How to know for how many children I receive the allowance: Steps and requirements

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Within a country there are different projects and social plans to acquire help from government entities. These projects help economically people with low resources or economic deficit.

Many of the projects are administered by different government entities designed and founded for such work. Due to this, the proper functioning of these plans and projects is maintained correctly and efficiently.

At the same time, these projects have currently expanded to a large part of the countries worldwide. Therefore many of these They have the support of more influential organizations as is the UN.

Because of this, we invite you to stay with us and acquire new knowledge in relation to this topic. We will also tell you how many children you receive the allowance for, the steps and requirements you must follow to obtain them.

How to know for how many children I receive the allowance

Within Argentine territory an organization has been set up to finance and administer social assistance plans. However, it is important to highlight that said organization has the name ANSES.

Likewise, this organization offers you an internship website where you can check quickly the different procedures and requests. You can also check for how many children you will receive the allowance.

This page offers you a simple guide that will help you consult it correctly. Below we will share the link where you can check how many children you charge the universal allowance for: Consult assignment.

What is the consultation for?

Carrying out said consultation is of vital importance in order toAcquire the basic and essential knowledge when applying for such help. In addition, you will know the limits established by the organization for the financing of the plans.

It is important to mention that currently the 52% of parents belonging to said aid have only one child. The other parents are systematically distributed as follows:

  • 28% has a total of 2 sons.
  • 13% has a total of 3 sons.
  • 5% of parents have 4 sons.
  • The other 5% remaining have 5 children.

Let’s remember that these statistical calculations are based on the last census carried out within Argentine territory. As well as in the distribution of registered or parents with financing in this organization.

Who is entitled to the Universal Allowance per child?

Many people tend to have a bad concept when it comes to this topic. Most people think that this type of financial aid can be granted to any person or citizen residing within the country.

The truth is that you must meet a series of characteristics and traits which will be under the supervision of the ANSES. They must be palpable or verifiable at the time of the periodic evaluations carried out by said body.

That is why we will tell you what these characteristics are or in what situations the ANSES can provide you with such help:

  • Parents who are unemployed or unemployed.
  • A worker who is not registered or who does not make significant contributions to the economic stability of the family.
  • Domestic service worker.
  • A social monotributist father.
  • Representatives enrolled in work programs such as “Hacemos Futuro” and “Manos a la Obra” or other existing ones.

It should be noted that this service can be purchased individually. This means that does not need consent of both parents to process it.

What requirements must you meet?

In order to process the application before the ANSES and start enjoying this financial aid you have to meet the following requirements and errands:

  • National Identification Document (DNI).
  • Birth certificate or birth certificate of the minor.
  • A certificate or accreditation of the civil union, marriage or cohabitation.
  • Argentine citizens residing within the national territory. In case of being foreigners, they must have a minimum of 3 years of permanence in Argentina.

Other AUH consultation methods

At the time of acquiring or obtaining the financial aid service from the ANSES You will be issued a debit card. With this you will be able to administer and manage the money granted by the competent entity.

This card offers a wide variety of benefits and contributions in the ease and comfort of the dependent. Currently, various query methods have been designed to know the balance of the same.

That is why today we will teach you the fastest and most practical methods to check the available balance on your debit card. In order to have better control and management of it.

  • If your card is granted by the Banelco network or other banks that have a web or homebanking platform, you can check it online.
  • You can check it at an ATM if it is issued within the aforementioned parameters.

Remember that if you have not issued or requested a debit card within the aforementioned banks you will not be able to use any of these options. If you simply do not have one, we invite you to request one and so you can enjoy these options.

Who should not attend the ANSES delegations

All citizens with minor children, that some period they worked regularly and now are unemployed, working in the market refractory or those who are receiving other social plans.

They should not attend the facilities to withdraw the payment because it will be made automatically as of December 1st. Since the process of requesting and withdrawing funds is activated within the ANSES web platform.

Who should approach an ANSES delegation

Solely and exclusively citizens with children who are not registered must appear at the facilities of Ministry of Developing Social,Ministry of Worked and at the ANSES offices.

Likewise, you must go with the National Identity Document (DNI) of the members of your family nucleus together with the respective birth certificates of your children. Since without these documents the process will not be carried out satisfactorily.

When is it paid

The payment of the monthly maintenance of the infant or minor will begin to be made from the first of December of the year in which it is requested. In this way, new records will be applied annually and in a controlled manner, in order to validate the veracity of each of the cases.

The amount of the financing plan will be adapted to the economic situations and number of children supported. In turn attach to a table financing rates pre-established by the ANSES.

Is any additional documentation required?

Once the process of collecting the financial aid service has started, after a certain number of months you must submit other documents. Below we will specify the documents to be processed:

  • if the child is less than 4 years old must carry the health control and the vaccination card on a mandatory basis.
  • From the age of 5 years onwards must carry the accreditation that demonstrates the concurrence and attendance at public educational centers.

Finally, we urge our public not to carry out this procedure if we really do not need it. Since you will contribute so that a person who really needs it loses the opportunity to receive this help.

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