How to know if I am affiliated with a party: Online modality

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You found the quick and safe steps to obtain information about your political affiliation! How to know if I am affiliated with a party: online modality, You will clear up doubts about your party affiliation.

Membership of a political party must be voluntary and in support of the principles and ideals of the party. Involuntary affiliation is not a good attitude, review your partisan situation, read us and find out how to achieve it.

How do I know if I am affiliated with a party?

To facilitate consultation, to the affiliations in a political party. The National Electoral Chamber through the affiliate registrationhas provided an electronic platform within the reach of all citizens.

It is easily accessible and very friendly for all registered voters.

Through the website

It is required to enter the website of the National Electoral Chamber.

  1. Once inside, locate the section Party affiliation inquiry and press
  2. Place the Identity Document Number, select the sex
  3. Write the validation code that you see in the image
  4. Click on Search
  5. Informational data will be displayed immediately. Otherwise you will see a response message.
  6. Confirm the connection to a printer and select the Print option. In a short time you will have the constancy in your hands.

How do I disaffiliate from a party?

To formalize the resignation or disaffiliation of a political group, It must be done by sending a telegram.

Using the services of the Official Mail of the Argentine Republic, at no cost.

also of face-to-face, before the district electoral secretary corresponding.

The Federal Court with electoral jurisdiction makes the withdrawal and proceeds to notify the pertinent political party.

What do you need if you want to join a party?

To join a political party, the following is required:

  • Have the registration in the electoral registry of the district where the affiliation is made
  • Possess the DNI, to certify the identity
  • Complete the file or internal form of the selected party.

People who:

  • They have been excluded from the electoral roll.
  • They serve in the Armed Forces, security forces and judges.

The law does not allow dual affiliation to political parties. It is obligatory to renounce the affiliation of a group, in order to be able to join another.

What is a political party

Constitutionally, Political parties are indispensable institutions in the democratic system. The laws guarantee citizens the right to be grouped in political parties.

Your Main functionis the election of the candidates, who will be postulated for the elections of the different public offices.

The right to be constituted, its organizational structure, to operate under its own government and to enjoy operation in total freedom, is based on the law.

The use and origin of these resources must be published within the reach of public opinion.

For the formation of a political party, it is necessary to meet some requirements:

  1. Have a group of people with the right to vote or voters
  2. Have drafted an organic letter. In this letter you will find the statutes for its operation and organization
  3. They must elect their authorities periodically.
  4. Possess judicial recognition.
  5. Be registered in the respective public registry

exist district and national order political parties.

District political parties must have members equal to or greater than 4% of the electoral total, among other requirements, in order to obtain recognition.

And the national order parties must have recognition in a minimum of five districts.

What are the political parties in Argentina?

In Argentina, political parties are classified according to the territory where they have operations.

There are two types of parties: district and national. Obviously, district ones are limited to recognition in a geographical area or province.

The nationals, respectively They cover the entire geographic territory of the country, and must be recognized in a minimum of 5 provinces.

Among one of the requirements that the law demands, each party must be recognized with a name, additionally initials or acronyms of this.

The name of the party, its initials and the symbology that is linked, are for the exclusive use of the political group. Historically, the number of political groups in Argentina has been increasing.

It is said that in the last decade, those of a national order could be between 30 and 40 groups and the district parties in an amount between 500 and 700.

As a result of the political reform of 2009, where the requirements for recognition were increased, the decrease of the parties became notable.

Starting in 2015, the activation of partisan groups began to be noticed.

Until the first semester of 2019, there are forty-four recognized political groups in the national order and in the district order it amounts to 668.

The studies carried out on the recognized district parties show that they are distributed unequally. Being the province of Buenos Aires, the one that leads the largest number of groups with 71 recognized parties and Chubut, one of the least, with only 12 recognized political parties.

It is important to highlight that the national order parties are the ones that can nominate candidates for the elections of President and Vice President of the Nation.

District parties can nominate candidates for national senators and representatives.

Finally, we show a list with the names of the national political parties, with the date of their foundation:

  1. Mov. of Integration and Development 07 .04 .1983
  2. Justicialista Party 25.04.1983
  3. Radical Civic Union 31.05.1983
  4. Christian Democrat 13 .06 .1983
  5. Uncompromising 06 24 .1983
  6. Federal 22.07.1983
  7. Progressive Democrat 07.29.1983
  8. Communist Party 31.05.1983
  9. Movement to Socialism 22.12.2014
  10. Popular Conservative Party 14.09.1983
  11. People’s Union 17.04.1986
  12. UNIR Constitutional Nationalist Party 09 .11 .1989
  13. Mov. Workers Socialist 06 15 .2018
  14. Free Movement of the South 06 .03 .1995
  15. Big Front Party 19.04.1995
  16. ARI Civic Coalition Affirmation for an Egalitarian Republic 23.09.2002
  17. Socialist Party 20.02.2003
  18. Victory Party 05.03.2003
  19. Neighborhood Action Movement 07 31 2007
  20. The left for a Socialist Option 10.30.2007
  21. PRO – Republican Proposal 03 .06 .2010
  22. Light Blue and White Union Party 11.24.2010
  23. Solidarity Party 07.12.2010
  24. Kolina 13.06.2011
  25. GEN 15 .06 .2011
  26. Workers Party for Socialism 07 11 2012
  27. Workers Party 05 31 2013
  28. Instrument elect. Popular Unity 15.10.2013
  29. Democracy and Equity 08 21 2014
  30. From Labor and the People 09 23 2014
  31. Of the Concertación Forja 14 .10 .2014
  32. On Culture, Education and Work 12 23 2014
  33. The Faith Party 06 .02 .2015
  34. Third Position P3P 08 .06 .2015
  35. Federal Renovator 09 .06 .2015
  36. Federal Commitment 05 13 .2016
  37. Mov. Political, Social and Cultural South Project 09 30 2016
  38. Labor and Equity 05 15 .2017
  39. New Left 21.03.2019
  40. Democratic Party 22.05.2019
  41. Autonomist Party 06 12 .2019
  42. Authentic Renewal Front 06 12 .2019
  43. Freedom and Dignity 06 12 .2019
  44. Popular Dignity 06 12 .2019


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