How to know if I have an OSECAC social work: Requirements for the procedure

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Here we have simple and quick information about the OSECAC,How to know if I have an OSECAC social work: Requirements for the procedure, In addition to guiding you to clarify doubts, it will expand your knowledge about social works.

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How to know if I have social work OSECAC

We understand by obras sociales, to the institutions that are in charge of organizing health care services for workers in Argentina.

In this way, when an employee is sick or has had an accident, or perhaps the family group that depends on him, they have the access to medical services, medicines and health care practices, without the need to pay in advance for the cost of it.

These obras sociales represent medical insurance, similar to that used in the United States.

According to the Law, all people must have medical coverage or social work. The payment of this coverage corresponds to a percentage, based on the remuneration of the workers, and are quoted by the worker and the employer.

Included in this benefit are unemployed couple and children until the age of 21, postponed until the age of 25, if you are studying and are under the charge of the holder, also that you are not working.

Generally, the obras sociales provide coverage according to the guild in which they operate.

In the case at hand, OSECAC is the social work related to FAECYS

This FAECYS or Argentine Federation of Commerce and Services Employees, is the entity that centralizes employees in commercial activities and services.Among many others, we have the media and banking.

To find out which social work you are affiliated with, it is very simple:

If you’re worker under an employment relationshipIt is enough with check the salary slip. There it must be shown to which social work their contributions go.

For thes monotributistas, The doubt is not very frequent, because each person must select the social work where they wish to associate. See the following link on the social works for monotributistas.

In any case, being a worker with an employment relationship or monotributista. Even those who are Retired, Pensioners, or as beneficiaries in the family group of a regular member.

We found some electronic platforms, the telephone and the face-to-face modality to know the Obra Social to which a person is affiliated.

Among the internet platforms, we have the most used, located on the website of the ANSES.

The other is on the website of the Superintendence of Health Services.

If it is impossible to carry out the procedure online, there are the telephone and face-to-face options before the ANSES.

  1. By telephone dialing 130, they attend between 8 and 20 hours.
  2. In person, visiting the ANSES office, closest to your residence.

through the website

If you choose to consult by ANSEScomplete the following steps:

  1. enter to ANSES
  2. Locate the option “CODEMS
  3. Select «Start Consultation
  4. Complete all the requested fields: the CUIL Number, the DNI Number, and the verification field, «Continue»

Upon completing the previous steps, the CODEM Proof of Registration will be shown immediately. In it you can see the Obra Social where you are affiliated, in the respective modality.

If you decide to do it through the website of the Superintendence of Health Services, the required data and steps are very similar to those of ANSES:

  1. Access to SSHealth
  2. Select «Check your Social Work»
  3. Fill in the requested fields
  4. Click on Continue

If you are not currently affiliated with any Obra Social, the query will not issue results or proof.

Through the DNI

When you choose to make the consultation through the website of the ANSES, you have the advantage that just by placing the DNI, you can obtain the affiliation information to a social work.

It will show the name of the social work and the date of admission, among other related information.

It is important to highlight that this modality is very advantageous, because in the past they required information such as the CUIL or CUIT, and the employer data, creating difficulties in the consultation, since many people did not have it.

Each change in coverage is linked to the DNI. Therefore, this document will maintain the modifications on the medical services that have been carried out.

Requirements to carry out the procedure

By any of the means selected to make the query, the following is required:

  1. A National Identity Document, the DNI, the LC or LE for people over 75 years of age.
  2. The Unique Labor Identification Code or CUIL

How to request an appointment when you are already an OSECAC member

If you are already a member of the Obra Social de los Empleados de Comercio y Actividades Civiles Osecac, it’s possible request a turn to plan the desired medical service, in the following ways:

  1. telephone, by calling the central medical coverage telephone 081-099-90101.
  2. request it directly with the professional or institution where you will be treated.
  3. By Internet in the official website from high school.

To request the shift via internet or online shiftspreviously it must be signed up, It is required to indicate the number of the identification document official you want, an address of email and a number of phone.

Once registered, on the official page of OSECAC, the TURNS section is located and you enter

  1. Put the ID number and password
  2. Click on START
  3. Complete and select the respective information

What is the cost of the procedure

The procedures for the turn have no cost. Medical care may have a cost depending on the requested service and the selected Health Plan.

What is OSECAC?

OSCAC corresponds to the initial letters of Social Work for employees of Commerce and Civil Activities.

Initially it was called Argentine Mercantile Medical Institute IMMA, in the year 1964.

Given that the initiative’s generators were the trustees, their authorities were made up of elements of the union sector and the business sector.

The initial purpose is the one that is maintained today, which lies in providing medical coverage and care to all employees and their dependents, without distinction of positions or hierarchies.

IMMA is replaced by OSECAC, in 1972for the implementation of a legal provision issued by the National Congress of the extinct General Confederation of Commercial Employees of Argentina.

What brought as a consequence, the restructuring of its authorities, being all its members representatives of the trade union sector.

These authorities are elected through the union’s National Congress every four years.

According to the Superintendence of Health Services of Argentina, represents one of the obras sociales, which contains a large number of beneficiaries. Making it the largest professional care network in this area.

In its catalog of medical services, it has a large list, which are cCompared with a prepaid work, with the advantage that their fees are lower.

In addition to its basic health services, its service booklet has been expanded with services that generate added value to your health proposal. Between they:

  1. travel assistance, supported by alliances with various travel insurance companies.
  2. Priority access to shifts, optimizing the member’s time by being attended promptly in a medical consultation.
  3. Guided Patient programsprovides 100% coverage in medicines and treatments for special conditions, such as: Diabetes, Crohn’s, Epilepsy, Parkinson’s, Epilepsy, among others.
  4. new platform for ccontinuous customer serviceoffer more effective solutions and via online for affiliate procedures, including collections, complaints and claims.

Wishing that the information is useful to you and that you have a successful process.

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