How to know if I am fit to enter the army: Requirements and steps

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A dynamic life full of challenges, the Argentine army offers you. read How to know if I am fit to enter the army: Requirements and steps and you will have more clarity to enter this force.

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How do I know if I am fit to join the military?

Entering the military career, requires as in all professions to gather a series of aptitudes and attitudes.

These start with the vocation of each individual to defend the homeland.

For this work a strong preparation is necessary. That is to say, robust physical and intellectual trainingin relation to the demand and effort.

In the process of entering the force, in addition to the intellectual assessment. are performed medical examinationswhich includes the behavior analysis or psychological and physical, which assess the physical condition.

The result of these studies is categorized as suitable or not suitable. According to the metrics designed for the profile of a citizen who will carry out military operations.


The common requirement to enter training as an officer, non-commissioned officer, or soldier is have Argentine nationality by birth or by option.

Below we will list the specific requirements for the different trainings.

As Officer of the Weapons and Specialties

  1. Minimum age 18 years and maximum up to 25 years of age.
  2. being single
  3. Complete secondary studies, or with a maximum of two subjects to complete.
  4. The minimum heights for men of 1.55 meters and women of 1.50 meters.

nursing officer

  1. Entry up to 24 years of age.
  2. Marital status single
  3. Have completed secondary studies, with a maximum of two subjects owed.
  4. Minimum height for men: 1.55 meters and women 1.50 meters.

Professional Corps Officer

  1. With marital status single, married or divorced
  2. The minimum height required for entry of men: 1.60 meters and women: 1.55 meters.

The maximum ages required vary according to the professional area:

  1. Maximum entry age up to 32 years for the Military Band
  2. Up to 30 years of age for Veterinarians, Dentists, Doctors, Pharmacists, Biochemists and Lawyers.
  3. Systems Analysts and Physical Education Teacher up to 27 years of age
  4. Pilots are up to 25 years of age

army non-commissioned officers

  1. be single
  2. Ages of men or women between 18 and 23 years of age
  3. In accordance with the selected career, they should not owe more than two years of secondary studies to complete them, with the option of finishing at the Non-commissioned Officers School.

Volunteer Soldiers

  1. Age between eighteen and twenty-four years
  2. Approved primary studies.
  3. Single marital status, with children or legal dependents.
  4. If you are under twenty-one years of age, you must have legal authorization from your legal representatives (parents or guardians).

These are the basic requirements required. For more specific information, it is suggested to contact the army units closest to your home, contact the different schools by telephone or electronic means.

Steps to follow

Once we meet the basic requirements, for the application to enter the Argentine army. A number of steps are required, including:

  1. Register the application for admission, by the means that each alternative or career that the army has for this purpose.
  2. Submit to intellectual tests with them the levels of knowledge in areas such as history, geography, mathematics, language, etc. are evaluated.
  3. Assess physical capacity and fitness, It refers to the performance of physical exercises to assess the condition, such as jogging, push-ups, among others, etc.
  4. Comply with medical examinations, these range from biochemical analyzes to more specific studies in the area of ​​traumatology, visual acuity, otorhinolaryngology, anthropometry, orodental.
  5. Conducting psychological/psychotechnical tests, with the purpose of defining the psychological, emotional profile of the applicant, knowing the reason or motivations to exercise the military career.

What careers are there in the military

In your preparation as a military you can also obtain a profession as an Officer, Non-commissioned Officer and Soldier of the Argentine Army.

  • Be Argentine Army officer. It includes training to conduct and lead the various military organizations from various levels of leadership. In order to fulfill the operational missions to be developed.

This preparation has a duration of four years with a college degree. It is necessary to have completed secondary studies.

For more information on the Official career, you can consult the following link of the Military College of the Nation.

Within the Military College you will find careers such as Weapons and Specialties Officer.

This option is up to 25 years of age, with training for Infantry, Cavalry, Artillery, Engineers, Communications, Arsenals and Quartermaster. Being the title granted as Degree in Driving and Operational Management.

also like Nursing Officer. The maximum age to choose is up to 24 years, upon completing the training the title of Bachelor of Nursing, with orientation in Emergentology and Trauma.

The other option offered is to Officer of the Professional Corps. A 4-month preparation course for Military Service is given to professionals from various areas that are of interest to the force. With the purpose that they exercise in the army the functions related to their specialization.

Among these professionals are lawyers, dentists, systems analysts. Also graduates in nursing, biochemists, pilots, pharmacists. Even doctors, physical education teachers and veterinarians.

Two years of preparation are required for the title in the Military Band.

The age limitation depends on the specialization, likewise the titles that are granted in the ranks of lieutenant and second lieutenant.

  • in the degree of Non-commissioned officer of the Argentine Army. The training lasts 2 years and is dedicated to fulfill operational missions in different geographical environments.

For more information you can access the School of NCOs of the Army «Sergeant Cabral».

In this school, the training of non-commissioned officers for the command corps is sought, and in specialties and services for the formation of the permanent cadre.

The Weapons program includes training for professional personnel in the Cavalry, Infantry, Artillery, including Engineers or Communications.

While in the «Specialties and Services» section. He receives professional training in the areas of Administration, Mechanics, Electronics, Music, as well as Nursing and Motor Driver.

  • Training is also offered volunteer soldier. In this area, the volunteer is trained to fulfill specific and executive roles, depending on the organization where they join.

At the rank of Volunteer Soldier, the citizen can be in the Force for a maximum duration of ten years.

With a maximum age of 28 years. Fulfilling responsibilities according to his personal abilities and aptitudes, after basic instruction on military techniques and tactics.

Before being 24 years old, the volunteer soldier is presented with the option of deciding to continue in this area or choosing between an Officer or a Non-commissioned Officer, to continue his training.

If you are interested in further information, you can contact 0800-999-3537.

When are the inscriptions for the Argentine army

Enrollment dates for the range of Officer, at the Military College:

  1. Nursing, Weapons and Specialtiesfrom February to November 2019, to take exams between November and December 2019.
  2. For him Professional BodyRegistrations range from September 2019 to April 2020, in specific periods according to the applicant’s profession, as well as exams.

The period of registrations as Volunteer Soldier, is published in the different media of the country. For more accurate information you can call 0800-999-3537. Also attend the Army unit closest to your residence or any of the recruitment centers located in the provinces.

The registration period for the Sergeant Cabral NCO Schoolends on October 15, and the period for the exams is scheduled from November 04 to 08, 2019.

Benefits of being in the military

Among the various benefits we find of great value, the continuous training and military instruction that is offered both to students and to members of the organisms, in their different ranks.

The personnel attached to the Argentine Army have a health and social coverageadditional to monthly income plus supplements by the location of the unit where the operations are being carried out.

Additionally, the social security contributions relevant, and it is possible that they assign lodging in the same unit where you work.

In those cases where secondary studies have not been completed, they offer you the support and flexibility that is necessary for your successful completion.

Being a member of the Argentine Army generates the pride of being a protector of society and the sovereignty of the nation.

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