How to find out which union I am in: How to join a union

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You may have heard of the unions, Here you will know how you can join one if you wish. Keep reading!

Union Finder

By searching due to the activity and the respective associations that are available you will be able to find all those unions who have registered in the SGTyE

This search can be done either looking for the provinces, degrees, activities to be able to opt for the organizations that have their guild union registration and more.

will meet your disposition the information about its structure, background, life in the institution and its procedures with the files that have been presented in the direction of the nation for the associations of the SGTyE union.

between this information that is offered you can find:

  • The personal information who are in the union entity
  • The amount of people who have joined
  • The adhesions before some entity have a higher degree
  • The condition that it currently presents and its resolutions
  • The background of possible mergers, unions or dissolutions
  • The background of those who are intervened
  • The areas that could have personal performances or the territorial
  • The statutes that have been passed They will appear sorted by date.

You can check it in the link that here we present to you: Click here.

How to join a Union in Argentina?

The constitution of the country and its respective Labor legislation they have taken the prevention in granting freedom to the workers to be able to unite and in this way train the unions.

These Rights are currently regulated due to the Law of the Associations of the unions Number 23,351. This right can be applied once the person has already reached 14 years of age.


  • The application full income
  • Copy that has the extract of the bank with the account in which your identification and CBU are recorded
  • Copy that has your last receipt of payment
  • The card that proves the affiliation to the OSSEG, also the card of the membership of the main union with the copy and its original
  • The license of the children who have joined the OSSEG with the copy and the original
  • The original record that the children are currently studying, or a copy that has been certified by their employer.

What subsidies does the Insurance Union have in Argentina?

They currently own the school allowance that it is suitable for all the children of the people who are affiliated to this union and to the OSSEG who are between the ages of 4 and 18

There can be no doubt that what is ours school year that corresponds to this exercise will not be affected by the deterioration that the purchasing power that his salary allows.

This derived from the effects of annual inflation, if not also due to the high and recent increases that have presented the public services, which will affect said purchasing power and therefore in the school basket.

At the same time, aggravating the situation that arises due to what we have already described, we must add the increase in the services of passenger transportwhich without a doubt will also affect the economy of all workers.

For this he insurance syndicate With the provision of what corresponds to the school subsidy, it grants this help to all those who are affiliated, who have children of the ages described, in order to be able to collaborate with the expenses that they have each year.

In this way you can also help to increase the possibilities that they have a better and in turn a higher educational level that will contribute to the development of the country.

In this way also when taking into account that the situation that workers currently have in what the context implies economic and socialwhich can even be considered critical with regard to the value of the salary.

I am paying attention to what the social and economic reality that it continue in the situation already described, because of it, this management has been resolved that not only should this subsidy be in force, in this way increases will be made according to the figures

This amount, which can be considered unprecedented, is in turn considered a subsidy that few union organizations could grant among their benefits, this would be the result of the negotiations that gives priority to generating a neat and planned administration

All this is done with the sole objective of being able to overturn them with the benefit granted exclusively to affiliated persons and their families.

Union Law


The freedoms in the union may be guaranteed due to the rules that the organization may use to refer to the actions taken by the union associations.


All associations that may have as their object the power to defend the interests that the workers may demonstrate that they will have to be governed by the words of this law.


It is understood what is the interest of the workers to everything that is related to the conditions of their work and those that have their life.

The union’s actions must contribute to the disappearance of the obstacles that could hinder the full realization of its workers.


Workers may have the following union rights:

  • To constitute freely without having any need to have prior authorization with regard to union associations.
  • They can join those that are already constituted, also choose not to join or be able to disaffiliate

All those that are union associations will be able to exercise the rights that we will explain to you:

  • They can determine their name but without being able to use those that have already been taken, nor those that could have an error or cause confusion.
  • They can determine what their objective is, the personal representation they will have and their performance in the territory
  • They adopt the type of organization that they can classify as the most appropriate, approve the chosen statutes and be able to establish associations of a higher degree, also affiliate or disaffiliate from those already constituted.
  • Carry out the formulation of its program for action, thus carrying out all those that are lawful activities that have their defense in the possible interest of the workers.

Especially those who could exercise their right to bargain collectively, participate in strikes, or perhaps take other legitimate measures for their union action.


All the public powers and even more specific the administrative authorities of their work. Employers and even their associations with any person, whether physical or legal.

They must refrain from being able to limit the autonomy of each trade union association. This goes further than what the current legislation has established.


Union associations cannot establish any difference for any political, social, ideological, national, creed, gender or race reasons.

In this way, it must refrain from discriminating against workers due to said circumstances, what has been provided also governs what concerns higher-level associations or, in this case, lower ones.


All union associations will be able to guarantee that an internal democracy is effective, for this reason their statutes must be able to guarantee:

  • Have a fluid communication with the internal bodies that the association has with its respective affiliates
  • The delegates have with the deliberative bodies to be able to act with the mandate that they will have with their constituents. Informing you later about your management with the entities
  • An effective participation with respect to all affiliates. In what corresponds to the life of the association. Thus guaranteeing having a direct election with regard to managers with local unions.
  • Make a correct representation with respect to the minorities of the moments of the deliberations

Trade union associations cannot agree to receive any financial support from employers. Nor of any political body of the nation or that is foreign

This type of prohibition does not prohibit the contributions that employers can make as long as it corresponds to legal or conventional norms.


They will be considered as associations of workers’ unions that are constituted with:

  • Workers who carry out the same type of activity or, where appropriate, related activities
  • Those who are workers of the same trade, either by profession, their category or who are performing different activities
  • For the workers who offer their services to only one company.


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