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In this portal we take care of clarifying the doubts that you may have with ANSES, Keep reading and you will see all the help we have for you.

What is the National Social Security Administration or ANSES?

ANSES grants sums of money with respect to their family responsibilities. Some are paid monthly and others when the fact warrants it.

These are corresponded to workers who work in the private sector and whose salaries do not exceed the stipulated maximum monthly limit, retirees and national pensioners and beneficiaries of unemployment benefits.

How is the procedure?

Each worker receives their family allowances through the SUAFretirees and pensioners together with their pension assets, and beneficiaries of the unemployment benefit with their monthly payments.

What are the functions of ANSES

The main functions of ANSES They are granting retirement and pensions, family allowances to all workers who are retired or active, they are also in charge of family allowances, unemployment benefits, which are financed by the national employment fund, and they also implement social security programs.

How to request Anses Shift

To request an appointment ANSES, you must follow the following steps:

one- Enter the page of ANSES

2- Access the option «shifts» in the upper right margin

3- You have to click where it says «request turn»

4- Select the benefit for which you want to request the shift.

It is very important to consult the requirements and documents for each benefit.

5-Enter the WHICH I CUIT of the owner and/or of the interested party (according to the service that it is)

The system will ask you to enter the code which you will see on the page.

When finished, select the option “verify data”

6-The system will ask you to verify if the personal data is correct

7-Once the data is verified, you must select the province, an office of ANSES from the list, the date and time of the shift.

Then you must press the button continue.

8-The system will show you the corresponding shift record.

Keep shift data: day, time, place and registration number.

How to know when I have Anses Turn

To know when you have your turn in ANSES you must enter the website.

Once on the page, go to the option «shift» once inside you can take shifts, consult the shift that has already been granted or cancel it.

What is the Argenta Loan

ARGENT It is the universal identification of retirees and pensioners of the Argentine integrated pension system.

With it, you can carry out all the procedures in ANSES and in municipal, provincial and national public organizations that require it, as well as access the benefits of public transportation.

In addition, you can request a loan of up to $20,000 in the 40 installments with the best market rate.

Where can you buy with the ARGENTA card?

There are more than 16,000 thousand adhered stores throughout the country, where you can buy with a card ARGENTtaking advantage of discounts and special promotions.

Consult the affiliated businesses in your area.

ARGENTthe card for Argentine retirees and pensioners.

How to check if I was approved and deposited the Argenta Loan

You must request it personally with your ID in any office ANSES either mail Argentinian.

At 48 hours. The requested amount will be credited to your card. ARGENT and you can make purchases in participating stores.

In addition, you can withdraw up to 35% of the loan amount in cash through ATMs in the LINK network.

What other Loans does ANSES have?

Retirees and pensioners: They have an amount of $5,000 to a maximum of $20,000 which are paid between 2 and 5 years, with a total financial cost which is stipulated at 50% per year.

Recipients of non-contributory pensions: It has an amount of $5,000 up to about $70,000 which is paid between 2 and 5 years, and total financial cost (CFT) the same as the previous case.

People who receive child allowance: has an amount of $1,000 to $12,000 to pay in a maximum of 36 installments, and the CFT annual is 55%

What is my ANSES?

It is a new web application to carry out inquiries and procedures online, simpler and more friendly.

Now, with a single click, you can carry out procedures and inquiries, without having to go to any office to manage the social security code.

you just have to enter the website. Section MY ANSESwith just your number WHICH and you key.

The procedures and inquiries that you can carry out through MY ANSES are the following:

You can check your contributions, check shifts, places and collection dates, you can obtain your CUIL certificate, see the data of your pension settlement.

In addition to these inquiries, you can also carry out the following procedures:

  1. Change of mouth of payment
  2. Start automatic retirement for the self-employed
  3. Automatic derived pension
  4. negative certification

And remember that ANSES on all social networks, with the most up-to-date information and all services 24 hours a day.

ANSES benefits

When buying with your debit card in which you collect your benefits, you can access all the benefits of ANSES, It is a discount program in supermarkets, household appliances, travel, all the tourism you want, clothing, all the construction material you need, and pharmacies throughout the country.

Each adhered business defines how it mainly applies the discounts, you will find two modalities:
  • Directly at checkout
  • With refund to your account

For online cash discounts you must pay with the debit card and at the moment, you get the discount.

Remember to bring your ID and tell the cashier that you want the discount ANSE BENEFITS

For discounts with refund in the account you pay with the card of debit and you will get a 10% discount with a refund limit of up to $1000 for purchases made on Mondays.

The refund is credited to your account within 7 business days from the date of purchase.

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