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Contrary to the popular belief that selling a car is easy, the Argentine State created through its National Directorate of the National Registries of Automotive Property and Pledge Credits a way to deliver in an orderly manner and verified by the National Registry of Automotive Property all personal information regarding the process of acquiring a used car.

As with everything, it was sought to modernize the procedure so that in the future confusion about the ownership of a vehicle would not be created.

In this way, transactions and transfers of ownership are kept under the legal microscope and any conflicts that may arise regarding them are seen, or easily minimized, incredibly simple to resolve.

With this in mind, We present you with a practical and organized guide of everything you need to get your form 08.

Form 08

This document clearly and explicitly certifies that you maintain possession of a vehicle and plan to transfer such ownership to another individualoften with a monetary exchange involved.

In this way, you stop being the owner of the property, and, in the eyes of the law, you are removed from all responsibility regarding the car, motorcycle or any type of work machinery.

However, and since we don’t know if you have a clear idea of ​​what your form will look like when all this process is completed (we promise it won’t be too tortuous, don’t worry), here is a current example of what a form will look like. form 08:

What is it?

form 08 It’s a document indispensable for start with the transfer of a used motor vehicle, automobile, motorcycle, or farm equipment. In this same document, the owner of the vehicle transfers all ownership of it through a purchase, thus passing it on to the name of the person who purchases the product.

The transference It is not mandatory that it be buy and sellbut an adjudication, a donation or a succession can be declared, so that the rights are transferred to a person without a monetary exchange in between.

It is used in cases where the vehicles are:

  • automobiles.
  • motorcycles.
  • Vans.
  • trucks.
  • Agricultural machinery.

Unlike Automotive Transmission Certificate (abbreviated CETAto put it more comfortably), is mandatory, without following the same guideline that says that it should only be removed if the value of the vehicle exceeds the 100,000 or 37,000 Argentine pesosin the cases of automobiles and motorcycles respectively.

Since it has such a high priority, being an unavoidable document, we leave you the link to process it right here.

Difference form 08 digital and traditional

The substantial difference between the digital format and the physical format of the 08 form is that, in a nutshell, it is less expensive to do it through the website.

If it is the case of the traditional one, the price of completing it and signing it by a notary is between 600 and 1,000 Argentine pesosThat’s just for a signature. In addition to presenting yourself at the registry with the requirements, the transfer fee is 1% of the vehicle price.

On the other hand, with the form 08 in its digital form, the price remains at 499 Argentine pesos for him Management Service, and with said expense paid it is only necessary that the parties of the exchange appear in the registry without the need to make other payments apart from the 1% that we discussed before.

The cats can vary depending on the locality, since stamps and taxes are determined by each province and these must be fulfilled in all its dependencies.

Looking at it from another focus, it is also easier to record the data online than attending the registry office, and that part of the process can be carried out by only one of the parties as long as they have the requested data at hand.

Transfer of a motor vehicle

To even think about transferring a vehicle, it must first be correctly registered in the National Registry of Automotive Property.

This process must be carried out in a public or private registry, in the presence of a notary public. For this you must present yourself at a branch of the Registry that corresponds to your locality, with the following documents:

  • He form 08signed by all parties and their spouses.
  • He car transfer certificate (CETA) if the car is valued at more than 100,000 Argentine pesos.
  • He form 13.iwhere the infractions and debts of the degree are demonstrated.
  • The title of ownership of the vehicle.
  • Police verification.
  • The green card or unique identification card of the vehicle.
  • If you have it, the blue card or identification card for authorized drivers.
  • The identity document of those involved.

How is the proccess?

It can be done in two ways: removing the form 08 physically, through the automotive registration that corresponds to your province in front of a notary or a manager, or complete it digitally on the website of the National Directorate of the National Registries of Automotive Property and Pledge Credits

How to submit form 08?

You must present the form 08 together with the documents that we mention in the section that bears the name “Transfer of a motor vehicle”.

The way, actually, to fill in the form is as follows:

  1. Enter the website of the National Directorate of the National Registries of Automotive Property and Pledge Credits.
  2. Complete the requested information about the owner of the vehicle (full name, current address, type and number of identity document, CUIT, date of birth, marital status, spouse’s information, among others) and of the vehicle to be transferred (the license plate number and chassis number).
  3. Fill in the same data to the future owner or buyer.
  4. Enter the data of the transfer (the value of the vehicle, the concept of the transaction, the use given to the vehicle, whether personal or in the workplace, the shift in which you want to carry out the process, information on the location of the registry and the specific establishment ).
  5. You reached the end of the process! You only have to attend the registry to sign and pay the costs of the procedure.

Where and when to submit form 08

physical forms They must be presented at the automotive registry of each province, depending on your case. You can check the ones closest to your home by pressing herewhere you must submit the form and pay the payments that correspond to you.

If you carry out your process through the online option, an email will be sent to you with a procedure number. With this information you should also approach a registry office and ask the staff to accompany you in the payment of feeswithout the need to have the form in hand.

The centers to deliver it, although they may vary depending on the location, have an average hour of service between 7:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m.which can be extended until 1 or 2 in the afternoon if the establishment allows it.

You can request your appointment online by choosing here the day that seems best to you, entering the preload number and service codedata that are attached to your email.

Important data

We believe that no article is complete until all questions have been answered, so that we will present you the most common questions and our reliable answers:

What is the cost of processing the digital form 08 on the website?

You can do almost the entire process for free by entering the web portal of the National Directorate of the National Registries of Automotive Property and Pledge Credits.

The costs really arise when depositing the necessary fees in each agency or division of the registry, which depends a lot on the process that you have carried out.

The two existing rates are between 600 and 1,000 Argentine pesos if you do it in person from the beginning, and 499 Argentine pesos if it is via online.

Both, however, have in common the 1% of spending that the registry offices require.

You can make these payments when you show up at your preferred office, so you choose.

How long is the 08 form valid for?

He form 08 has a validity of 90 business days from the date of signature certification.

However, as a requirement for some procedures, this automotive transfer certification can be used even after the expiration datesince unless the owner or owner changes, the information remains accurate.

Even so, this treatment does not go unpunished. You will have to pay a fine (corresponding to tariff number 14).

Am I allowed to print the 08 form myself?

Do not even try! The process is done in this way expressly to avoid falsifications and fraud, so it is appropriate that this form be issued officially in the registry, and that once both parties are present the procedure can be completed without misunderstandings and with great care.

You can buy it physically or do it online to be able to withdraw it by asking for your turn at a registration center. Don’t complicate the process unnecessarily.

This system undoubtedly prevents any importunion that may occur in a discussion about the ownership of this material good.

He form 08 it is truly a quick and safe solution to an avoidable problem.

After all, no one wants to get tickets coming home for a car that hasn’t belonged to you for 10 years, right?

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