Form F1: Application for Registration – Trade and Industry

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F1 formthis form is used for the purposes of registering a business unit before the General Directorate of Tax Resources, of the Municipality of Córdoba.

If you need to know more about what this form is and what it is for, as well as how to complete the F1 form, keep reading.

Trade and Industry Forms

The municipality of Córdoba establishes a section of forms intended to regulate and standardize commercial and industrial activity in its jurisdiction, these forms have specific purposes and are implemented using tools that are coordinated with the federal administration through the AFIP, commercial forms and industry are these:

  1. Form F1 Commerce and Industry – Headquarters Registration.
  2. Form F2 Trade and Industry – Branch Procedures.
  3. Form F3 Trade and Industry – Transfers.
  4. Form F4 Trade and Industry – Modifications.

You will be able to access the portal of the municipality of Córdoba, where you will have access to all information on trade and industry procedures, giving click here

F1 form

This form is born as the instrument that allows a business or industry to be registered within the municipality, the F1 form is directed to the registration before the General Directorate of Tax Resources of a business that declares the registration to the municipality as its head office.

You can download the form at this link. Click here

What is it and what is it for?

This form simplifies procedures, minimizes the requirements and seeks to expedite waiting times for businessmen who need municipal authorization.

How to complete the form

To complete the form, keep in mind that your CUIT number serves as your identification as a taxpayer.

You will also need to inform your tax address as established in article 1 of RG 32/2016,

Thus, you are obliged to communicate to the General Directorate of Tax Resources your Electronic Tax Address through the page of AFIP

For this, you must have a level 3 tax code and you must declare the relationship PORTAL MUNICIPALIDAD DE CÓRDOBA.

Registration Instructions

You need to register your business follow this guide:

Step 1:

Enter the website of the Municipality of Cordova and click on the “procedures” tab.

Being in the section select «Business authorization». Within the section, a menu for enabling the name “Ventanilla Única” is displayed.

In the aforementioned section, the interested party must register and request the «feasibility» to install a commercial establishment in a certain place in the city.

Step 2:

After the load that I carry out in the «Single Window», you will receive a report where the following will be indicated:

  • List of requirements to be met,
  • Required documentation
  • Risk level of the activity it records.

Risk level: The municipality classifies economic activities, based on the risk to property, workers, the public, the environment or the community. The municipality puts at your disposal a table detailing the tabulators to determine this level, visit this link

Step 3:

The applicant must appear in Commerce and Industry, at this address must deliver the following:

  • Proof of registration in AFIP.
  • Photocopy of the owner’s ID.
  • Social Contract and signature of the partners, in case of being a company.
  • Real Estate Tax of the address where the activity will be carried out.

With the Registration Form, you must attend the Directorate of Private Works and Land Use, the Environment and Bromatology, if applicable, where, depending on the activity to be carried out, certain authorizations will be requested.

Other F1 Form of interest

  1. Form F1 Trade and Industry – Headquarters Registration.
  2. Form F2 Trade and Industry – Branch procedures.
  3. Form F3 Trade and Industry – transfers.
  4. Form F4 Trade and Industry – Modifications.

We hope that all the information we have provided you has been of use to you! Greetings.

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