How to know if your trademark is registered: Steps for registration

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If you want to establish a business you will need a brand to be able to characterize you, for this you must know if your option is available or has already been registered, here we will explain how. Keep reading!

How to know if your brand is registered

Through various pages you will be able to find databases for the brandstrade names, slogans and trade signs found in the country.

In this way, the general public will then be able to consult the states that present the applications and, in the same way, will be able to facilitate the search for name for the brand that you may wish to register.

However, the history of the trademarks can also be consulted through the industrial property offices.

Steps to register a trademark

In the superintendency for industry and commerce by its acronym SIC can indicate a sequence of steps so that you can perform the trademark registration:

  1. Consult the regulations that are in force on the SIC page

In this case it is decision 486 of the year 2000 that belongs to the Andean community, it talks about the common regime that the industrial property

And also the unique circular for the superintendence of its industry and commerce in its title X

  1. Choose what your brand will be

Here you will be able to think quite well what the name will be and also the logo that you want to use, this must be able to cover the services that will provide

  1. Verify that your brand is well classified

Make the correct location of the products and services that can distinguish your brand, guided by the international classification of the NiceFor this you can use the following link:

Click here.

  1. Consult the trademark history

Make sure there is no other brand with the same name, this query can be made through the following link:

5. Complete the Dueling, pay, and then apply
  1. Follow up

It is of notable importance that you be attentive to the progress of your procedure, this can be done through the Web page of the entity for the following link

Time usually exists for the decision to be made on the registration of your brand It can be up to six months.

registry value

BRANDS modePay in linePhysical PaymentDiscount
For the application to register a brand of the goods or services of a single class.

This includes the modifications that may limit the products and services of those not substantial to the sign of divisions

For the registration request of any brand so it corresponds to the additional classes that have the same type of request$462,000$534,000N/A
Regarding the application for registration of the brands that are collective or by the certification that each class has.

These include any modifications that are related to the limitations that are presenting their products or the services

For the request to be able to register a brand collective that has a certification for the additional classes that the application may possess.$615,000$749,000N/A
For the application that has the record of some brand of the products or services that are presented by the micro

Small and also by medium-sized companies, here are included all the modifications related to those that are the limitations

The application that has the proper registration of the brands of services or products that micro, small and medium-sized companies can present

This for each additional class that is presenting in this same application

For the request of registration of their trademarks or the services and products presented by artisans who have been certified$63,000$78,000N/A
For the application for the registration of a brand of services or products of artisans who have been certified, this for each additional class$63,000$78,000N/A
By the request that the trademark registration as a collective or by certification that has been presented as a certified craftsman

This refers to the various products that a single class could have.

This includes the limitations that the service or product has if it is not substantial or divisional.

For the request to be able to carry out the record for what belongs to a collective brand that comes from certified artisans$88,500$107,500N/A

What is a brand?

Is called brand a type of category that has a distinctive sign that can allow it to identify the services and products of any company and branch

but they exist Different types of trademarks such as the collective trademark

This is one of the types of brands which can be known since this is usually used by associations, whether of manufacturers, producers, service providers, groups of people or organizations

As long as they report the characteristics that they may have in common all the products and services desired by the members of this group.

How long does a trademark registration last?

In the event that a brand It was not used on average in the three years following its registration, either for products or services, it may expire.

With the exception that its owner or the user who had granted the license had been using it in this period of time

Or, as the case may be, also when there may be certain circumstances that may arise independently of those involving the will of its owner and what constitutes an obstacle to using the trademark.

These may be the restrictions to be able to make imports or any other government requirement that may be applied to the services or goods that the brand is responsible for providing.

When is a brand published and for what?

A mark It is used so that consumers can identify the service or product, making it easier for it to be remembered in a way that can be differentiated from the same or similar products that another entrepreneur can issue.

This is also a strategy since consumers tend to prefer to buy the products they remember over those they have not seen before.

For this very reason the marks They are usually determined by the mind of the consumer as the proof of quality of a service, this later projects the reputation and image of an entrepreneur

In other terms we could say that it serves to:

  • Allow the company to differentiate your services or products
  • can help guarantee what quality is in front of its consumers, for this reason it is a source of their trust
  • This same can be considered the object for the licenses and for this very reason it is a source of income
  • The brand can become more valuable because of its reputation than assets


Now you know which is the most appropriate procedure if you want to register your trademark, we remind you that to avoid inconveniences you must verify that the merchandise has not been previously registered.


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