Form 5.7 ANSES – Derivation of Obra Social Contributions

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The social works assigned by the State they are efficient sources of help for all kinds of citizens. From pregnant women to the unemployed, Argentina is a country that seeks lend a helping hand to all the men and women residing in the country.

Today it is the turn to talk about one of the groups that seeks to facilitate more access to the different aid provided by the State: retirees and pensioners.

When you are part of the men and women, who have spent a large part of their lives working, it is normal to look for a simpler form of maintenance for the moment in which one is most vulnerable.

For this purpose, the fform 5.7 ANSES. This document is the way to ensure that the resources that have been dedicated to forming the savings of Argentines in social works can be derived for the different purposes that are convenient for them.

That is why today we will show you everything you need to know about the Social work argentina and the use of your form 5.7 ANSES.

Form 5.7 ANSES

He form 5.7 ANSES or ANSES Obra Social It is an essential document to start the retirement or pension process for all Argentines. This document must be signed by an employee belonging to the entity that promotes the work or social program that is requested.

The information contained in the form 5.7 ANSES allows workers, pensioners, retirees and holders of unemployment benefits to access a basic medical services coverage plan.

All this based on the updated information in the database of the National Social Security Administrationabbreviated as ANSES.

The ANSES is in charge of determining the social work to which the request of the user will be assigned at the end of his treatment or medical hospitalization, whether it is a benefit of retirement or pension.

The information concerning this subject will arrive at the applicant’s mail through a notice that is accompanied by the Proof of Registration or CODEM.

This CODEMS It is a certificate that contains the personal information of the holder and that demonstrates the conditions to obtain the aid. The registration certificate also has the information of the owner’s spouse, their unmarried children under the age of 21 yearswho have studied up to the age of 25 years or have a disability at any age.

You can download the form 5.7 ANSES entering here, in order to begin the contribution derivation process.

This information can be updated by entering the ANSES web portalentering the access to My ANSES with the social security key. You can also modify it by calling 130a free service for all landlines in the country.

How to complete Form 5.7

He form 5.7 ANSES It has a fairly simple structure and easy to understand, due to its frequent and common use.

This document is completed as follows:

  1. To begin, the name of the holder of the social assistance of the ANSESnext to the number of your identity document.
  2. Your CUIL number is included.
  3. Write the occupation in which you participated before you began to participate in the social work.
  4. Enter your CUIT number.
  5. Finally, include the social work to which you belong at the time of making the referral.
  6. Put the date and place and ask the social worker assigned to you to sign the referral letter that is your form 5.7 ANSES.

Why make the Derivation of Obra Social Contributions?

At the moment of beginning the retirement procedures, we all know that there are many processes that you have to go through to be able to sit down and enjoy your tranquility.

Of course, before beginning the great task, it is important to know what happens so that these contributions reach our hands.

During the years that you are working, a part of your earnings begins to form part of the fund of a social work. This occurs in many companies, adding these amounts to your retirement plans in general.

This is what we call the contributions, and these same can be derived to different social works. Being your choice, you can initiate a transfer for different services you need during your retirement.

After reaching a certain age, the largest savings tend to go towards health services. Therefore, you have the opportunity to derive your contributions to a social work that allows you to benefit from quality medical coverage. This just to give an example, since your income for years can be used for the benefits that best suit you.

This is the service that gives you the ANSES through your form 5.7 ANSES.

How to know my Social Work?

This process is as or even easier than completing your form 5.7 ANSES.

To do this you must follow this series of easy and quick steps:

  1. Enter the website of the ANSES, in the exclusive part to check your status in social work. You can do it by entering through this link.
  2. In the first part of the web form you must write your CUIL number and your identity document.
  3. In addition, you must pass the identification test of the code in the image that they show you.
  4. Press the button «Continue» to get your certificate.
  5. With the revised information, the system shows you the name of the social work of which you are the owner.
  6. Ready! Now you can print your CODEMS and use it for all the processes you need.

Although the process is already completed, we think it is important that you take into account the classifications that exist when it comes to being the holder of a social work. The type of contribution and the form you will need to make their referral depends on these categories, so keep this in mind.

For active workers

It refers to all those users who fall into the category of workers as a dependency or monotributistas. They must use the form 5.3which also works under the name of Affidavit of the Worker and his Family Group Adhered to the National Health Insurance System.

For retirees and pensioners

As its name indicates, it works for all users who have completed their established working life and who wish to derive their contributions for different benefits. These use the form 5.7 ANSESunder the identification of Derivation of Obra Social Contributions. This must be signed by the employer.

Start retirement or pension

All members of the ANSES who wish to process their retirement must meet the following requirements and conditions:

  • have complied with 30 years of service in one or more work centers linked to the pension reciprocity system.
  • have at least 60 years if you are a woman The condition of the worker is not taken into account (if he is in a dependency relationship or if he is a self-employed worker).
  • have minimum 65 years if you are a man The condition of the worker is not taken into account (if he is in a dependency relationship or if he is a self-employed worker).
  • If the user is working in a dependency relationship and the company requests that they begin their retirement procedures, the employer must give them the call «Services and Remuneration Certification Form». This must be certified by the ANSES.
  • Have all personal and family data updated in the database of the ANSES. If this is not the case, they can be modified by going to a service office without prior appointment or through the web option of My ANSES.
  • If you do not have exact knowledge of the employment history (nor do you know if it meets the 30 years of service), you must request it with your social security code together with the calculation of the right to social benefits.
  • Have your identity document on hand, to prove your ownership.
  • Take the form corresponding to your condition. These vary depending on the case, but the one that concerns us at this moment is the form 5.7 ANSES. They are also often asked for forms 6.1, 6.2 and 6.287.
  • If any certificate of service is missing, pay stubs can be submitted (proving withholdings for retirement contributions), proof of affiliation to unions or social works, or proof of affiliation prior to the assignment of a CUIL. Original and copy of all these must be presented.

All the forms to present in front of the National Social Security Administration can be downloaded through web service of the same or appearing before an office of the ANSES.

He form 5.7 ANSES It is the way that you as a user have to transfer your contributions to the different retirement plans offered by companies and employers.

This document allows you to skip a whole complicated process and spend your life savings to put them to a proper use. Its use allows workers, retirees and pensioners access the benefits that their work has left them. All this with only the signature of your employer

And you? What are you waiting for to look for the final signature that your form 5.7 ANSES and start managing your contributions correctly?

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