Form 399: Reallocation of Payments

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Throughout life, various circumstances can occur that make people change their minds based on life, however, as some of them will not know the form 399.

It is one of the most important forms that has to do with the reimbursement of payments, It should be noted that anyone who needs it can go to it.

On the other hand, it is also important to recognize that the 399 form, in order to be requested, must be primarily required and followed by several or more requirements that are totally fundamental when carrying out said request.

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What is Form 399?

As some of the people may well know, this is a type of form that in turn refers to the number 399, so we can well know it as the 399 form.

This is a type of document that is mostly in charge of carrying out several things, but more than anything at this moment it is in charge of everything that has to do with the re-allocation of payments, which is very important for those people who, for their part have overpaid at the time of generating or paying the tax.

On the other hand, it can also be said that form 399 goes with all those people who, for their part, when they generated some type of payment and that it has remained in some type of transition period.

Therefore, the person has every right to carry out form 399, which in turn must be filled out correctly in order to be satisfactorily approved.

Some of the requirements that are totally fundamental to be able to carry out said form 399 They are the following that will be mentioned below.

Among which we can find:

  • Existence of several debts at the time of performance of the serviceThis is one of the most fundamental things that can occur at that moment, since in the same way, some of the people do not have fully established payments and therefore this is a requirement that they must meet.
  • Each and every one of the debts must be of the same species. This means that claims that people cannot relate to other things will not be accepted, since they are not always consistent with what should be on form 399, which is why it is recommended that people They are completely explicit with what they want to do with the payment.
  • It should be noted that each of the debts can only be demanded by a single creditor, and they must be expired at the time of making the provision.

This is why each one of the people is told that the rules of the 399 form requirement, since if the people do not understand and do not comply with them, they will not be able to return any percentage of what is owed to them for the I do wrong or recharge it.

  • imputation It must be made by means of a declaration at the same time of making the payment if the person and the procedure itself allow it on their part, which inexcusably must be addressed to the creditor (because it is the creditor who has the power to determine if the benefit that is offered is the correct one).
  • Unit of creditor and debtor, in the case of debts of which the same persons are active and passive holders. For this reason, those people who are solvent are those who cannot be compensated in the event that some type of problem has occurred that could prevent the continuity of said process.

Updated Form 399

He form 399 It can be seen at any venue or by clicking here.

How to complete the data

Verify the data they ask you for and be very careful not to make a mistake.

What is the reimputation of payments?

The reimputation of payments according to form 399, is that process by which each one of the people can demand a small demand where each of them for their part can present a letter according to the same document so that they return the money they it was loaded incorrectly or any other type of situation that has arisen.

Where and when is it done?

This is a type of document that can normally be done at any headquarters for Argentines that is closer, it is customary for each of the people to go to any type of government headquarters that in turn exchanges the passage and the go of each and the same.

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