Form PS 2.73: Request for Perception of Family Allowances – Mothers

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PS Form 2.73this form issued by the National Social Security Administration (ANSES), is a useful tool to minimize the economic impact that family separations that develop with a certain level of conflict could bring.

If you are interested in knowing more about how to download the form, what to do with it, what it is for, and we invite you to continue reading and we will help you with everything you need to know about the PS 2.73 form.

PS Form 2.73

The PS 2.73 form is an instrument that allows the administrative process that allows the applicant to receive family allowances to be carried out when a separation of couples has occurred and the party receiving the allowances is not the one who has been left in charge of the minor children in the family group.

In this case, the person who receives the family allowances must transfer the corresponding economic contribution to the person who has been left in charge of the minor children, if this does not happen, the party that is left without economic support can expedite the transfer using Form PS 2.73, without the need to wait or implement a judicial route of assistance.

All you have to do is submit this simple form to the National Social Security Administration (Anses), it will allow the funds to go the following month to the account of the person who lives with the children.

The aforementioned form is known as the “Mothers Form”, and is defined by ANSES as a “tool to ensure the collection of family allowances from those who live with the minors”.

This is the so-called “Mothers Form” – which can be downloaded as an attachment at the bottom of this page – a “tool to ensure the collection of family allowances for those who live with minors”, according to the Anses.

You can download this form by giving click here

How to complete the form

How to complete the form by Items, below:

  • Item 1: Fill in all the fields of the segment with your personal data in accordance with what is requested, do not leave the contact information without filling in, this is very important.
  • Item 2: You have to register the data and CUIL of the children and the other parent, if you do not know the CUIL number, you can only register the DNI number.
  • Item 5: Indicate your place where you will charge. If you select an account in your name as a payment option, you will have to provide a bank statement, which may be from an ATM or home banking. The statement must include your personal and account data.
  • Item 8: You will only be required to complete this segment when you are attended to in an ANSES office before a delegate.
  • Item 9: You must sign and clear your signature.

You should consider that if the plaintiff is under 18 years of age, you must prove a representative, for example: mother, father or legal representative. In this case, this situation must be filled out in the Item 7. The representative is required to sign on the Item 9.

For more information, check the official ANSES consultation portal, giving click here

What is it for

This form is used to ensure the collection of Family Allowances (AAFF) from the father or mother who lives with the children. The format provides you with the option of being able to collect family allowances directly, without the need for the consent of the other parent, it also makes it easier for you to do so without having to resort to a judicial seizure.

Collection of Family Allowances

To collect family allowances, you must indicate when loading the form, how you want to collect, if you will do it over the counter, for this you must provide information about the place where you want to collect. In case of opting for the payment method by transfer to your personal account, in this way you must present a bank certificate, where your personal data and account data are included.

You can check more details by visiting this link


Be registered in the Portal del Anses, and have your family ties registered, have your ID, and birth certificates of minor children.

How to carry out the procedure

  1. Accredit personal data: Visit the Anses portaland verify your personal data and family ties, this can be done in the section: My Ances.
  2. Download the form: If your data is correctly uploaded to Anses, you have to go to an Anses office with your completed form in hand. check in the section: Form PS 2.73, there you will find the download link. Applicants are received without turn. In the event that your data in the Anses system does not conform, you must go to an office of the institute and start the process with the assistance of a representative of the institute. You will have to bring birth certificates of minors and the DNI (National Identity Document) both in original and in copy.
  3. Complete the form: Fill in items 1, 2, 5, 8 and 9. In this article, in the section: How to fill out the form, you will find details about filling out the form.
  4. Submit the form: Go to an Anses agency, without any shift with your identity documents and your children’s documents, also with a bank receipt in case you want to charge on account.

Charge in case of absent father

You may request and obtain payment of family allowances in any of these two scenarios:

  1. If the parents separate and the person receiving the family allowance does not cohabit with the minor children, and is either delaying or denying the transfer of the family allowance to the parent who lives with the minor children.
  2. The parent who is in charge of the minor children does not know where the other parent is, and the latter is the one who collects the family allowances, and the parent who lives with the minor children does not have the means to obtain economic support, nor does he have a embargo or a judicial sentence, which allows you to obtain the allowance that the family needs.

In these scenarios, the value of the form is vital to help and shorten the process that minor children need.

Keep in mind that it is a simple procedure and you can do it without a turn at any Anses office, just by presenting your form PS 2.73, and the other required documents.

To continue reading, check out this link.

We hope that all the information we have provided you will be useful to process your mothers form! Regards.

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