How to know if I am in the truth: Steps to follow

Surely at some point a credit has been requested, but as you can know you have a credit requested or not. This raises the question How do I know if I’m in Veraz? Answer it by reading this article.

How do I know if I’m in Veraz?

What Truthful is record that is linked with Central Bank of the Republic of Argentina There are three ways to determine whether or not it is Truthful, something that is good for those who apply for a loan, you can make the consultation in the way that suits your needs. These are the ways in which the query can be made:


For those people who have the benefit of accessing the Internet as many times as they want, they have this option to make the consultation at the time they want and on the day they have available to do it. Follow these simple steps to find out if you belong to the group Truthful or not:

  • Then you have to scroll down until you find the icon that says Debtors Central.

  • The page will then go on to request the query data, which is only Unique Labor Identification Code, tell the reCAPTCHA system that you are not a robot and press the button with Consult.

  • Wait for the system to check to say it is in Truthful or not and once the message is already given, that would be all for this part.

Making a phone call

If what you have available is a telephone, you can make a call to (011) 5352 4800 where the operators will tell you the current state you have in Truthful.

You only have to indicate the number of the National Identification Document and have some questions. The call can only be made between Monday and Friday, from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m..

Visit the customer service office

For those people who can access the Internet when they want or do not have the facility to make a call, they have the option of going directly to the office of the credit institution to find out if they are part of the debtors of Truthful.

You just have to follow these steps that are nothing special:

  1. Go to the office where they make loans that is closest to the area where you live.
  2. Tell the person who is caring for you that you want to know your status Truthful.
  3. Submit your National Identity Document so that your history can be found in the system.
  4. Then they will use the right of access, you will be informed if you appear with credit in Truthful or not.

Consultation by the office can only be done once every 6 months.

This is all that has to be done to be able to know the state in which a person is in Truthful.

Any of the queries can be used to find out how the debt is and even when it has time to be cancelled.

Steps to get out of Veraz

In fact, there are not many steps that have to be done to be able to obtain this credit institution, the main one is pay the doubt you have with the company. But there are three ways to get out of this database, which harms anyone who wants to apply for a loan again, these are the ways.

  • As previously mentioned canceled the debt that is owedwhich once this payment is made, Veraz must be notified that it has already been settled with a form that is said to be free of doubts, he can acquire it where you pay the debt or at the offices of the credit institution.
  • by claimThis is the way used by people who are in the system as a debtor, but have already paid their debt or are there because of a system error, you have to make a call to (011) 5352 4800.
  • Max system timeaccording to Law 326, in its article 26 says no person can be in the database Truthful for more than 5 years even if you have not paid the debt, if you are still in this database after that time you can request a claim in it for disclosure of personal data. The fact that your personal information does not appear on this list does not mean that you are acquitted of the debt, the credit company has to find other means to force you to pay.

Payment method

The easiest way to pay this type of debt is by entering the page of the company where I request the loan and pay with a credit card. These are the most used cards so far:

  • Visa.
  • mastercard.
  • amexpress.

Sure, each company has its own way of receiving the loan payment, you just have to verify what options you have to pay and get out of this commitment. The more you pay, the faster you will get off this blacklist of people who owe money.

How do you ask for a Veraz?

In itself he Truthful You can request it at any company that grants credit, since it is only an information system where anyone can know a person’s credit history.

If what you want is a loan, you have to choose a trusted company or, failing that, a lender that manages this database.

First of all you have to have these requirements to be able to apply for a loan, which is the first thing that is required before granting a loan:

  • Be of age.
  • Have a fixed source of income.
  • Be solvent in other previously requested credits.

As this data storage can be in any company where they make loans, it is recommended that you go to the one that is most worthy of your trust and find out what it is asking for to make the loan.

There is also the option to browse the Internet where you can receive a loan and in turn be registered as a debtor in the credit history.

For how long are my debts registered in Veraz?

The maximum time in which a person can be in this database is a period of 5 yearsafter having fulfilled this type, the person has to be eliminated from this black list by law, since having exceeded this time, a person’s privacy is being violated.

Be careful before complying with this type is to pay the debt as soon as possible, in order to avoid inconveniences with other credits that they want to request. Remember to check the means of payment, to have all the options to settle this debt, you can resort to other loans that are not linked to Veraz to pay this one.

What is Veraz in Argentina?

Throughout the article it has been mentioned in a few words what is Truthfulbut to understand it better it is necessary to mention that It is a database where all the people who have a credit are registered.

There are also those companies linked to loans that must pay.

This type of registry has access to all those companies that are dedicated to lending money, so they make the best decision as to whom to grant a loan and who not, since they have to look after their own interests and not give up a loan. future investment.

You see why it is important to pay off all debts, that is why use this information such as your credit history, since it is the best way to avoid inconveniences when requesting a loan.

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