Form 6.18 – Request for Social Security Benefits

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Argentina is a country that provides different types of aid to different types of people who are included among the most vulnerable. Mothers, the elderly and the disabled have more than one option to choose from among the pension benefits Once the State offers them support for the family group or for themselves, it becomes impossible.

Like any right and benefit that a citizen acquires, the application for these pensions and monthly bonuses constitutes a legal process like any other. This is where the practical and simple model of form 6.18.

In this article we will show you how to fill in the form 6.18 and all the information and documentation you need to have on hand in order to process your application.

Form 6.18

He Form 6.18 It is a required document to make a request for Social Security Benefits.

Social security benefits are those social security payments that are made, at least in Argentina, for three main reasons that affect the subject and their families:

  • Work disability.
  • Death.
  • And old age.

The benefits of the Argentine pension system are characterized by dealing with pension services for death, retirement and retirement for disability. These are the responsibility of the State.

This system is carried out in Argentina by the ANSESthe National Social Security Administration. This body is in charge of all social security matters in the country. This means that they cover all the processes of retirement, pensions, family allowances, subsidies, aid and unemployment bonuses, among others.

The pension benefits requested by users through form 6.18 are financed by the Guarantee Fund for the Sustainability of the Pension System (FGS). He fgs ensures the payment and maintenance of retirement and similar services necessary so that disabled citizens and their families can continue with a satisfactory life.

How to complete the Form

First, you can download and print the form 6.18 entering in this link.

To start filling in the form 6.18, you must select the type of benefit between and include your CUIT or CUIL number. The benefits that appear on this form are the following:

  • Universal basic benefit.
  • Compensatory Benefit.
  • Additional Benefit for Permanence.
  • Benefit for Advanced Age.
  • Disability Withdrawal.
  • Others.

Next, you describe your personal information. From your full name and surname, through your address, to your characteristics as a beneficiary of other services, among others.

If you have a spouse or partner, you must fill in the same information as in the previous section. Also later you will have to do it with the information of your children, if you have them.

Now you affiliate your bank and determine the family allowances you wish to acquire. If you are going to request a household allowanceyou must write the details of the minors for whom you are asking for help.

Finally, you must complete the section corresponding to the chronological details of all the services to which you affiliate. All this under the regulations established by the Article No. 38 of Law No. 24,241.

Finally, include your signature and the information of the representatives who could present your form 6.18 in front of the authorities.

Where and when to deliver it

to deliver your form 6.18you just have to attend any of the delegations of ANSES within the national territory, during business hours from Monday to Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

To verify the nearest delegation to your community, you can press here and review on your own. No problem!

Why make a request for Social Security Benefits?

The request for pension benefits through the form 6.18 can guarantee you aid in cases of death of the breadwinner, disability or retirement due to old age.

There are currently different types of pension, such as non-contributory for disability or non-contributory for mothers of 7 children, including old age. All of these are State benefits in which you receive a monthly amount for your case granted by the national social security agencies and financed by the ANSES.

However, you must take into account that when requesting old-age pensions (for people over seventy years of age), whose amount is the equivalent of 70% of a minimum retirement salary, you are automatically excluded from other benefits.

These other services correspond to the retirement and other pensions, the Universal Pension for the Elderly, any family or universal allowance per child and aid for pregnancy.

Who can do it

Depending on each type of pension benefit requested, there are different services offered by the ANSES.

The Non-Contributory Pension for mothers of 7 children

It is a single monthly social assistance for women who have had or have 7 children or more, regardless of age or marital status.

Your request is incompatible with that of other services, such as the collection of:

  • retirements.
  • Pensions.
  • Universal Pension for the Elderly.
  • Family allowance per child.
  • Universal Child Allowance.
  • Aid for pregnancy.

Mothers of any age and marital status with more than 7 childrenincluding adopted or fostered minors.

If the holder of the benefit dies, his spouse, common-law spouse, minor or disabled children, all of them can collect it on his behalf.

