How to know if I have an EPEC social rate: Who can access the service

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Have you heard of the social rates? Here you will know what they are about and what percentage they cover in their services. Keep reading!

What is EPEC?

Is called EPEC to a company that has a self-sufficient character, which is developing its activities in what corresponds to the orbit of the Ministry of public services.

Since its inception it has had a main goal to fulfill as a company which was to accompany Córdoba in its growth as a province.

Has as Mission

Being a company that is dedicated to satisfying what are the essential needs you can own your life in society. With the provision of public services who are in charge of being able to improve the quality of life of those who make up each of the sectors.

His vision is

Work to be one of the national referents, this is thanks to the capacity we have to be able to provide the services essential to each of the social sectors with a high technical quality and that has maximum efficiency

Their Values as a company they are

Find the way to power provide quality, either in the service through the products it offers. They feel in turn vocation for its integral development and that of the province as well as its inhabitants.

We dare to believe that technological innovation is the key we have to be able to anticipate the needs that customers may have.

That is why we can offer the clearer answers and fast facing critical situations, always respecting the environment in the various aspects of its activity.

We take care of trying to generate the equality for what are the present and future opportunities for all people always without losing sight of what is ours main activity

To date they have already been with the activity and we take care of creating the conditions for the correct development of agriculture, its industry and also commerce, making it cross the energy so that it can reach each home.

How do I know if I have an EPEC social rate?

In the case of the social Tariff of Gas

As of December 2015, the current administration began updating all the rates qthat can allow the normalization of the market for the distribution of natural gas.

This improves the coverage of this service In addition, it allows to be able to carry out an incentive to what are the reinvestments in order to be able to reduce the subsidies.

The call social fee of gas is granted automatically to all users who are vulnerable throughout the country, they are identified by crossing the data in the public service who owns the gas in the networks

So that you can access this social tariff of gas In the event that it has not been granted automatically, you must:

  • Call 0-800-333-2182 (Call Center)

The electricity rate

From the date of January 1, 2019, by virtue of the fiscal consensus which is signed on the date of September 13 of the previous year and which was approved by law number 27,469.

through this each province decided an agreement to be able to define what would be the electricity rate that would differentiate with the functions and socioeconomic conditions that resident users have

Who can access the social rate service?

They can only request access to the social rates people who meet the following parameters:

  • People who are retired or pensioned, also workers who are in dependency relationship and can receive a remuneration that is less than or equal to 2 minimum wages
  • All workers monotributistas who are enrolled in a category in which their annual income per month does not exceed 2 minimum or mobile wages
  • The pension recipients that are non-contributory that in turn obtain monthly gross income that does not exceed 2 times the minimum wage
  • To those who are holders of any social program.
  • Users who are registered in what corresponds to the regime of the social monotribute.
  • The users who are incorporated in what refers to the rspecial regime of social security for those who are employees of domestic services
  • Those users who are receiving a sure for unemployment
  • The headlines to the Life penssion which corresponds to the veterans of the war in their south atlantic
  • Users who have to have a disability certificate that it has been correctly issued.

Who cannot access the social rate service?

Those who will not be able to access a social rate are those who own more than one property, who own a vehicle that is 10 years old or older unless they have their CUD or if they own luxury boats.

Procedure and necessary documentation

For this procedure you will need:

  1. His ID with the original and the copy on all pages
  2. last bill of payment of servicesthis should be under your name

In the event that the home found in the document for some reason does not match the one found in its last service bill for which you are requesting the social rate, you must present at least one updated proof of address.

Where and how should you carry out the Procedure?

He Procedure for this subsidy you have to take care of doing it personally, without having any need to process an appointment.

After you already have all the documentation that is classified as necessary must go to the office of the ANSES to get the subsidy

To locate the closest office to your home, you can contact us through from this link

IMPORTANT: You must remember the characteristics that you must meet in order to make this request

New EPEC social tariff scheme

As corresponds to previous information, the Secretary of Energy It will no longer subsidize 100% electricity rates for the first 150 kilowatts that are consumed monthly per hour.

Only 50% for those who add 150 kWh/m more to the above, for all the people who were beneficiaries of the nation’s rate

And finally, only 25% to those who add even 150 kWh/m more, so they must take this into account. awareness to avoid surprises

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