Form 885: Registration System of Registrations and Deregistrations

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Form 885this instrument is used to carry out records of registration or withdrawal of workers in person and is executed by employers.

If you are an employer registered in the Integrated Argentine Pension System, and you want to know details about the route to follow to comply with the requirements of form 885, we invite you to continue reading.

Form 885

You must consider that if you are an employer registered with the Argentine Integrated Pension System, you have the obligation to register in the AFIP, all the data of your workers, the registration of them must be done when hiring or firing them (High or Low), This obligation applies to all workers who are part of the company payroll.

Currently it is easier to do this via the Web, but the provisions allow it to be done in person and for this you will need to have form 885A

To download the forms do click here

What is it and what is it for

Form 885 is an instrument that serves as a mechanism to communicate that you have just added a new employee to your company payroll, or you have just fired a worker and you are removing him from your payroll record.

This action is carried out in accordance with the provisions of either the AFIP or the Argentine Integrated Pension System, this route is mandatory.

Although currently the way to report registrations and deregistrations is via the web, the printed form is still valid in cases of need to do so in person.

How to complete the form

To make a registration or cancellation through Form 885 through face-to-face scheme, the following must be done:

  • Go to the AFIP office where you are registered with form 885 – new model, in duplicate.
  • In the office you will have to present the following to process your management: CUIT, Fiscal Code, Uniform Banking Code (CBU), DNI of the worker, CUIL of the worker, Form 885 A.
  • The AFIP will give you an acknowledgment of receipt, which will contain the registration number of the procedure.
  • Then go to the ANSES Comprehensive Care Unit (UDAI), and there you must complete and submit the form with the worker’s family ties data.

Record registrations and cancellations

There are two ways to register Hires and Leavings, the employer is free to choose any of them, namely:

Using the AFIP Web portal.

The employer must enter in this place, and next step you have to choose the «Fiscal Code» tab, then you have to press the «System Login» button, once this is done you will have to register your Unique Tax Identification Code (CUIT) and also your Fiscal Code, The key Fiscal is an instrument that must be previously processed before the AFIP. Being in the window that the system shows you after the load has been carried out, you can press the «Registry High and Low Key» button. And then you can proceed with your statement.

To have the «Fiscal Key» required by the system, you must select the «Fiscal Key» tab found on the AFIP website and press the «Register» button. Once this is done, the same system will guide you to complete the process.

Another way to obtain your «Fiscal Code» is to process it before the AFIP/DGI offices, in these offices you will have to bring a series of documents that accredit you as an employer.

You can do it by executing a face-to-face presentation of form F. 885.

You can download this form by visiting this place Once you download the form, you must fill it out and submit it in duplicate, at an AFIP office, which must be the office where you are registered.

Once the AFIP receives your request, it will give you an acknowledgment of receipt of the procedure.

For cases where the AFIP does not have its computer system available, they will provide you with a provisional certificate of your requirement, it will be stamped by the agency and will be the duplicate of the aforementioned form F. 885.

How to Formalize the registrations and cancellations

The way that all taxpayers have to formalize their communications of registrations or cancellations in the «Registry», of data modifications or cancellations, is to use the Web.

To access this means you must access the system and look for the «Registry Simplification» that you can get on the AFIP site, remember that you have your tax code active.

The system is friendly and allows you to load the data of your registration or cancellation communication in a simplified way. At the end of the load and after accepting the transaction, you will receive a duplicate acknowledgment from the system.

The acknowledgment will be identified with a number called «Registro del Trámite», it will also have the data reported or modified by the employer and the clarification of whether it is a registration or deregistration key in the «Registry» or is canceling a high than previously reported.

The receipt that is received can be kept as a record of the registration of operations of registration and/or termination of employees.

Despite the fact that the AFIP is motivating and encouraging that registration and cancellation actions are only carried out via the Internet, they also contemplate the possibility that in cases where their system is inoperative, in these scenarios the employer may, as an exception, carry out their procedures using the affidavit form F. 885/A, in duplicate, before the agency in which it is registered.

The face-to-face presentation of form 885/A will bring with it provisional proof of the procedure, a duplicate of the aforementioned form, with the institute’s receipt stamp.

This record will only be valid for two administrative business days, within those two days the applicant must withdraw -in the same unit- the respective acknowledgment of receipt.

For more details visit this link

Frequent questions

You can make inquiries or review the link FAQ of the institute and receive clarifications that will be used in the actions that it carries out before the federal administration.

To make non-indexed queries in the FAQ link, you can choose the specific questions route, for this you must comply with this route:

  • Step 2: Consultation
  • Step 3: Confirm Information

We hope that all the information we have provided you will help you to register your company! Greetings.

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