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All jobs require certain rules and regulations that must be adhered to in order to be legal. As well as taken into consideration in the different ministries of the world. In fact, if there is something that catches the attention of the Argentinian republic, is that each of its provinces has its own systematization that includes and houses the regulations that govern each of these areas of the labor aspect. As the Form D-1.

In the case of the Province of Cordobaone of the most important procedures is this Form D-1which is the one of Single Establishment of the business or company.

Form D-1

Of the many formalities that the Ministry of Labor of the Province of Córdoba, one of the main to have all the legal papers (and therefore there are no problems) is Form D-1. In it, a record of everything that is done in the company is recorded. Including points as important as the fact of where it is located and which (or which) are the items that are worked.

It must always be kept in mind that this type of form it is necessary for the government has proper control. Both on the amount of business, as well as on the correct compliance with the laws. Not only by the workers but also by the employer or employer.

Instructions to complete it

Of course, at this point, many will only be thinking about how this should be completed to be able to do it and deliver it.

However, of all the procedures that are available to users, this is one of the most complicated and headaches it produces. Because not because it is difficult to perform, but because of everything that needs to be filled out.

And this, together with the fact that there is currently no official instruction manual, means that citizens have had problems when carrying it out.

But there is no reason to fear, since in this article we leave you a step-by-step guide on how the form must be completed so that it is accepted without problems when it is time to submit it:

The first paragraph that you will find in the form asks for the number of CUIT (Unique Tax Identification Code). Then the name or company name of the business for which the form is being filled out.

After the second paragraph also has only a couple of options to fill, the first being the Fantasy name, which is (contrary to the company name). The name or nickname that corresponds to the nickname that the partners freely chose for the company. Then it’s just a matter of filling the space for the reference TE.

In it third paragraph will find the space to place the Address Labor Document (That is to say the Salary Books). In this space is where the number of the street, floor, apartment or premises should be placed, as well as the office where he is domiciled. It is also important to place if it is a gallery, shopping mall or neighborhood. Finally, do not forget to place the town and the postal code of the place.

For him fourth paragraph something similar to the third is found, since it is also about placing an address, only in this case it is the Operation address, which is where the work of the business is carried out, being where it works. Again, the street, apartment, apartment or premises, office and gallery, shopping mall or neighborhood where it is located, as well as the town and postal code, must be entered in this space.

In it fifth paragraph we will find that we must place the designated code, as well as the activities carried out in the business or company. Special emphasis must be placed on this point, since it must be explicitly stated which (or which) are the primary activities and, if there are secondary activities, which ones they are. Finally, you must place the item in which the economic activity is carried out.

At the moment the return is dividedsince so far only the identification data of the business and the owner or owner company have been requested.

From now on, the documentation that has been delivered will be requested to be marked, being as specific as possible.

Sounds pretty complicated, right? But there is nothing to worry about, since for that we also have a small guide on how it should be completed.

And it is that this second part of the form should be mostly filled by itself marking with an X in the corresponding box all those collections that have already been delivered, or those that are being delivered together with the form.

There are some sections in which you must place the dates and numbers of the document that is requested in the form, being always requested on the right side of the form, so that its location is easier when completing it.


Surely they already know how to complete the form by following the guide. However, also We leave you a few tips to make it easier to complete:

  • It is important to submit the entire series of documentation requirements requested in the form together with the form, so as not to leave any unchecked, since they are important so that there is no problem when submitting the completed form.
  • It would be good if, before starting to fill out the form, all the documentation requirements that are requested in the second half of the form have been searched in advance.
  • The form can be downloaded and printed at home, but it should be done in black ink for proper acceptance.
  • Remember that the form cannot be delivered with corrections, so it is a good idea to make a draft first and then fill out the one that will be delivered.
  • To fill out the form it is advisable to do it with a black ink pen, although with a blue ink one there should be no problems.

What is Form D-1

We have talked a lot about how to fill out Form D-1but we still haven’t touched on an important point: What is it?

The answer is quite easy. It is only a form in which reviews everything related to the establishment of a business. It is in which it is stated how it will work, who are its employees, what it is about, what items it covers and everything related to the place where it is established, as well as the salaries it pays to its employees.

What is it for

The reason for the existence of the Form D-1 is not only to add one more procedure, nor to increase the bureaucracy.

This form serves so that the government of the Province of Córdoba can keep an account in order on the amount of business that exist. As well as if they are in line with all the laws and regulations that the law dictates for its correct operation.

It also serves to keep a correct follow-up on the workers and employers of the business. In the sense of compliance with the salaries and duties of each one.


Behind all the forms that must be filled out to start a business, there is a whole regulation that regulates its correct procedure.

In the case of Form D-1:

The regulations that are contemplated within its regulation, are the laws regarding to the Labor Contract Law, Work Hours, Hairdressers Statute, Home Work, SMEs, Resolution 103/2010 of the Córdoba Secretary of Labor. It is about the provincial system of registration and administration of the rubric of books and labor documentation, mainly.

Why is the Ministry of Labor asking for it?

It is likely that you still have questions about the use of the form. If one of them is the reason for which the Ministry of Labor requires it, the answer is not very complicated.

The Ministry of Labor of Córdoba request Form D-1 to:

  1. Being able to track work activity and business of the province
  2. Ensure that all standards are being followed in an appropriate manner with respect to the business workers.

Is it mandatory?

One of the most common questions when having to carry out this type of procedure is whether it is something mandatory.

The answer is a resounding yessince it is requested by the Ministry of Labor for the aforementioned reasons.

So you already know. So that they do not put any type of inconvenience when delivering the certifications, it is better that you deliver Form D-1. Of course, to the competent authority as soon as possible.

At the end of this article, surely most of the doubts have been clarified. And they will be ready to fill out the form without any problems.

To make life a little easier for the reader, you can find the Form D-1 only here clicking on this section.

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