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Every great plan requires some sacrifice, doesn’t it? The Federal Administration of Public Revenues or AFIP to shorten the procedures was in charge of creating a tool that can help you with at least half the work.

This wonderful tool was born under the name of form 572. You will see how this form will facilitate the procedure of transferring your tax data to your bosses in a complete and orderly manner.

With the topic introduced, here you have all the necessary information for you to fill out your form 572 and get rid of the problem.

Form 572

The information contained in this form is mandatory when your withholding agent (your employer) has to be in charge of calculating all the corresponding withholdings with all the information collected in an orderly and extremely easy to understand manner. Said information can be summarized in the following points or separate sections of the form 572:

  • The burden of family
  • general deductions.
  • Payments or income from other employers (moonlighting).
  • and tax payments and other withholdings for expenses both in cash and by card made with foreign currency.

It is very important that our employer knows this data and considers it within its powers.

Even so, and with the long process that it maintains, confusion is generated between so much information that must be entered.

That’s why we’ll show you how your form 572 here:

With this vision in mind, let’s start at the beginning.

What is SiRADIG?

He siRADIG is an online service that allows you to generate the form 572.

It is used by Argentine workers to grant the Federal Administration of Public Revenues information about your cases regarding the concepts you plan to reduce, payments to accounts of the withholding regime of the Income Tax and even on the income that enters your account in case of being multi-employed.

This entire process is done by using a Fiscal key that it must have a minimum security level of 2, so that the purpose of protecting your financial data competent to this General Administration is more optimal.

The use of siRADIG, although it is the most recommended, does not eliminate the fact that the form can be filled in manually. Even so, we recommend paying attention to this guide, where we explain an already automated process.

Who should use the form

The people who have the obligation to use the form 572 They fall into the following groups:

  • All those who have income that comes from their municipal, provincial, national and the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires public offices, including all the positions of the Legislative, Executive and Judicial Powers (this last group included as of 2017).
  • All employees in a dependency relationship in the event that they have received a minimum gross payment of 250,000 Argentine pesos annually during the previous year.
  • All employees in a dependency relationship who are chosen by their own employers.
  • All those retirees, pensioners and subsidized of any kind due to personal work who pay their taxes.
  • All those who have income from insurance plans whose withdrawals are private, of the provisional life annuity type, which are admitted by organizations under the control of the Superintendency of Insurance of the Nation.
  • All members of work cooperatives with the exception of directors.

In order to go through the process, these workers, retirees and partners must meet certain conditions:

  • Keep current all documents that support the financial movements made.
  • Keep all annual settlement receipts that are delivered to you, together with the acknowledgment of receipt of the siRADIG.

And in turn, these same workers have certain privileges:

  • In case they work or live on the call patagonian zonethere is an increase of 22% on your personal deductions.
  • In case of being retired, retired or pensioned, you can deduct six times the amount of the lowest guaranteed assets.

What is currently known as the patagonian zone was determined in the Resolution of Law No.23272. These localities are Río Negro, Neuquén, Tierra del Fuego, the South Atlantic Islands, the Partido de Patagones in the province of Buenos Aires, La Pampa, Chubut, Santa Cruz and Antártida.

Uses of Form 572 Web SiRADIG

The utility that the 562 form fulfills can be summarized in three main points:

  • It serves to compile the data of all the concepts to be deducted under the regime of Income Tax Withholding.
  • It works as a compilation of the perceptions made during the fiscal period that is paid, taking into account the provisions of the General Resolutions of the Federal Administration of Public Revenues No. 3450/13, 3550/13 and 3583/14.
  • Reports on those mentioned above who have income from moonlighting and the amounts of said income.

Basically, it fulfills the function of inform employers of the data on the fiscal activities of their workers.

How to fill out form 572 Web

Through the Internet, there are two ways to fill out the form 572 through the system siRADIG:

  • entering the AFIP website using the Fiscal Code and the number of your Unique Labor Identification Code (CUIL), Unique Tax Identification Code (CUIT) or your identity document. Once integrated into the system, you will have the option of carrying out the relevant procedures for this institution, including form 572.
  • Or through the Bank of the Argentine Nationwhere you are given the option to access «AFIP Services». There a complete menu is displayed with the available options, including a call “siRADIG Worker”.

Once you enter the process through one of the above alternatives, you can begin the process of filling out your form:

    1. After choosing any of the two possibilities, the login screen appears to access the service. press your first and last name in the box provided.
    2. Below is the option to “Create New Draft”. By clicking on the box, the system shows the different work options where you can place your data. You must start with “Dpersonal acts”.
    3. Then a screen appears where you see your address and other personal information If you are already registered or registered in the database of the Federal Administration of Public Revenues.
    4. By selecting “Employers”you get to go to the next field, where moonlighting is recorded.
    5. If you are not part of this group already mentioned, you have to provide the following information: the CUIT of the employer, the start date of the relationshipand answer the question of «Are you a withholding agent?» with the option «YEAH». Otherwise you cannot enter your financial values.
    6. If you have more than one employer, you must correctly transcribe the data of each one and select one of them as your withholding agent.

    7. At that moment, the message pops up on the screen to «Load the form».
    8. From this point you must select the details shown: the amount of earnings paid and collected during the tax period by different employers, details of family responsibilities, deductions and allowances, other perceptions, withholdings and payments on account. All this coming in in option «Details of family responsibilities».
    9. To better extend the above, the part corresponding to «Deductions and Allowances» It gives you the points that you must fill in.
    10. You must take into account the deductions and deductions that they have annual limits, their amount and the vouchers that confirm said amounts.
    11. This is followed by the option of «Add Withholdings, Perceptions, Payments on Account»which include taxes on credits and debits, customs issues, cash cancellations and the inclusion of foreign currency.
    12. Continuing, the boxes referring to payments on account and purchases abroad describe the following records: cash purchases made abroad using debit or credit cards, even through web pages that use foreign money, operations for the acquisition of land, air or sea travel services to leave Argentine territory, operations for agency services travel and tourism in the country and operations to acquire foreign currency to spend on tourism and travel.
    13. Almost finishing the process, the option of “Settings”where you can upload the concepts belonging to refunds made by the Mutual Guarantee Societies.
    14. You’re done loading the data, congratulations! in the option of «Preview» at the end of the process. There you can compare the data and make sure everything is correct in the draft.
    15. When you get to the end of the form 572 you are given the option of printing the draft or sending it directly to your employer(s).
    16. If you select “Send to Employer” tea ask for a confirmation that it is what you want, and when accepting it, the following box appears:

Presentation of the form

The General Resolution of the Federal Administration of Public Revenues E-4189 of January 10, 2018 decreed that the deadline for the worker to present the form 572 Regarding the data from the previous year, it would be until the last business day of March of each year.

When presenting it, if any problem arises in the process the document can be corrected as many times as necessary before its expiration date.

The process was long but we finally reached the end of this article.

The use of such a useful data recording tool will help you collect the necessary information for the financial processes of your employers, avoiding wasting time and therefore money.

If you still have any confusion regarding the form 572 Do not worry! You can take a look at this complete and easy guide.

Until next time.

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