How to know AFIP Monotribute debt: Means of payment

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Registration with the AFIP is mandatory for all professionals, if you selected the Monotributo, How to know AFIP Monotribute debt: Means of payment, it will be very useful for you.

You will find the different means of payment and the steps to take, so that you are up to date with your tax commitment.

What is the monotribute

It is understood by monotribute to the Simplified Regime System, made up of two elements: the pension, specifically for contributions to retirement and social work.

Y the other is the tax, this is separated into categories, taking into account the gross income from billing, lThe surface area affected by the activity and the electrical energy consumed, among other factors.

The monotributo consists of a fixed fee, which must be paid monthly. With this payment, the obligations generated by the income tax and VAT. As well as those linked by you contributions to retirement and those of the National Health Insurance System.

There are figures of autonomous worker and monotributista. Their primary difference being that the monotributista works in a dependency relationship and the self-employed, obviously does it on their own.

One of the characteristics of monotributo, is that it is aimed only at small taxpayers, given the case that it exceeds a certain amount of billing, it will be necessary to adhere to the General Regime.

count on the Tax code enabled with security level 2 and the CUIT number, will allow you to adhere to the monotributo. Through the AFIP website, by means of an electronic data transfer of form F. 184, upon completing the steps, a record of the transaction and the payment credential are received.

How to know AFIP monotribute debt

It is possible to do it by fulfilling the following previous steps, remember that It is necessary that you have the CUIT number and the tax code.

  1. enter to AFIP For the Fiscal Key, enter your CUIT number
  2. Locate the Fiscal Key Relationship Manager option
  3. Identify Join the Service and select it
  4. Display the AFIP option and enter Interactive Services
  5. Locate «CCMA Current Account for Monotributistas and Self-Employed Taxpayers»
  6. Confirm the operation, exit the page and re-enter with the Tax Code to continue with the procedures.

Operations are already enabled, Here are two options to obtain the monotributo debt:

  1. Locate at the bottom of the screen, «CCMA Current Account for Single-tax and Self-Employed Taxpayers» and the account statement will immediately appear with the balance of the debt to be paid.
  2. You can also enter «Monotributo», select «Account statement», then «See balance / Pay» and it will show the balance in favor and the debt to be paid.

How to make the payment

There are several ways to pay the monotributo and the requirement in all that you have a bank account or credit card.

To use these modalities it is not necessary to go to the collection office, you can do it from:

A Banelco or Link ATM:

  • From Homebanking Link, carry out the previous procedure with your debit card at the ATMs of the same network as the card and obtain the access code.
  • Through the Banelco Network, to make use of this medium, you must obtain the access key by selecting other operations. Payments can be made through Pay my accounts.

Also from the electronic bankingrequesting the debit to your bank account or credit card and paying by phone to your adhered card

  • With automatic debit to bank account, it can be with the checking account or the savings account, in the bank office you formalize the adhesion to the service. It can be by phone by dialing 0810-345-7274.
  • Through credit cardsit is possible to use the payment by telephone and also adhere to the automatic debit, through the following telephone numbers:
  • Argencard – Mastercard – (011) 4340-5665; Cabal – (011) 4319-2550; Visa – (011) 4378-4499.

The VISA allows adherence to automatic debit from your website.

The card mastercardcan also be used for payments.

  • By Internet:
  1. Through the electronic page of the AFIP, entering with tax code
  2. Select «Monotribute»
  3. Access «Account statement», then «See balance / Pay»
  4. The amount to pay and the available banking options will be displayed
  5. Select the one of your convenience and perform all the steps indicated

When the payment of the Monotributo must be made

The commitment of the Monotribute is honored, on a monthly basis, until the 20th of the month corresponding.

It must be taken into account that if that date is a holiday or weekend, the expiration date is transferred to the next first business day.

If it were the first month of the beginning of the activities linked to the Monotributista, this first payment can be made until the last day of that month.

What are the means to cancel the Monotax

To cancel the Monotribute, in any of its classes, only and exclusively electronic means are used.

With the exception of the face-to-face modality, for small taxpayers or social monotributistas, who can make cash payments at the payment booths.

The social monotributista is generally registered in the work cooperatives. Also in the Regime of Social Inclusion and Promotion of Independent Work or in the National Registry of Effectors of Local Development, and Social Economy of the Ministry of Health and Social Development.

What happens if I accumulate a Monotributo debt

If it happens that you stop billing or you did not carry out the activity linked to the Monotributo, you have the option to unsubscribe from the Monotributo. In this way, you prevent the payments that the AFIP is waiting to be made from accumulating, in accordance with the agreed guidelines.

When the AFIP does not receive the payment of the monthly fee, for ten consecutive months, it will automatically deregister. But During that time, an unpaid amount or debt has already accumulated, which has generated interest, increasing the debt to be paid.

It is good to remember that if you decide to cancel your activity, you must cancel the municipal and provincial taxes, if you have registered.

Frequently, these taxes are on gross income and municipal taxes.


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