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The 1276 web form is a service that allows all those taxpayers and those responsible for the Gross Income Tax to make the affidavit for the withholding agents of said tax.

This form constitutes the replacement of form 1276 by the web and as of 03.01.2018 established through RG 36/2017

This declaration constitutes the only valid record so that managers can accredit before the API the differential treatment applied when making the perception withholding. You want to know more? Keep reading!

Form 1276 Web

He form 1276 website It is done individually by withholding and/or perception agent.

For taxpayers:

This procedure is accessed using the AFIP tax code through the selection of the sworn statement and taxpayer consultation options.

This affidavit corresponds to the only valid record to prove the differential treatment applied by the withholding or collection agents.

This form must be printed and signed by the withholding agents, thus allowing a record of the date on which said affidavit was received.

The taxpayer can consult the declarations generated through different search filters, thus being able to export said records to attach them to their internal systems.

This form seeks to report as a sworn statement the condition of subject exempt from the Tax on gross income and/or rate that must be generated by withholding agents. The transferors must declare if they are exempt or if a tax rate of 3.65 is applied to them on their gross income

It is important then to understand that its mandatory use is available from 01.01.2018 when making the corresponding declarations

Access the form


To fill out this form, you must mainly have the following requirements.

  • CUIT and AFIP tax code Have the API Santa Fe service – web form 1276.
  • Affidavit and consultation-taxpayer Tax treatment:

To complete the options, you must consider what type of declaration you want to make

In case of an Individual Declaration it is important to have the following documents

  • Email of the withholding agent, in this way the agent can receive a notification that the declaration was generated.
  • The unique CUIT tax identification code of the withholding agent.
  • The taxpayer’s unique CUIT tax identification code

In the case of a Lot Declaration, it is important to have the following documents

  • Make a text file that contains all the CUITs and the email accounts of all the people to be declared.
  • Have the taxpayer’s unique CUIT tax identification code.
  • Email of the taxpayer, since the system will notify you when the process has been carried out

To fill it you must enter the Santa Fe website.

select option FORM 1276 WEB where the Gross Income Tax procedure can be found.

select option tax rate affidavit


Finally, click on the option taxpayers.

This spreadsheet can be downloaded, printed or exported as an excel file.

In case you want to know the affidavits already generated, you must enter the online procedure Tax on gross income, select the option form 1276 web and finally select the option affidavit of rate and consultation-taxpayers, this allows you to know the declarations, both individual as per batch

How to complete the form

This type of procedure, when characterized by being virtual and carried out through a web page, has two modalities to carry out its realization.

  • Select the option Fiscal Key Relations Administrator.
  • Click on the option Add Service.
  • Select the organization to which the service you wish to adhere corresponds, for this case it will be taken Tax Administration Prov.
  • Click on the option Interactive Services.
  • Select the service API- Santa-Fe Query Form. 1276 web- TAXPAYERS.
  • Verify that the adhesion was successful.
  • Exit the web page

Once all these steps have been completed, the following options must be selected

  • Access the page
  • select as topic Taxes and as a sub-topic Gross income tax- gross income tax procedure- gross income tax: forms 1276 web- aliquot affidavit and consultation- taxpayers.
  • Take into consideration the description of the proceduresince this provides information to carry out the procedure.
  • Do this procedure online and enter your fiscal key.
  • Click on the option continue.
  • Select the option two in case of making an individual declaration or a batch declaration.
  • In case of If you have any question or query, you must select option 1.
  • Select individual declaration or batch declaration depending on your case.
  • Complete the 1276 web form with all the data and information requested.
  • Once the form is completed, the agent will receive a notice to be able to view and print it.

This process lasts for at least 24 hours.

Where and when to submit the form

This form is free, can be done from any PC or mobile device as long as it has an internet connection and must be submitted to the Gross Income Tax withholding agents.

Who should use it

This form must be filled out by all taxpayers of the gross income tax in the province of Santa Fe, whether they are local taxpayers as part of the multilateral agreement regime.

Validity of the form

The resolution of said modality enters into force on December 20, 2017.

This web statement 1276 does not comply with an effective date, as long as the established conditions that gave rise to it do not change. It will be valid for 180 calendar days from the date of issuance to be presented.

Frequent questions

What should I do if I don’t know the email account of the withholding and/or perception agent?

Not including the email account means that the taxpayer must print the form and provide it to the agent in person

What should I do if I have several providers/agents to whom I must submit the web form, can I make a statement that applies to all?

In this case, it is necessary to attach a file that contains all the CUITS and emails of the providers/agents who are going to be declared separated by commas, for example:


How long can it take to process a declaration per batch?

The processing of this request has a delivery duration period of at least 24 hours. In the same way, it is important to constantly review the email since this will be the only way by which you will be notified when the process has been completed and if it was completed successfully or if any other additional information is needed.

What should I do in case of carrying out taxed/exempt activities? Do I have to file a single 1276 web form?

In this case, it is therefore important that a particular web form 1276 be submitted for each activity carried out, this will make it possible to better identify their tax treatment.

In case of being adhered to the Simplified Regime, should I submit form 1276 web?

In this case, it is not important to take into account that it is necessary to present form 1276 web, since Once the proof of adherence is obtained, this constitutes the document capable of certifying the situation with respect to the Simplified Regime and not being subject to withholdings and/or perceptions.

In the event that the withholding agent requests form 1276 on the web, said form must be prepared and reported in the Tax Deductions/Simplified Regime section of Law 137617- RG 6/2017 and amendments- Simplified Regime

What should I do if I am part of another jurisdiction other than the province of Santa Fe and I am a local or multilateral agreement taxpayer? How should I report this condition on the 1276 web form?

Likewise, the 1276 web form must be filled out, informing in the Tax Treatment section of the form, the RG 15/97 field must be selected and the field completed as follows

  1. Rate: 0%- Art. 12- Inc: -RG 15797(to 18/14 and modifications

In the same way, the type of taxpayer must be indicated, that is, if it is a local taxpayer or a multilateral agreement taxpayer, specifying which province it belongs to and the registration number of gross income with which it has

What can I do if the system generates an ERROR once the batch declaration has been made? What is this about? Was the batch processed?

When this message is presented, it is important to note that it refers to the fact that one of the records in the file has a blank instead of a CUIT (caused by an enter or by a blank space between the CUITs) without However the records were processed successfully since said records were valid

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