How to know if a notary is legal: Everything you haven’t been told

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At present in the law career there is the possibility of being a notarybut it doesn’t hurt to know How to know if a notary is legal? Since all legal activities are legal, it is necessary to know if being a notary is also legal.

What is a Notary?

He is a professional who graduated from law and has a public function. That works in the notaries to attest to the acts that are carried out in the same. Certify agreements and important documents are legal.

Plus you have to behave impartially, in all activities that are carried out in the notary so that everything is done as it really has to be. It is very important to highlight the difference between the notary public from centuries ago and he notary that exists today, since in a certain part both were dedicated to the handling of documents.

The scribes centuries ago they dedicated themselves to writing everything that their masters entrusted to them. In itself, it was the ones that captured in letters everything that someone investigated. Write an important document or letter. A notary is dedicated to writing everything that people needed to be on paper.

Today, the definition of notary It hasn’t changed much. Since both have to be actual witnesses perform important activities and verify that everything in their deed is correct. Although notary of the times of yesteryear, he dedicated himself only to writing.

Functions of the Notary

Now to better understand what a notary, it will mention what are the functions that it has to perform. In this way, people who are interested in being a notary know what they have to do if they want to practice this profession.

These are the functions you have to fulfill the scribes:

  • Give authenticity of contracts and legal acts where they are involved in the agreement.
  • Listen carefully to the people who want to make an agreement and then write a document making clear the intentions of both parties.
  • Being impartial when presenting a case, you can never act in favor of a party, but abide by what the law says.
  • Provide advice on the important things that a person has to do, such as buying or selling land, making a will, forming a company or allowing their children to travel outside the country.

In itself the function of notary it is better to be an impartial lawyer. That is dedicated to making legal documents on the agreements that one person or several can reach. For this reason, notaries are dedicated to working more than anything in notaries, which is where the documents are validated according to the law.

What do you need to know before signing a deed?

For notarized documents to be valid, they must be signed by a notary. It is recommended that the deed contain the following:

  • The requirements required by the deed must be present.
  • The Document must be well written, clearly indicating its purpose..
  • That the corresponding fees have been paid.
  • In the case of an agreement, the parties must agree on what is mentioned in the contract.

It is necessary to indicate that there are several scripts. Which has its own requirements to be valid. Besides The most important thing is that the deed complies with the provisions of the law according to its purpose..

By recommendation, consult a lawyer before notarizing a deed, so that your own interests are protected according to the law.

How to know if a notary is legal?

To know the legal support you have notary, The legal basis of this profession in the public sphere will be explained. Since in every society there are rules where its members are obliged to comply with them.

In the case of notary. The law 404 YoIt indicates the duties and rights that a person with this type of profession has to do:

  • The notaries have to be able to fulfill their functions, they must be registered by the college of notarieswhich corresponds to the province where you reside or the school where you can carry out this type of procedure.
  • Any notary can work in any notary, regardless of the province where he completed his collegiateso no matter where the notary comes from, they can always practice their profession and meet the other requirements.
  • There is the right that any notary has in make any query or request a report on the functions performed by your position, this can be requested directly at the school where you are registered.
  • The notary associations have the right to assign honoraries, distinctions and titles to notariesthat is, it establishes the conditions for a notary to exercise the position of counselor, president, dean or partner, governed by what is indicated by law.

If you want to know more about this law 404 You can read it whenever you want by entering hereis also the law 9020 that talks about the scribes and the notaries

Requirements to be a notary

You are already aware of what you have to do notary and what is the legal basis of this profession, but it is good to know what a person needs to be able to exercise this type of position, the case that catches their attention or that they want to continue with the family profession.

Well, without going any further, this is what a person must have to be a scribe:

  • Being born in Argentina or at least 6 years old with Argentine nationality.
  • Have a law degree that has been acquired at a university or that it has been revalidated in it. The position can also be held by people who have titles that are related to being a notary public.
  • Be a member of a notary college or be a member of the college corresponding to your career.
  • Be of age.
  • Have completed two years fulfilling notarial activities.

Who can not be notaries?

Something that cannot be left out of mention is what are the limitations that a person has in order not to exercise being a notary. TOYes, you don’t waste your time becoming a professional in the area. These are the conditions that prevent a person from becoming a notary public:

  • Person with a disability that prevents him from exercising his position, especially if the person is blind, deaf or mute.
  • Having a criminal record, especially if the person served a prison sentence.
  • Having lost the license, by any jurisdiction in the country. Once he loses it, he can no longer serve as a notary public.

There are not many conditions, but from what they are somewhat rational, since the same does are well justified for anyone who has these types of conditions, they do not have the right to be notary.

Are there age limits to be a notary public?

Yes, like everything in every profession there is a period of ages in which a professional can carry out the activity for which I study so much. In the case of I write also, The profession can be exercised from the age of majority and knowledge until the notary turn 50.

For this reason it is recommended that if you want to be a notary, it is best to prepare for office as quickly as you can enjoy and succeed in your career.

With this it is already clear how to know if a notary is legal? One can even reach the conclusion that it is important that in every society there is a notary, since people have to have someone to validate the documents they have so that they are legal.


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