How to know if my bank account is blocked: Everything you haven’t been told

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How to know if my bank account is blocked: Everything you haven’t been told, It is an issue to keep in mind, so as not to go through that hard time of not being able to touch our money, or to pay for services.

According to the Law 10/2010 referred to Anti-Money Laundering, there are subjects that must comply with obligations that generate prevention and security for the financial system and its collaterals, attend to the call of your bank, find out and expand your civic culture.

How do I know if my bank account is blocked?

Recognizing when our bank account is blocked is a moment that we literally feel frozen.

We often realize this when It is impossible for us to carry out any banking transaction and the message from the banking platform tells us that in compliance with Law 10/2010 on the Prevention of Money Laundering, our account is blocked.

Documents needed to avoid blocking my account

To prevent the bank from blocking our bank account, it is essential that the documents requested by the bank be presented, in order to keep a person identified with the operations carried out through the bank account.

Among this documentation, the following may be requested:

  1. A document that identifies us, among these the DNI, the passport, the NIE, being mandatory for all clients.
  2. The DAE or the declaration of the Economic Activity, where the data related to the financial year carried out are shown, must be completed and signed by the client.
  3. Also a document that certifies the economic or professional activity, according to the type of client or the activity that is carried out. There is a possibility that the bank requires the presentation of any of the following documents:
  4. Not older than three months, a current payroll receipt
  5. Proof of maintaining a labor relationship issued by the employer
  6. Have a certificate of assets, pension or subsidy
  7. Also the income tax declaration of the last financial year
  8. an employment contract
  9. The declaration of the Census of Taxable Obligors, according to model 036
  10. The Tax License or activity certificate in the Treasury
  11. It can be the last quarterly or annual declaration of VAT or personal income tax withholdings
  12. The proof of the last affiliation payment of the professional association
  13. And a Social Security receipt in the self-employed regime, no more than three months after it was issued.

Mention what the Anti-Money Laundering Law says

Through this Law 10/2010, applied as of April 30, 2010, the protection of the integrity of the financial system and the sectors related to the financial year is strengthened.

I know establish obligations and unify regimes for the prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing, eliminating the decentralization of those that existed until then.

Also I know list the subjects obliged to comply with the application of the law, that they are also subjected if they use mediators or intermediaries, determining categories of people and entities that, due to their activity, are responsible for issuing and carrying out prevention activities that are the object of this law.

Among the established obligations we can refer to the application of due diligence measures, as well as internal control and information, among others.

How to prevent my account from being blocked

That is very simple. You only have to present the documentation that your bank requests, in time and according to the procedures that it has.

They may request to appear in person at their branches. There they will proceed to digitize the identity document and will guide you to complete the rest of the documents that the law establishes.

Other banking entities carry out the process through their electronic platforms, which have the appropriate security to maintain the privacy and veracity of the information.

What are the consequences of blocking my account?

The term of blocking indicates that the account is inactive, it is frozen, so that operations cannot be carried out with money and related services.

This means that No new services or products may be contracted. Inclusive You will not be able to receive income or transfers, nor pay basic services, much less request cash withdrawal.

In short, with a locked account, it is impossible to trade with the money that is in it.

What should I do if my account was blocked?

Once the bank has proceeded with the blocking of the account, it does not mean that your account disappeared or you have lost the money deposited in them.

they are only at pending that you present the necessary documents to identify yourself and link the bank account with your person.

Among the documents that are frequently requested to unlock the account we have:

  1. A valid identity document, the DNI, the passport, the NIE are accepted
  2. The DAE or declaration of economic activity, this document must be completed and signed by the client, it contains information related to the economic activity carried out, attending the bank branch or through its official electronic page.
  3. A document that certifies the economic activity or professional practice. According to the type of client or his activity, among them:
  • A payroll voucher not older than three months after it was issued
  • A work certificate issued by the employer.
  • Proof that certifies assets, pension or some type of subsidy.
  • The personal income tax return for the last financial year.
  • A current employment contract is also received.
  • Or the declaration of the Census of Taxpayers, according to model 036.
  • Tax License
  • It can be the last quarterly or annual declaration of VAT or personal income tax withholdings.
  • The last proof of payment of affiliation to the professional association.
  • And finally the Social Security receipt in the current self-employed regime. months).

shall be Check with the bank that made the blocking, to find out the methods or procedures for presenting the documentation, with which the bank account will be unlocked.

Mention some of the best banks in Argentina

In order to distinguish the best banks, we find that some scholars of these issues have chosen various conditions or criteria to determine which are the best Banks in Argentina.

Among these factors we find the fluidity of its growth or of its heritage, also the perception of services of its clients or users.

Standing out Banco Nación, Santander Río, Banco Francés and Banco Galicia among the banks with greater patrimony. While Banco Macro leads the growth factorfollowed by Banco Galicia and Banco Francés.

According to the number of branches and the best infrastructure offered to customersAmong the first places, the Banco de la Nación Argentina, the Santander Rio SA., the Banco de Galicia, the Banco de la Provincia de Buenos Aires and the Banco de la Provincia de Buenos Aires and the BBVA French Bank SA.


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