How to know my AFIP tax code: Procedure to follow and requirements

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Save time and enjoy the ease of carrying out tax, customs and social security procedures, How to know my AFIP tax code: Procedure to follow and requirements, is a simple guide that will help you get this tool successfully.

What is the fiscal key

The Federal Administration of Public Revenues is known by its acronym as AFIP. Being the public body that is in charge of executing the policies of the area of ​​taxes, customs and resources linked to social security.

Its main function is to apply, collect, collect and control the income and taxes of the nation.

To access the many services that the AFIP provides to taxpayers, it is necessary to obtain the tax code.

This key, represents the key to be able to carry out the procedures before this body electronically.

Connecting to the internet from a computer, smartphone or tablet. By using the CUIT or CUIL and a password of numbers and letters.

The password is Personal and non-transferableenabling, depending on the level of security, certain procedures on the electronic page of the AFIP safely and reliably.

The user, exclusively and autonomously, is responsible for the safekeeping and protection of the «Fiscal Code». As well as the results of the operations that are generated through it.

In view of this, it is suggested that the password should not be left in sight or in the possibility of third parties using it, with the risk that they carry out procedures on your behalf.

If we were to lose it or forget it, you must request a laundering of the key.

Regarding the minimum levels of security, these are obtained according to the method selected by the user to enable the tax code:

For him security level 2, the identity of the user is validated through a non-public data, but which is known by the interested party as by the AFIP.

It does not allow operations that request higher levels. Upon validation, the key is issued automatically.

In it security level 3the «Fiscal Code» is issued in person, in one of the AFIP offices.

The authorized official will verify the documents presented to certify the identity, using the «My AFIP» application.

security level 4, The tax code will be issued, solely and exclusively in the physical presence of the user at the AFIP offices.

Likewise, the official will verify the documents that prove the identity of the person requesting the password.

For this validation, it will use the authentication methods of the codes issued by «software-Token» from a mobile device, having previously downloaded the «AFIP OTP» application, available for iOS and Android. If you still have a «Hardware-Token» it can be used until the AFIP declares its deactivation.

What is it for

It is required for a large number of operations on the AFIP website. It allows you to carry out procedures safely and reliably, with an internet connection from any computer, tablet or Smartphone.

Its use can be throughout the year, 24 hours a day. It is a friendly and safe tool, where You can make payments, make inquiries, register sworn statements, and directly carry out the procedures enabled according to the level of security.

What avoids having to move from the comfort of your home, to an AFIP unit or a bank to carry out the procedures for the procedures.

The CUIT or CUIL number is necessary as a user, together with a password made up of numbers and letters.

Among the characteristics to create the fiscal key, we have to:

  1. Contain a minimum of 10 characters and a maximum of 64
  2. have two numbers
  3. own 4 letters
  4. Must contain one uppercase letter and one lowercase letter

How to know my AFIP tax code

The fiscal key will be determined according to the operations or procedures to be carried out through the AFIP website.

If you have forgotten your tax code, you can create a new one online, with a limit of one per month, with a maximum of five codes per year.

If what you need is to digitally recover the security level 2 code, it is done through homebanking, choosing “AFIP Services”, in the “Tax Code Laundering” option. Security level 2 will be assigned, after changing the password.

And to recover security level 3, you must download the «My AFIP» application. Another option is through an authorized ATM, security level 3 will be maintained, as long as it has been previously granted.

Requirements to process the fiscal key

  1. Possess the CUIT/CUIL/CDI No.
  2. Submit the original and a copy of the National Identity Document or DNI, for the Fiscal Code application with security level 3 and 4
  3. When submitting forms or printed applications, these must be signed with the endorsement of a notary public, a bank or a justice of the peace. Otherwise, the signature before an official of the AFIP, as certifying authority.
  4. The same treatment will be made with those copies of documents, necessary as backup, which must be certified by a notary public, a bank, a justice of the peace or a police authority.

According to him security level that you wish to request, will be carried out by a certain method and will enable certain services.

  1. For him security level 1 or 2, will be through the internet.
  2. For the security levels 3 or 4, you must request a web turn to schedule a date and time for management in the dependency of the AFIP select the one closest to your home or to the location that you consider to be the most convenient for you.


To process the Fiscal key with security level 2:

  1. enter the AFIP website.
  2. In the Fiscal Key option, enter the CUIL/CUIT/CDI number
  3. Choose Request Tax Code and complete the requested information
  4. press generate

For the process of security level 3 fiscal key: through the «My AFIP» application. The application is configured to be used on any mobile device that has a front camera and can connect to the Internet. It is required to have the Argentine DNI in card format and to have reached the age of majority.

  1. Go to the AFIP website
  2. Locate and click on «Tools»
  3. Select the option of «Request and/or recovery of tax code».
  4. You must scan the ID code and capture a face photo of the applicant.

For him face-to-face procedure:

  1. Request web shift
  2. Attend the chosen AFIP unit on the scheduled date and time
  3. Present the identity document and Form 206.
  4. The attending staff will register the biometric data, such as photo, signature and fingerprint

For security level 3, a password provided by AFIP will be used as an authentication factor. If you enter the AFIP page for the first time, you must enter the CUIT/CUIL/CDI number and the password delivered to the agency. The modification of the password will be requested to create the final one.

process the tax code with security level 4follow the next steps:

  1. Request a turn via the web for the management of the «Soft token- Key activation».
  2. With the National Identity Document and the mobile device, you must appear at the chosen unit to enroll.
  3. Authorized personnel will give the applicant the QR code to be scanned using the mobile device.
  4. immediately the application “AFIP OTP”, will give an initial activation PIN. This PIN should be placed below the quick response or “QR” code.
  5. The applicant’s CUIT or CUIL will be linked to the «Software-Token». Device activation will be ready.

Prior to the previous steps, in order to use the «Software-Token», the «AFIP OTP» application must be downloaded from a mobile device. It is configured for iOS and Android.

How long does it take to process

The procedures to obtain the fiscal key do not take a long time, it is really short. As long as the documents are presented correctly. In addition to attending punctually on the scheduled date and time.


The fiscal key does not have an expiration date, it does not expire. Even without being used, the key will not be blocked.


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