How to know if I have an electricity subsidy: Steps to follow

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It never hurts to have help, since at some point in our existence we will always need it. But of all the aid at this time, only the How do I know if I have an electricity subsidy? Read on to get the answer.

What is the social tariff of Luz?

It is a benefit granted by companies that offer electrical serviceso that in this way the people who pay for the electric service only pay for the service at an affordable price for them.

In itself, this benefit is only to provide a helping hand to those people who do not have enough income to have a comfortable life, that is, they have to live by cutting their expenses because they do not have abundant monetary income.

The best thing about this type of benefit is that the people who need it do not have to worry about paying a large sum for electric service, something that relieves their pockets.

How do I know if I have an electricity subsidy?

Since January 1, 2019, the Fiscal Consensus signed on September 13, 2018 and approved by Law No. 27,469, that the electricity service rates will be set according to the socio-economic conditions of the residential areas of the country..

With this that has just been mentioned, it can be determined that depending on where you live, you will pay a fixed rate according to the residential area where the beneficiary of the electric service lives. This means that by law, all popular areas of Argentina have the right to receive the economic subsidy for electricity, just for living in a popular area.

Despite knowing this information, there is a way to know if a person is a beneficiary of a subsidy in terms of electricity, which will be explained in the following steps that will be mentioned at this moment:

Step by Step

Well, the steps are very simple to carry out and you can do anything, you just have to do it like this:

  • Then press the button that says Check if you are a beneficiary.

  • Then two questions will appear in the window that you have to answer to make the query, which are:
    • Select your electricity supplier company.
    • Enter the customer number if it is Edesur or the account number if it is Edenorte.
    • Finally press the button MAKE INQUIRY.

In case you cannot make the consultation, remember that you have the possibility of having this social rate for the area where you live, there is also the electric service receipt that arrives without fail every month.

What should I do if I want to have the electricity subsidy?

First, it is necessary to be clear about the company where you are recognized as a user of the electrical service, since In Argentina there are two companies that offer electricity throughout the territory, which are Edenor and Edesur. As it has to be, each company has its own form to grant the light subsidybut first people have to meet some requirements that will be mentioned later.

In the case of Edenor, they provide the subsidy if they consider the user vulnerableAccording to the data they have from it, they analyze whether the benefit is delivered or not. It is important that in the system edenor be aware of the current economic situation

For Edesur they adhere more to the decree that was published on January 1, 2019about the rates according to the residential areas that exist in Argentina, you only have to consult as previously said in the steps of How do I know if I have an electricity subsidy?

The truth is that not everyone can have this benefit, since it is only for those people who need it most.

Who can request the benefit?

The people who can enjoy this benefit are those who meet these requirements that are going to be mentioned below:

  • Retirees or pensioners who have an income equal to or power below two minimum retirements.
  • Beneficiaries of social programs.
  • People who have jobs where they earn minimum wage, it does not matter if they are vital or mobile.
  • Monotributistas workers who have income below two minimum wages.
  • When a person is enrolled in the social monotributo.
  • People who are paying a loan for being unemployed.
  • Recognized for having a disability certificate.
  • People who receive a pension for being war veterans.
  • Private house workers, workers in the domestic area.

In the case of not living in some popular areas of Argentina, you can go to any of the customer service offices that are closest to your home with the documents that validate your economic situation.

Who does not receive the benefit?

So far, it has been mentioned that the subsidy is for those people who do not have a very good economic situation, it gives an idea of ​​who cannot enjoy this benefit, but as I am sure, I will kill the unsuspecting, it will say exactly who does not You can obtain the subsidy in the electricity bill.

Well, people who don’t have the right to light subsidy are those who have these conditions:

  • That they have a property.
  • Owning a car for more than 10 years (This does not apply to people with disabilities.
  • People who do not live in popular areas and do not meet the requirements mentioned above.

These would be the limitations so that a person does not have the subsidy in the light service, since it is an economic aid for people who do not have a good economic income.

Other services in which I can obtain subsidy

As could be missing, there are other subsidies in other basic services, so people are more comfortable with the payment of their inevitable monthly debts. They are also benefits for those people who are in poverty.

It is important to know everything that is needed or at least what a person has to do. To receive these benefits, the basic services will be mentioned, so you can feel a bit of relief when you have to pay the bills. month. These are the services:


Since 2015, the company that is in charge of supplying the gas service, is creating plans to offer an efficient service and avoid a little subsidies in the service, since it is not a permanent benefit for the client or for the company. .

Despite this plan, subsidies are still maintained for those clients who are considered vulnerable, what a person must do to receive this type of benefit is the following:

  • Make a call to the call center by dialing 0800-333-2182.
  • There is also the option to learn more by entering anses.

The requirements remain the same as to obtain the light subsidyif you are part of that profile you can do the diligence to obtain this rate.

water and sewers

In the case of this type of services, people who reside in CABA and around the area can apply for the subsidy, You can make the request for what is known as a solidarity rate on the page of aysa.

also can make a call to 0800-321-2482 and request the solidarity rate.

The subsidy for wastewater and white water can be requested at the AySa officeswithout forgetting the documents that validate the economic situation in which it is located.

SUBE electronic card

The electronic card to pay for public transport also has its subsidy for those people who are in a situation of poverty, you just have to go to any customer service office with ID and make the request.

The disabled do not have to have this card, the trips for them are free.

It is good to know that there is help when it is most needed, so if you have a tight financial situation, you can use this guide to let off steam a little with the many that arrive every time..

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