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Faced with a leak or problem that occurs with gas in our homes, no matter how small or silly it may look, it is important that we stay safe.

As soon as you discover an irregularity with your gas supply, it is best to call a licensed installer or gas fitter to make the necessary repairs.

This same gas operator is in charge of filling what the company MetroGAS has given us as a tool to report any eventuality regarding the service: the form 3.5 MetroGAS.

With this form your registered installer will be able to communicate to MetroGAS of the urgency of an inspection in your home that allows to restore the service of safely and quickly.

Form 3.5 MetroGAS

He Form 3.5 MetroGAS is a document designed to inform MetroGAS (the main gas distribution company in Argentina) of the conclusion of a job.

This document certifies that any situation regarding the tightness, obstruction, ventilation, location and operation of the devices used for the installation and maintenance of the Argentine gas service has been evaluated and controlled.

Inside of the form 3.5 MetroGASthe main thing that must be determined is the type of inspection for which the service was requested, among which qualify:

  • Final inspectionwhere the type, brand, calories per hour, quantity and license plate of the devices installed or revised are specified.
  • Partial inspection of pipeswhere the state of the internal pipes to be covered is determined.
  • Partial duct inspections, in which the necessary finishes are determined to cover the ventilation ducts.

In the event that the installed devices do not have an approval registration number, the descriptive memory of the same will have to be presented. You must also enable the form 3.3 A, specific to these situations.

How to complete the Form

He form 3.5 MetroGAS it is an important requirement for any gas service inspection in Argentina. That is why it is important, due to its great scope, that it be an easy document to understand and complete.

The way to complete the form 3.5 MetroGas is the next:

  1. You begin by presenting the number of Communication of Completion of Works.
  2. Included is the number of Gas installation project.
  3. You must then write the different data of the town and information of the installer (street, number of the same, floor, department, telephone, among others).
  4. After certifying the termination of the modification of the service in said address, the number of devices that have been installed is declared.
  5. Data such as floor and installation department, appliance type, quantity, brand, calories per hour, and appliance approval license plate are added in a long table.
  6. Upon completion of this section, the installer write your signature and the date and place of the modification, followed by the Project Manager and the owner, who also add their identity document number.
  7. In the second part, the corresponding one for the company to complete, it certifies the data described above.
  8. The business supervisor places his signature under the box that lists the diameter of the establishment, the capacity and amount of meter placement, and other routine information.
  9. Ready! You form 3.5 MetroGAS has been successfully completed.

Uses of the Form

This form 3.5 MetroGAS It works to notify the installation company, the distributor and the authorities, under the declarations of the registered installer, that the works related to the gas service in a home have been completed.

In this way, the distributor, in response to the report, has the responsibility to inspect the work carried out, verify the procedures and conditions and, if necessary, restore the service as long as it is safe.

By reporting through form 3.5 MetroGAS, the registered installer gives rise to the inspection and approval of the rehabilitation of an apartment, building or residential complex. The inspection is important and must be carried out by personnel authorized by the distributor, so that the safety of the residents is prioritized.

Once the apartment or building is suitable, the address will have the service restored. If any eventuality occurs, the gas company must report the failures in light of existing regulations. Thus, the owner will find it necessary to hire another licensed installer to take care of the irregularity.

The registered gas operator or installer must also present his form 3.5 MetroGASgiving inspectors a maximum of 4 business days to carry out their duties.

As can be seen, the form 3.5 MetroGAS It is the communication bridge between the installer, the company and the distributor. Its main function is to report the situation of the home to ensure the safety of users.

Service Reconnection

The steps to follow to reconnect the service MetroGAS They are short and easy, so there is no need to worry when it comes to solving any eventuality. You must follow this procedure:

  1. Call a licensed installer or gas fitter. These are the only professionals authorized to make any necessary repairs or installations so that service can be restored.
  2. Ask the installer to check all the installations before the visit of MetroGAS which reactivates the service. With this you protect yourself and anyone who is in the vicinity of accidents or irregularities.
  3. Once the inspection and installation or repair of the service-related artifacts is complete, it is time to complete the form 3.5 MetroGAS.
  4. Since with him form 3.5 MetroGAS If you request the distributor’s inspection, you must wait a maximum of 4 business days for the inspection to be carried out.
  5. If you live in a house, the Single Supply. This constitutes spaces such as the boiler, the kitchen, the hot water tank, the stoves, among others.
  6. If, on the other hand, you live in a building, what should be checked as a priority are the Common spacessuch as the meter room, the cabinets, the boiler room and the regulating plant.
  7. If no problem is registered, the service will be established again without problems!
  8. To change the day of the inspection of the distributor, you can contact the service of the MetroGAS Call Center calling the 0800-333-6427.
  • You can consult a list of gas operators authorized by MetroGAS attending a service consultation office or entering the MetroGAS service website.

Other important data

There are several reasons why your service may be cut off and therefore you may have to request a reconnection of your service. These are the most common and the solutions you should opt for to restore gas at your home:

  • For security: See leakage or failure of any device related to the service that can cause damage and loss to the user by constituting a risk. To solve it you can go to the commercial offices of MetroGAS with your identity document and the form 3.5 MetroGAS to be approved by the distributor.
  • For debt: It happens when you stop paying for the service. It is necessary that you do not have debt at the time of requesting the reconnection. If the service is cut for a period greater than one year, Camuzzi Gas is the company responsible for an inspection that allows reconnecting the gas supply to the home. To solve it you can go to the commercial offices of MetroGAS with your identity document and the form 3.5 MetroGAS to be approved by the distributor.
  • By owner’s request: refers to a withdrawal from the service at the request of the user. If the service is cut for a period greater than one year, Camuzzi Gas is the company responsible for an inspection that allows reconnecting the gas supply to the home. To solve it you can go to the commercial offices of MetroGAS with your identity document and the form 3.5 MetroGAS to be approved by the distributor.
Some other important observations are:
  1. Registered gas fitters or installers are the only ones authorized to carry out these procedures.
  2. If upon review by the company the Single Supply of an address does not comply with the guidelines, it is strictly prohibited to restore the service.
  3. Authorized workers have no type of responsibility or relationship with the company MetroGAS.
  4. It is very important that all facilities close to the one giving rise to the review are checked before the inspection carried out by MetroGAS. In this way, the necessary repairs can be made in the rest of the home, building or residential complex, and ensure the well-being of the users.
  5. nor the fForm 3.5 MetroGAS nor any other procedure or inspection document has a cost by the company MetroGAS. Don’t let them rip you off!
  6. You can file a complaint if any of the conditions is breached. You just have to contact him. Transparency Programwith a call through the 0800-666-2646.

Any installation or repair of the gas service can be a concern for any citizen. We not only put our assets at risk, but our own safety, So it’s just a little leak.

For this, the company MetroGAS created a service that allows us to perform the repairs and inspections necessary for our gas supply to be reactivated correctly, and most importantly, safely.

He form 3.5 MetroGAS It is the perfect tool for this purpose, since it allows our trusted installer or gastist to report the situation and request the competent review to return to our daily lives.

Free, easy and secure. Have you already downloaded your MetroGAS 3.5 form?

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