To access this help it is necessary:

  • Being Argentine or naturalized. If you are naturalized, you must have resided in Argentina for at least one year prior to making the application. If you are a foreign resident, you must have resided in Argentina at least 15 years at the time of making the request.
  • Not be affiliated with a retirement, pension or contributory or non-contributory retirement.
  • Not possess assets, resources or income that allow the maintenance of the family group in addition to this help.
  • That if the spouse or common-law spouse is a beneficiary of any social security benefit but is not the holder of a non-contributory old-age or disability pension.

At the time of submitting your application, you must present yourself with the following documents:

  • Original and copy of your National Identity Document.
  • You form 6.18 and include in it the option “Others”specifying that the benefit to be requested is the “Mother 7 Children Pension”.

The monthly benefit to be collected is the amount equivalent to a minimum wage.

The Non-Contributory Pension for Disability

It is a social aid assigned to any man or woman who maintains a work disability, and who consequently finds himself in a situation of vulnerability.

To access this help it is necessary:

  • Being Argentine or Argentine, by birth or naturalized with 5 years of permanent residence. In case of being a foreigner, the residence must be 20 years.
  • Not receive any help, retirement, pension or non-contributory retirement from the spouse or common-law partner.
  • Demonstrate that the work capacity presents a decrease in the 76% for disability.
  • Being unemployed under a dependency relationship.
  • Not possessing assets, resources or income within the family group for its maintenance.
  • Not having any relative who is legally obligated to take care of the maintenance of the family group.
  • If you have a relative in this condition, demonstrate that you are prevented from fulfilling your duties.
  • Not having been arrested at any time for breaking the law.

At the time of submitting your application, you must present yourself with the following documents:

  • Original and copy of the National Identity Document.
  • Original and copy of the DNI of the representatives, parents or guardians, if they are minors.
  • The CUIT or CUIL of the representatives, in case of being under 18 years of age.
  • You form 6.18 with the option of «Non-contributory pension for disability» checked.
  • Any document proving the decrease in work skills in a 76%. It must be granted by the company that made the contract.
  • The official medical certificate. This must be issued by a hospital or health center close to the holder’s home, by a health professional.
  • The owner’s medical file.
  • Original and copy of the medical history summary, signed by a physician in charge.
  • A certificate of initiation of the process to determine the holder’s disability.

The Non-Contributory Old Age Pension

It is a benefit granted to people over the age of 70 yearswhose social vulnerability can be demonstrated. If the owner dies, his spouse or cohabitant over the age of 70 years or disabled may collect their benefit, as long as it was during the 5 years prior to death.

To access this help it is necessary:

  • be older than 70 years old.
  • Being Argentine or Argentine by birth or naturalized, whose residence in the country must be at least 5 years within the country. If you are a foreigner, the mandatory residence for the service becomes 40 years.
  • Not be the holder of any aid, retirement, pension or retirement, neither the applicant nor his spouse.
  • Not possess assets, resources or income for the maintenance of the family group, neither by income of the head of the group nor by legally obligated relatives.
  • Not having been arrested at any time for breaking the law.
  • Being the only applicant between both spouses, since the aid is usually given jointly to the marriage.
  • Do not leave the country permanently.

At the time of submitting your application, you must present yourself with the following documents:

  • Original and copy of your National Identity Document.
  • You form 6.18 with the option of «Non-contributory Old Age Pension» checked.

The monthly benefit to be collected is the amount equivalent to the 70% a minimum retirement wage.

How is the proccess

The application process for the pension benefits service, and consequently, the delivery of your form 6.18, is as follows:

  1. You must check that your personal and family information is up to date within the My ANSES.
  2. Collect originals and copies of the documents and requirements mentioned above, including form 6.18.
  3. introduce yourself to the ANSES delegation closest to your home.
  4. Attend the interview with the social worker regarding your socio-economic context.
  5. Ready! You can check the status of your application through the call service at 130 or at the ANSES website.

With this process completed, as soon as you have the opportunity, you can begin to access the benefits of specific social services for the groups that most need State aid.

So take note for the time when you are going to retire, or if you have a disability that incapacitates you to continue with your work, since you form 6.18 It is the fundamental tool so that you can acquire the aid that the Argentine State has for your maintenance.

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