How to know my CUIL number: Through the DNI

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Personal procedures? For various personal procedures related to work life, it is important to know our Unique Labor Identification Code. In the next article How to know my CUIL number: Through the DNI, We will explain how easy it is to obtain it.

What is the CUIL

They are the initials corresponding to Unique Labor Identification Code. Is assigned by the Argentine Integrated Pension System, to each citizen at the beginning of their work history and also to those who carry out or participate in the management of any Social Security benefit.

This document is issued by the National Administration of Social Security ANSES, in order to facilitate the employer the remission of information to the Federal Administration of Public Revenues (AFIP), on the contributions and corresponding contributions.

It is an important fact to manage documents related to labor procedures, to name a few, changing the Social work, or request for a personal creditwithout forgetting the banking procedures and also for the purchase and sale of motor vehicles.

How to know my CUIL number

We will show up without an appointment at any ANSES delegation, with the following documents in original and photocopy:

  1. if you are a citizen Argentinian, with more than 18 years of age, the National Identity Document is required or ID.
  2. For Argentine minors, present the birth certificate of the minor and the respective DNI of the parents and the minor.
  3. In case of being Foreign and be over 18 years of age: the ID for foreigner naturalized.
  4. If you do not have the DNI: present the migration file and the identification document of the country of origin. With less than 18 years of age: the documentation that certifies the relationship with the children.

Find out CUIL with DNI

This procedure can be done at the national levelonly with present yourself to any ANSES delegation with the ID and request the consultation of the CUIL.

Knowing our CUIL is extremely important to collect family allowances, retirement, unemployment benefits or pensions.

It is also common to be requested for a new job, either in the private or public sector.

His management is totally free, at no cost, for nationals or foreigners.

The latter, in order to obtain a driver’s license quickly, need to know the CUIL.

Necessary documents

For the CUIL process, the required documents vary depending on the case:

For Argentines

  1. Over 18 years: ID
  2. Minors under 18 years of age: birth certificate of the minor and ID of the parents and the minor.

The foreigners

Over 18 years

  1. DNI for foreigner/naturalized.
  2. Without the DNI, you must have the migration document, which certifies the current type of residence and your entry into Argentina.
  3. The current Passport, which certifies the type of residence, not being a tourist or permanent.
  4. The entry permit to the nation, issued by the corresponding consulate, if based on certain International Agreements.

Under 18 years

  1. Present the birth certificate with the correct and legible information of the minor and the parents. It must be legalized or apostilled and in Spanish, if it had been issued outside of Argentina. With the exception of those issued in Brazil, Colombia, Italy, Greece, Spain, Chile, Peru, Portugal, Colombia, Uruguay and Paraguay.
  2. The ID of the child and the parents.
  3. In the case of being a child by adoption, present the document that certifies it and the ID of the parents and child.

When it’s requested for a social benefit and resides permanently abroadpresent the identity document from your country of origin, In addition, the application form with certification, if there is an International Agreement.

When is the CUIL assigned?

When the National Identity Document is obtained, the CUIL is automatically generatedthat is, at the time of registering a minor in the National Registry of Persons.

There may be occasions in which it is necessary to generate the CUIL.

The application for the Unique Labor Identification Code is done in person. Any ANSES office is authorized to issue it.

At the convenience of the applicant, the ANSES unit is selected and it is not necessary to request an appointment.

According to each case, the following documents are presented:

Argentine nationals:

  • The national identity document or DNI, if they are over 18 years of age
  • The birth certificate and national identity document or DNI of the parents and the minor, for those who are under 18 years of age.

When the foreigner is over 18 years of age:

  • The DNI national identity document.
  • Without DNI, present the document that migration issues as proof of entry into the Argentine nation and the type of residence. The other option is the passport, also certifying the type of residence. The authorization to enter is issued at the Consulates.

Foreign citizens under 18 years of age:

  • The birth certificate, with the specific data of the minor and that of the parents. In the case of birth certificates that were issued abroad, we must legalize or apostille and if it is in a language other than Spanish, they must be translated. Birth certificates from Spain, Italy and Portugal are exempt from being legalized and apostilled. Also from Peru, Brazil and Colombia. In addition to Uruguay, Chile, Paraguay and Greece.
  • Of the parents and the minor, present the national identity documents or DNI
  • Original proof and photocopy of the adoption decree, the identity documents of the parents and the minor, when the child is by adoption.
  • When the applicant has permanent residence abroad and needs the CUIL to formalize any of the Social Security benefits, the identity document of their nation of origin is required and in the case of an International Agreement, the certified application form applied .

CUIL certificate

The first thing to highlight is that the issuance of this document, It is only possible if the CUIL has been previously generated.

Its management is extremely simple, being sufficient know the identity document number. In the absence of this, it can be that of the Enrollment Book or the Civic Book.

The procedure that is carried out by Internet, start by entering My ANSESselecting CUIL Evidence, the requested data is completed and the Evidence is downloaded.

When the download is complete, it is printed immediately or saved to print at any time. The other option is to request it at any ANSES office and also by calling 130 free of charge.

Step by Step

To obtain the CUIL, a face-to-face procedure must be carried out, without turn, in a very simple way:

  1. The requested documents are gathered according to each case
  2. You select the ANSES office at your convenience
  3. Submit the complete documents at the ANSES office.
  4. You request care to obtain the CUIL

Once the CUIL is generated, you can obtain the CUIL certificate, spending a short time.

Through the website of the ANSESlocate the Quick Access menu and then click on CUIL certificatecomplete the requested information and generate the certificate.


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