How to know if my driving record is legal: Traffic law

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When you decide to have a vehicle, you must process your driver’s licensebut also when it is legal, here you will know that it must contain:

How do I know if my driving record is legal?

for a license can be seen as legal must have at least the following data:

  • Must have the number in coincidence with the one that appears on the license plate with the identity of the holder
  • Have names and surnames, address, date of birth, photo and signature of the owner
  • The license class that it owns, specifying the type of vehicle that indicates it is authorized to drive
  • The prosthesis that must be used or the conditions that have been imposed on the holder to be able to drive, this must include the warning about allergies or medical conditions
  • The date it was granted and when it expires, the identification of the official and the body that has been in charge of issuing it
  • your factor and Blood type of the owner
  • With the request of the holder of the license, it will appear if it is organ donor in the event of his death

All this is found in traffic law number 24,449

These data have to find release immediately to the authority in charge of issuing the license before the national registry of traffic history.

Types of driver’s licenses

The types of licenses of driving are also named as classes, they are the following:

  • A class)

This is used by mopedsmotorcycles and motorized tricycles, in the case of motorcycles that have more than 150 cubic cm of cylinders, this would have to have previously had at least for two years

the right one qualification for motorcycles that are less powerful except for those who are over 21 years of age.

  • Class B)

for what are the automobiles and the trucks must have at least one trailer of up to a maximum of 750 kilograms of its weight or be a motor home

  • Class C)

for those who are trucks without its coupler and those belonging to the above class

  • Class D)

For those who are destined for what refers to the transport service of the passengers, for security or emergencies and even those of classes B and C if necessary.

  • Class E)

for those who are trucks articulated or have coupled, special machinery that is not agricultural and those that are they find understood with class B and C

  • Class F)

This class is generally for automotive but it is even more prominent in those for the disabled

  • G-class)

This last class is for farm tractors and the special agricultural machinery that existed

Requirements to get a driver’s license for the first time

So that you can do the license process To drive you will be asked for a diverse series of documents. Before you start the process you have to have them in your possession, they could ask you:

  • The official identification that is current:

The identifications that would be accepted are the military service card, voter registration card, passport or your professional ID.

In the case of those who are foreign residents in the country you will be asked for a document confirming that you are legally in the country

  • Proof of your current address

It can be accepted in this case, bank account statement, receipts of service payments such as water, telephone or electricity

  • Proof of payment of license costs

This document is to validate with certainty that you have canceled the request for the procedure

All these documents The original and the photocopy must be presented, although other documents may also be requested

You will also need to submit a driving testin which it can be both theoretical and practical, so it would be good to verify the knowledge you have about these laws

In addition to practice a little this way you can have a higher performance, Although the test may be basic, it is not something you should leave for the last moment.

How do I know if I have pending traffic violations?

You can make the query through the pages of the RUNT and the SIMIT, With your identity document you will be able to know if you have a pending infraction.

How to have the driver’s license through the application?

To start you will have to download the application called My Argentina. It is currently available through the stores that are on google play. In all the devices with Android and in the App Store for iTunes

Once you have started the app you will be able to see the explanation of the types of digital credentials that you can manage from there. These in an example are your number of WHICHdriver’s license, number of ID.

So you can consult them as many times as necessary. In addition, this application can tell you when it will be necessary to carry out this renewal.

So that you can start operations with the application of My Argentine. Every user has to take care of registering after creating a personal account.

The data that you must provide are: your first and last names, number of WHICH, date of birth, gender, your email, your password, the confirmation of your password, that you accept the terms and conditions of your service.

Once you have done the registration on the page The application will take care of sending an email to the address that you have already indicated to activate the account.

So that you can enter the application the person must enter their number WHICH plus a password. If you already have your driver’s license, you only have to enter the data in the section indicated my credentials.

Once that form has been completed, the application will generate your digital version of your national driver’s license.

Driving in Argentina

None of the consulates has the power to carry out the renewal or to be able to issue driving licenses regardless of the circumstance

The renewal of your registration to drive in Argentina is limited to being processed only in the municipality where it was issued. This makes it a totally personal process.

So you can have your Registration as a driver at least in the city of Buenos Aires you have to visit your website.

In the interior part of the country this record of lead It is managed in the municipalities, the local communes, you can consult the search engine for the municipalities that the Ministry of the Interior has developed

Foreigners who own a residence andEither temporarily or permanently in the country, they can also carry out the process to obtain the license to drive either in the city or in the transit direction that corresponds to their municipality.


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