete all the requested data, you must print the document. The form must have the signature of the presenter and accredit legal capacity for the act or the intervening notary public.
  • Pay the respective bill, at any branch of the National Bank.
  • Copy of the document that validates the modification and of the documentation that guarantees that the signer is in good standing. The registry is able to request any other information it deems necessary.
  • All documentation to be submitted must be Certified before Public notary and legalized by the respective College of Notaries.


  • Vehicle title: If theft, robbery or loss occurs, it is enough for the petitioner to acknowledge the fact in the «Observations» option placed in the form 04and also present in the request type 12 with the automotive review in order. The exception is that it is a motor vehicle that must be requested together with the filing modification. If theft, robbery or loss of the title occurs, the procedure will be followed according to article 60.
  • Automotive Identification CardIn case of loss, this event is reported in the registry.

If there is a garment, it must be accompanied by the following:

  1. Notification of the lienholder in the Type «04» form, with the certification of the signature or copy provided by the mail in order to notify the creditor of what happened.
  2. Request for cancellation of the pledge agreementprocessing the legal requirements or the judicial order of cancellation of pledge.
  • Proof in copy and original that validates the cancellation of the national emergency tax.
  • If the vehicle presents any judicial measure
  • If the change of location is in an area that concerns the special, fiscal or customs regime.
  • If there are judicial measures that impair the capacity of the owner of the vehicle.

How do I do the process?

By Internet

  1. Fill the electronic applicationand then you must continue with the process in person at the Registry.
  2. Optionally: You can make your payment online.


  1. Take your documents to Registry to which the vehicle belongs.
  2. If you could not make the payment online you can pay your fees at the register.
  3. The day after, go and pick up both the vehicle identification card and the title with the address to which it is attached.

Where is the procedure performed?

The procedure must be presented in the Sectional Registration corresponding to the new location of the vehicle. If it is a condominium, the conformity of the condominium holders of more than 50% of the vehicle will be necessary.

The procedures that concern the National Registry of Rural Lands Allows documents to be sent by post. You will be able to find the postal code address and postage paid to place it in the envelope where all the documents will be sent. When the process is finished you will receive a certificate of compliance by email.

You can make inquiries by contacting the service line RNTR 0800-777-7687 from 9:30 to 18:00 it is a free service from landlines. You can also send an email to

What is the cost?

First all the paperwork is done and then the payment of tariffs. These payments are established by the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights. Payment must be made regardless of whether your application is successful or not.

The tariffs are collected in the R.Sectional records and are valid for 90 business days from the public administration. If the 90 days pass, the person must pay the fees again. It is worth noting that the only way to pay the fees is in cash.

Consult the Current maximum values ​​of Standard Requests and Forms


  • There are precautionary judicial measures that do not allow the modification of filing according to what is established in article 12 of the Automotive Legal Regime
  • There are impediments or other judicial measures that affect the owner of the motor vehicle and his ability to dispose, without an order or testimony authorizing the procedure.
  • If the vehicle is located in a jurisdiction covered by the special, fiscal and customs regime established by Law No.0 19,640 is changed to another that is not, without the withdrawal from that regime issued by customs.
  • The deregistration of the automotive.


Who can or should do it?

The process must be carried out by the owner of the domain, in the case of a condominium, the approval of the condominium owners who were owners of more than 50% of the vehicle is required.

when is it necessarysary to make this form?

Every time the owner changes his address, he is obliged to do so.

How many times must the owner go to the relevant body to complete the process?

You should go TWICE: the first time to start the process and the second time to look for the green ID with the new address and the title with the new address established.

What body depends on changing the address?

It depends on the sectional registry that received it. In turn, this registry depends on the National Directorate of the National Registries of Automotive Property and Pledge Credits of the Argentine Republic (DNRPA). Ministry of Justice and Human Rights.

How long is it from request to delivery?

The change of address of the vehicle is obtained in 24 hrs.

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