How to know my ID: Steps to follow

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Do you know if you ID is it current? Check out How to know my ID: Steps to follow, so that you know a little more about the National Identification Document of our country.

We should not wait until we are in trouble to know when, where and why it should be renewed or updated and we will also know the requirements. Welcome to reading!

How to know my ID

Generally, in most nations there is a document that identifies the citizens of a countryin any of the modalities that the law allows.

In Argentina we have the National Identity Document, known by its acronym as DNI.

This DNI represents the unique identification document in Argentina, for natives who live in the country or abroad and for people of other nationalities who have Argentine territory as their domicileestablished in the law №17 671, in its article 20.

This document It is issued by the National Registry of Persons or Renaperbody attached to Ministry of Interior.

The form and use of the document are regulated by the well-known National Human Potential Identification, Registration and Classification Lawapplied since 1968.

Until then, the LE or Enrollment Books, that were issued only to men, because of the compulsory military service.

The women used the LC or Civic Bookswhen they reached the age of majority.

Is important to highlightthat The validity of the LE, the LC, including the DNI with a green cover, was until the first quarter of 2017, with people over seventy-five years of age exempted from renewal.

As of April 1, 2017, people under seventy-five years of age must have the DNI as the only valid identity document.

The DNI are processed in the Civil Registries, throughout the Argentine territory and in the Rapid Documentation Centers or CDR. Also abroad through consulates or embassies.

On the obverse side or in front of the DNI, we find the identification number, it is printed with a laser. Our photo, basic personal data, gender and the issuance and expiration dates of the document. Also our signature and digital identification code.

On the back, we find a PDF417 barcodewhich represents the digital identification code. Additionally, the home address, the birth data and the fingerprint of the thumb.

It presents security elements, on the front and back, such as optical images, numismatic funds, among others.

The procedures to obtain the DNI depend on whether you are an Argentine resident in the country or live abroad or if you are a foreigner with or without residence.

The DNI is processed from birth, and must be updated twice: when you are between 5 and 8 years old and when you turn 14 years old.

Steps to follow

To get the DNI for Argentine residents in the country, for the first time, The original document of the Birth Certificate and the DNI of the legal guardian, (parents or others) are required.. In case of adoption, also in original the act of recognition.

There are medical situations in which the newborn cannot be present to process the final ID.

Carrying out the procedure without turn, as Provisional ID, valid for six months, extendable, until the child can appear and process the final ID.

A medical certificate must be presented from the hospital or clinic, where the baby is being treated, with the following information:

  • The full name and surname of the baby and the corresponding individual registration number of the child.
  • The medical diagnosis, justifying the reason why the baby cannot be transferred.

It must be signed by the treating physician, with his license plate and respective seal. As well as the seal of the medical center where you are hospitalized. The validity of the certificate must be 30 days from the date of preparation. The certificate of a private doctor is not accepted.

Remember that when the child is healthy, the final ID must be processed.

  • For birth in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, La Plata, Rosario or Córdoba capital:

  1. You must take out a online shift.
  2. Then go with the baby, on the date and time scheduled according to the shift, with the required documents.
  3. Process the application and save the receipt. The DNI will be sent to the home address provided.

  • For births in other locations in Argentina, it is not necessary to take the turn:

  1. Locate the office closest to the home address Map.
  2. You must complete the form online.
  3. Go with the baby to the office of your choice, during office hours and with the requested documents.
  4. Follow the instructions to process the application and save the receipt.
  5. The DNI will be delivered to you at your residence address.

  • DNI for Argentines residing abroad

If you are Argentine and domiciled abroad, the process to obtain the DNI is done through the Argentine consulates or embassies that operate in other nations.

Well if it is due to loss, theft or it was never processed, also for the update between 5 and 8 years and 14 years.

You can consult the following link to locate the different delegations of Argentine Consular Representations

  • The DNI for foreigners with residence

If you have a valid permanent or temporary residence, the DNI must be processed by traditional modality, in the following points:

  1. In the offices of Renaper.
  2. In the City of Buenos Aires, at the Rapid Documentation Center of the National Directorate of Migrations: Hipólito Yrigoyen 952
  3. Towards the interior of the country: in the Civil registers or in the authorized Delegations of the National Directorate of Migrations in the interior of the country. In this case, the type of procedure to be carried out must be consulted in detail.

Foreigners with Identity Card and residence in Argentina processed with a date prior to December 1984, follow the following procedure Federal police identity card

Foreigners with Argentine nationality, obtained with the Argentine citizenship letter, follow the following steps citizenship letter

Obtain the DNI for foreigners according to their gender identity, consult the following link Gender identity

  • The DNI for foreigners without residence

  1. In this situation, the process begins by entering the system RaDEX
  2. Completing the instructions to create a user, attach the documents and data required according to the desired filing.
  3. Payment of the corresponding fees must be made
  4. The system will send a message to the email address, with instructions to follow the process.
  5. Once the application is complete, you will receive the appointment data by email. If you require any additional information or to complete, you will be informed by that means.

Types of ID

Since 2017, the obligation to use the digital DNI, which replaces the enrollment and civic booklets, the green cover DNI and the identity card.

Complying with the provisions of the Renaper or National Registry of Persons, the only valid identification document in Argentina is the digital DNI, in the following modalities:

  1. The Digital ID, the card
  2. And the ID with a light blue notebook format

We remind you that people over 75 years of age, as of December 31, 2014, and those legally declared disabled are exempt from updating this document.

What to do in case of loss of ID

For cases of loss, misplacement, change of address, theft, or wear, must be Renew the DNI.

Is a Personal processeven those under 14 must be accompanied by parents or legal guardians.

The duration of the process is 15 days. time in which the DNI should be arriving at your residence address, through the mail. Keep the proof of processing on hand as it will be requested to deliver the new ID.

The mail service goes to your address twice to deliver the DNI. In case of not finding you, it will not happen again.

Having to consult by 0800-999-9364, the place to withdraw it.

The cost of the renewal is $300.00 and its validity is 15 years.

What happens if my ID is expired?

The DNI for citizens over 14 years of age, whether Argentine or foreign, is valid for 15 years, counted from the date of issue.

At the end of this period, you must Update. You can locate the expiration date on the front of the DNI, just below the personal data.

There is an option to be alerted of the time in which you have to update your DNI, enter Register in My Argentina and an alert will be sent to your email address.

Advantages offered by the electronic DNI

one of the biggest The advantages that the DNIe or electronic National Identity Document can generate is the security in the identification on the web to facilitate the procedures.

Procedures can be carried out such as demonstrate the faith of life from home and apply the digital signature, among many others.

The use of the DNIe, provides savings in time and resources for the trip to the offices.

We optimize our time, because The different procedures can be carried out at any time of the day, not only during office hours.

It could Minimize falsification of documents or identity.

At the border level, in the migration units it could increase the security and veracity of the data that is required.


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